Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

Monster Jam
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA
February 8-9, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Hooked
Saturday 2pm: Storm Damage
Saturday Night: Hooked

Friday Night: Stone Crusher
Saturday 2pm: Stone Crusher
Saturday Night: Avenger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims, Hooked driven by Bryan Wright, Predator driven by Allen Pezo, Prowler driven by Lenny Kuilder and Storm Damage driven by Tim Mente!!


Friday Night

As the remnants of Winter Storm Nemo pulled out of Hampton VA, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans lined up to witness the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action that the Coliseum is so famous for. First on the card tonight was the wheelie competition. Storm Damage started us out and set the bar at a 15. The 14 that Prowler laid down wasn't enough but the 22 that Hooked was able to accomplish, was. Predator then wowed the crowd with a 25 but came up one point short as Avenger was able to score the winning number of 26.

Wheelie Competition

Wrecking Crew-DNS (wiring)
Stone Crusher-DNS (transmission)
Storm Damage-15

Racing would follow as Avenger would put away Predator, Storm Damage eliminated Prowler and Hooked had a bye run as Stone Crusher wasn't able to make the call. Semi-Finals were next as Avenger ended up with a bye run because the fast loser, Prowler had breakage in the previous round. Hooked then found itself headed to the UTI Championship round after the elimination of Storm Damage. It was all Hooked as Bryan Wright was able to fly by Jim Kohler and Avenger.


Avenger def Predator
Storm Damage def Prowler
Hooked bye (Stone Crusher Transmission DNS)

Semi-Final Round
Avenger bye (Fast Loser Prowler Breakage)
Hooked def Storm Damage

UTI Championship

Hooked def Avenger

Service is our Best Part Freestyle would cap our evening with great work in the pit area, all trucks were able to return. Prowler came out with a big 20, followed by Storm Damage notching a 17. Predator also came up a bit short at a 19 although Lenny Kuilder had a huge save which got the fans on their feet! Hooked then wowed the crowd and scored a 24 and held the lead through Wrecking Crew's 20. Another local truck, Stone Crusher with Steve Sims at the keyboard absolutely threw down and notched a 25...even the 2011 World Freestyle Champion Avenger couldn't touch it with his 22!

Service is our Best Part Freestyle

Storm Damage-17
Wrecking Crew-20
Stone Crusher-25

By Todd Morey

Saturday 2pm

Our second Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam show of the weekend in Hampton found yet more issues for the Stone Crusher/Hooked Team. In a story that would break late last night and have crew members scrambling all day, there were truck changes, driver changes and a whole lot more! Bryan Wright piloted Hooked last night, which was the plan, but in an interesting twist 18 year old Steven Sims was tabbed to run both Saturday shows after it was announced that he would compete in Hooked at the Young Guns Shootout as part of the World Finals. Team owner and Father Steve said “Steven needs seat time and we're gonna get him all he can get until World Finals.” If that wasn't enough, the Hooked truck blew a motor while bringing it out for the Party in the Pits! Steve sent crew members and their semi to his shop to pick up his spare truck. They were able to put only the hood of Hooked onto the chassis but they were ready to compete!

The afternoons show started with the Wheelie Competition and Storm Damage posting a 16, followed by Prowler's 15. Hooked then took the lead with a 20 but was immediately beat by Wrecking Crew's 23. Predator notched a 16 followed by Avenger's 21...but for all of his hard work this weekend Stone Crusher ended up with a great showing in wheelies, topping the heap with a 25!

Wheelie Competition

Storm Damage-16
Wrecking Crew-23
Stone Crusher-25

The racing bracket was next to follow which found Hooked with a bye run, Prowler falling to Storm Damage, Predator with an upset win over Avenger and Wrecking Crew eliminating Stone Crusher. Semi-Finals were next as Hooked sent Storm Damage packing and Predator sent Wrecking Crew to the house. The UTI Championship round was set...or so we thought. Hooked was put on the one minute clock because they couldn't get the truck to fire. He never made it back out so the truck he defeated, Storm Damage, came back to run for the Final. It had been years since Tim Mente had won in racing but it happened this afternoon and it obviously meant the world to him! Storm Damage was our UTI Championship Racing Winner! He was so excited to have a shot at the Double Down in Hampton today!

