Saginaw, MI - The Dow Event Center

Monster Jam
The Dow Event Center
Saginaw, MI
February 22-23, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday night: Rammunition
Saturday 2PM: Raminition
Saturday night: Rammunition

Friday night: Grave Digger
Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger
Saturday night: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Superman™ driven by Joey Parnell, Mechanical Mischief driven by Jim Burns, Raminator driven by Mark Hall, Rammunition driven by Mat Dishman and Hotsy driven by Mike Miller!!


Friday night

The Dow Events center was alive with excitement and we had some special friends with us from Freeland Middle School who dedicated and painted a crush car to help “Crush out Bullying.” The Tri-City folks were treated to a spectacular display of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Tonight was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Things heated up quickly in the Monster Jam Wheelie Competition. Mike Miller took Hotsy for a run putting up a 22. Joey Parnell and Superman leaped out next and scored an impressive 24 to take over the lead. Mechanical Mischief put up two nice wheelies for a 17 followed by Grave Digger and Randy Brown who netted a 19. Rammunition tried to set it on the tailgate but had to settle for an 18 which left only Mark Hall and Raminator with a chance to win but he came up short scoring a 20. That gave Superman the first win of the weekend.

From there we went to the Universal Technical Institute Racing Bracket and the first match up featured Superman going against Mechanical Mischief and the Mischief maker got the better of the Man of Steel. Ramminator went head to head with Grave Digger and Mat Dishman was able to better the black and green wrecking machine. The final first round pairing saw Rammunition take down Hotsy. In the first Semi Hotsy was our fast loser and went to work against Mechanical Mischief with the mischievous one winning again. In the bottom half of the bracket Rammuntion bested his running mate Raminator to advance to the finals. Mat Dishman was quicker to the throttle in Raminator in the finals to take the win over Mechanical Mischief for the UTI Racing Championship.

We brought all six trucks out one at a time for a turn on the floor with Mechanical Mischief leading the way with a 13. Hotsy followed him putting up a 15 followed by Rammuntion with a 19. Superman started strong but quit early and only scored a 14 with the judges. Mark Hall and Raminator spun 7 full revolutions for his total of 22, but Randy Brown and Grave Digger dug deep making 8 turns for a win with a 25.
Hotsy led off the Monster Jam Freestyle with a clock filling 60 seconds on his way to a 15. Mechanical Mischief ran in the second spot and tallied an 18, with Rammunition following him setting the new score to beat at 20. Joey Parnell was looking for a little redemption after being knocked out early in racing and looked good taking the lead with a 22 in Superman. Raminator looked like he had a chance to unseat the leader but he came up a little short with his lucky 21. Grave Digger roared to a great start and ran quickly and smoothly throughout his run in route to a 24 and victory.

Monster Jam Wheelies
Superman 24
Hotsy 22
Raminator 20
Grave Digger 19
Rammunition 18
Mechanical Mischief 17

Universal Technical Institute Racing Championship: Round 1- Mechanical Mischief def Superman, Raminator def Grave Digger, Rammutition def Hotsy. Round 2- Mechanical Mischief def Hotsy, Raminator def Rammunition. UTI Championship Round: Ramunition def Mechanical Mischief.

Monster Jam Donut Competition
Grave Digger 25
Raminator 22
Rammunition 19
Hotsy 15
Superman 14
Mechanical Mischief 13

Monster Jam Freestyle Competition
Grave Digger 24
Superman 22
Raminator 21
Rammunition 20
Mechanical Mischief 18
Hotsy 15

By David Knisley

Saturday 2PM

Saturday afternoon’s show at the Dow Event Center was extremely high energy and the crowd was very excited to see all the action. The Monster Jam matinee was non- stop action from beginning to end and we expect more of the same in the evening session.

Hotsy led us off in the wheelie contest and Mike Miller hit the stack solid to score an 18. Superman with Joey Parnell at the helm stood his Monster Jam Truck on end next to move the bar to 23. Mechanical Mischief drew the third slot but was limited to a 16. The final truck to wheelie was Raminator and Mark Hall dragged the tail gate right off his truck to win with a 27.

In our Universal Technical Institute racing bracket Mechanical Mischief went up against Raminator and the Dodge took the win to advance. Grave Digger faced off against the other Dodge, Rammunition and last night’s winner Rumminition continued his winning ways. The final pairing pitted Hotsy against Superman and the high flier driven by Joey Parnell took the win. In the first semi-final match up Raminator went against the fast loser Grave Digger and the black and green wrecking machine was bested again as Raminator advanced. In the other pair Rammunition made short work of Superman which set up an all Dodge showdown. In the UTI Racing Championship Raminator cut a better light to get the win.

