Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium

Monster Jam
Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, FL
February 2, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Advance Auto Parts Grinder™ driven by Lupe Soza, Madusa, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims, Hooked driven by Bryan Wright, Razin' Kane driven by JR McNeal, Ice Cream Man driven by TJ Tripp, Gunslinger driven by Scott Hartsock, War Wizard driven by Randy Moore, Wolverine driven by Dustin Brown and El Diablo driven by JP!!


Saturday 7:00 p.m. – In a match-up of two of the hottest racing drivers in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam so far in 2013 Damon Bradshaw won his third straight stadium racing trophy when he edged Linsey Weenk and Lucas Oil Crusader in a thrilling Championship Race, then Neil Elliott celebrated Max-D’s 10th Anniversary by taking the freestyle win in front of a standing room only crowd in excess of 60,000 screaming Monster Jam fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Considering that well over 40,000 fans enjoyed Monster Jam in that same stadium just two weeks ago, the amazing Tampa fans turned out in record numbers, topping 100,000 fans seeing the action live over the two events held at Raymond James Stadium in 2013.

With the crowd fired up from the start and thrilled with the unique racing on the multi-turn West Coast style race track Weenk, who was also looking for his third stadium racing trophy of the year, set the fastest qualifying time, Lucas Oil Crusader edging Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger by one-tenth of a second to take the number one seed into the racing bracket and he backed it up each round as Lucas Oil Crusader marched through the top half of the bracket to earn a berth in the UTI Championship Race.

In the bottom half of the bracket Monster Energy was taking down the big guns. After struggling in qualifying and falling all the way to the 13th seed on the bracket, Bradshaw was back on his game when it mattered and beat Max-D in round one, impressive rookie Dustin Brown and Wolverine in round two, then eliminated Grave Digger in the semi-finals to set up the finale between two of 2013’s winningest stadium race teams. The Championship Round race was tight start to finish with Monster Energy taking the narrow win to extend Bradshaw’s stadium racing win streak to three consecutive events.

With the crowd on fire following the scintillating races it was on to Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle where an outstanding performance by Wolverine saw Brown occupy the hot seat as the leader on the scoreboard for almost the entire competition. Steve Sims turned in a blistering run in Stone Crusher to equal Wolverine’s score but then Lupe Soza rocked the house in Advance Auto Parts Grinder and the People’s Truck would move to the top of the scoreboard, albeit not for long. Next up Elliott turned in a wild, huge air freestyle and thrilled the fans with some amazing saves as Max-D grabbed the number one position and held it despite some crowd pleasing thrills from Grave Digger. Anderson had the fans in awe with by far the biggest air and most spectacular moves of the night but Grave Digger’s run ended when the truck flipped onto its roof with 20 seconds left in regulation time and Max-D celebrated the victory.


Fast Qualifier – Lucas Oil Crusader 21.56

1st round – Lucas Oil Crusader def. Razin’ Kane; El Diablo def. Hooked; Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. War Wizard; El Toro Loco def. Monster Mutt Dalmatian; Monster Energy def. Max-D; Wolverine def. Gunslinger; Madusa def. Ice Cream Man; Grave Digger def. Stone Crusher

2nd round – Lucas Oil Crusader def. El Diablo; El Toro Loco def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder; Monster Energy def. Wolverine; Grave Digger def. Madusa

Semifinals – Lucas Oil Crusader def. El Toro Loco; Monster Energy def. Grave Digger



MAX-D 26 (23 + 3 bonus points)
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 25 (22 + 3)
Wolverine 23 (21 + 2)
Stone Crusher 23 (21 + 2)
Grave Digger 23
El Toro Loco 22 (19 + 3)
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20 (19 + 1)
Gunslinger 20 (18 + 2)
Hooked 19 (17 + 2)
Razin’ Kane 19 (17 + 2)
El Diablo 18
Ice Cream Man 18 (16 + 2)
Madusa 18 (16 + 2)
Lucas Oil Crusader 17
Monster Energy 16

By Scott Douglass