Racing Round 1

Hooked bye
Storm Damage def Prowler
Predator def Avenger
Wrecking Crew def Stone Crusher

Semi Final Round

Hooked def Storm Damage
Predator def Wrecking Crew

UTI Championship
Storm Damage def Predator (Hooked dns battery)

Service is our Best Part Freestyle would cap us off and Prowler got us started scoring a 19. The Double Down wouldn't happen for Storm Damage as he could only muster a 15. Predator's 18 was followed by Hooked who made a return! Team owner Steve Sims had sent last night’s driver Bryan Wright to an Advance Auto Parts ½ a mile away to pick up a racing battery for his sons ride and young Steven was able to notch a leading score of 23! Wrecking Crew couldn't touch it with his 22, however Stone Crusher came out to beat the team truck with a 26. It was up to the 2011 Freestyle Champion of the World, Avenger, to steal the show from Sims...but not today as he broke early and wasn't able to fill the sixty second clock. Avenger ended up short with a 23.


Storm Damage-15
Wrecking Crew-22
Stone Crusher-26

By Todd Morey

Saturday Night

Tonight in Hampton VA just had that Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals kind of feel! As the evening unfolded is was clear to see that everyone's game stepped up just a little bit. First up was the wheelie competition and led by this afternoon's racing winner, Storm Damage who posted a 16. That score held up through Prowler's 15 but fell to Steven Sims in Hooked who scored an impressive 22. Wrecking Crew then came out and became the new leader with a 24. Predator came up a little short notching a 15, followed by a new leader in Avenger with an unbelievable 29. Jim was able to stand his Monster Jam Truck on its rear wheels and walk it across the stack of crush cars, it was literally unreal and the crowd went crazy! Only Stone Crusher was left but came up short at a 23. The 2011 World Freestyle Champion Jim Kohler in Avenger was your winner!

Wheelie Competition

Storm Damage-16
Stone Crusher-23
Wrecking Crew-24

The racing bracket would follow and find Hooked with a bye run and Avenger doing away with Prowler. The two other first round races went to Storm Damage and Stone Crusher, eliminating Predator and Wrecking Crew. As the semi-finals approached Hooked booted Avenger out and Stone Crusher sent Storm Damage packing. The stage was set for a Father vs. Son UTI Championship for the first time between World Finals veteran Steve Sims and his Son, Young Guns Shootout Qualifier Steven. The coliseum was split as the cheers were equal for both. The young 18 year old Steven was able to beat Dad by only inches! In our UTI Championship interview Steven said “I feel like I just won the Young Guns Championship! I grew up wanting to beat my Dad and now I have!” Father Steve said “I couldn't be more proud of him...and here at our home event...this is just great!” The flashbulbs were popping as the two drivers embraced and it surely was a notch in young Stevens belt to beat his Father!

Round 1 Racing

Hooked bye
Avenger def Prowler
Storm Damage def Predator
Stone Crusher def Wrecking Crew

Semi Finals
Hooked def Avenger
Stone Crusher def Storm Damage

UTI Championship

Hooked def Stone Crusher

Service is our Best Part Freestyle would be the pinnacle of our night. Prowler started things out garnering a score of 18. Storm Damage followed, besting Prowler, notching a 22. Predator came up a touch short by not filling the time and shearing off a left front tire with a 21. Hooked then spanked them all with a 25...could it be a Double Down night for the youngster? That score held through Wrecking Crew's 21, but fell when Stone Crusher tossed an amazing 9/9/9 for a 27! Avenger would have to score at least two nines and a ten to walk away with the freestyle championship...a tall order for even a World Champion! Let me tell you it was nuuuts! The throttle rhythm, huge air and big saves garnered a 10/9/9, and a Hampton Championship!

Service is our Best Part Freestyle

Wrecking Crew-21
Storm Damage-22
Stone Crusher-27

By Todd Morey