After intermission we spun the Monster Jam Trucks in the Donut Competion and Rammunition spun like a top to score a 23. Superman followed him but was only able to put up 19 and Raminator made a good run at the top spot but had to settle for a 22. The last truck to take its turn was Grave Digger and when it stopped turning he was the clear winner with a 27.

After Grave Diggers win the fans were pumped for the Freestyle Competition and Hotsy kicked things off with a 16. Mechanical Mischief rolled next and better the first Monster Jam Truck by one number for a 17. Rammunition came out on a mission filling the clock with a dizzying array of hits to head to the top of the leaderboard with a 23. Superman fly out next and ran well but was only able to notch a 20. Raminator got off to a slow start and wasn’t able to grab the Double Down with his 17. The bells chimed to announce Grave Digger and he rode the wave of the crowds excitement to a 23 and a tie with Rammunition which was broken by the silent judge giving the nod to Grave Digger.

Monster Jam Wheelies:
Raminator 27
Superman 23
Hotsy 18
Mechanical Mischief 16

Universal Technical Institute Racing Championship: Round 1, Raminator def Mechanical Mischief, Rammunition def Grave Digger, Superman def Hotsy. Semi-finals, Raminator def Grave Digger, Rammunition def Superman. UTI Championship Round, Raminator def Ramunition.

Monster Jam Donut Competition:
Grave Digger 27
Rammunition 23
Raminator 22
Superman 19

Monster Jam Freestyle Competition:
Grave Digger 23
Rammunition 23
Superman 20
Mechanical Mischief 17
Raminator 17
Hotsy 16

By David Knisley

Saturday night

We finished the weekend at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, MI on a high note with a packed house of fans yelling themselves hoarse. Tonight’s show had all the thrills and none of the spills and every face I saw in the autograph line had a smile on it!

We stayed with what was working and got things rolling with wheelies and Hotsy hit both stacks and netted a 17. Joey Parnell made Superman fly and the judges loved it rewarding him with a 23. Mechanical Mischief couldn’t capture the magic on his run and only tallied a 14. Raminator and Mark Hall was the last Monster Jam Truck to run but he also came up a little short with his 21, giving Parnell and Superman another Monster Jam Wheelies win for the weekend.

The Universal Technical Institute Racing Brackets were a hard fought affair with Superman squaring off with Rammunition. Rammunition had an issue with its remote interrupt ignition and went on the one minute clock. His crew rushed out and replaced it in the nick of time and Mat Dishman capitalized on the great work of his team to get the win. Hotsy came to the line next to face Mechanical Mischief and Jim Burns in Mechanical Mischief got the nod. The final pairing in the first round put Grave Digger against Raminator and Mark Hall got into the gas quicker to get the victory in Raminator. The first set of semi-finals put fast loser Hotsy in a battle with Rammunition. Mat Dishman in Rammunition hit the cars cleanly for the win. The bottom half of the bracket was a tight finish but Mechanical Mischief just edged Raminator to advance. In the UTI Championship Race Ramunition in Mat Dishman had a perfect start and glided over the finish line to take home the title here in Saginaw, MI.

We came out of the break with the Monster Jam Donut Competition and Ramminution started us off with a 17. Superman spun well next and put up a 20. Raminator found some clean floor to work with and ripped off 10 spins to push his score to 26. Randy Brown and Grave Digger was the final spinner but he got a little close to the crush cars and had to shut down early for a 16, giving Raminator the win.

In our Monster Jam Freestyle Hotsy led things off with a 15 followed by a great 60 second set by Mechanical Mischief who put the number at 21. Superman tossed his hat into the ring next and filled the clock nicely to take over the lead with 23. Raminator fired his Dodge next and cross threaded the van stack during his run thrilling the crowd and judges to score a 25. The final Monster Jam Truck of the weekend was Grave Digger and Randy Brown drove like he was on a mission. He not only filled the clock but spent some extra time wowing the crowd with bonus hits and his score was the highest of the weekend at 28.

Monster Jam Wheelie Contest:
Superman 23
Raminator 21
Hotsy 17
Mechanical Mischief 14

UTI Championship Racing: Round 1, Rammunition def Superman, Mechanical Mischief def Hotsy, Raminator def Grave Digger. Semi-finals, Rammunition def Hotsy, Mechanical Mischief def Raminator. UTI Championship Round: Rammunition def Mechanical Mischief.

Monster Jam Donut Competition:
Raminator 26
Superman 20
Rammunition 17
Grave Digger 16

Monster Jam Freestyle:
Grave Digger 28
Raminator 25
Superman 23
Mechanical Mischief 21
Hotsy 15

By David Knisley