East Rutherford, NJ - IZOD Center

Monster Jam
IZOD Center
East Rutherford, NJ
February 1-2, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7pm: Grave DiggerSaturday 2:00pm: El Toro Loco(black)Saturday 7pm: Bounty Hunter
Friday 7pm: Son-uva DiggerSaturday 2:00pm: Son-uva DiggerSaturday 7pm: Son-uva Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Son-Uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, El Toro Loco® (Black) driven by Marc McDonald, Bounty Hunter driven by Jim Creten, Scarlet Bandit driven by Dawn Creten, Thrasher driven by Pat Summa and Shockwave driven by Bill Braukman!!


Friday 7pm

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam rolled into the Izod Arena in East Rutherford NJ to a packed house of Monster Jam fans.The New Jersey Monster Jam fans got the chance to cheer on their favorite Monster Jam drivers and trucks in Wheelie, UTI Racing, Donut and Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle competitions. Monster Jam fans witnessed eight of the best Monster Jam drivers roll to the starting line and get their Monster Jam trucks as vertical as possible dragging the rear tailgates across the Crush cars trying to win the wheelie competition. Bounty Hunter would take the win with a score of 26. Monster Jam fans wanted more action and they got it in the UTI racing competition. Eight of the best monster jam drivers battled it out in head-to-head racing rounds. In the UTI Racing Main Event Grave Digger would defeat Monster Mutt for the UTI racing championship. With Monster Jam fans cheering on their favorite Monster Jam drivers as they would spin their way thru the Donut competition. With Cyclones going down it would be El Toro Loco hit the floor and spin his way to the Donut competition with a score of 24.The Izod Arena was buzzing the next competition was the Service Is Our Best Freestyle competition that had the Monster Jam drivers spinning donuts, wheelies, Big airs and crossthread airs. When the points were tallied up it would be Son Uva Digger with a score of 27. A big than you to all our Monster Jam fans we'll see you Saturday at 2p , and 7pm..checkout www.monsterjam.com for all your ticket info. Thanks, The Don

Shockwave 5-5-5 15
Thrasher 6-6-5 17
Scarlett Bandit 6-7-7 20
Monster Mutt 8-7-7 22
Son Uva Digger 7-6-6 19
Bounty Hunter 9-9-8..26...WINNER
El Toro Loco 4-5-5 14
Grave Digger 8-8-7

UTI Racing- Round 1 of racing.
El Toro(broke). Vs. Scarlet Bandit (winner)
Thrasher vs Grave Digger(winner)
Bounty Hunter(broke) vs Monster Mutt (wnner)
Grave Digger def Scarlett Bandit
Monster Mutt def Shockware
UTI Racing Main Event
Grave Digger defs Moster Mutt

Monster Mutt 6-6-7 19
Shockwave 4-4-4 12
Thrasher 4-4-3 11
Scarlett Bandit 7-7-8 22
Son Uva Digger 7-7-6 20
El Toro Loco 8-8-8 24(winner)
Grave Digger 7-8-8 23

Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle

Shockwave 5-5-5 15
Scarlet Bandit 7-7-6 20
MonsterMutt 7-7-7 21
El Toro Loco 8-9-9 26
Son Uva Digger 9-9-9-27(winner)

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday 2:00pm

The Izod Arena was rocking with all the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action from the Monster Jam fans and all eight Monster Jam drivers. Monster Jam fans cheered on Bounty Hunter as he took the wheelie win with a score of 26.In the UTI Racing competition Monster Jam fans saw El Toro Loco take the win over Grave Digger for the UTI Championship trophy. Monster Jam fans cheered on their favorite Monster Jam drivers as they spun donuts trying to get as many as possible for the Donut Comp win. Taking the win would be El Toro Loco with a score of 25. The final competition to hit the track was the Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle Competition. With 60 seconds on the clock to hit as many obstacles as possible to get the win all Monster Jam fans were standing and cheering on the Monster Jam drivers. Taking the win would be Son-uva Digger with a score of 28.

Shockwave 6-6-6=18
Thrasher 6-6-7= 19
Scarlet Bandit 6-7-7=20
Monster Mutt 5-5-6=16
Son Uva Digger 5-5-7=17
Bounty Hunter 8-9-9=26(winner)
El Toro Loco 8-8-9=25
Grave Digger 7-7-7=21

Round one- Son-uva Digger def Thrasher. El Toro Loco def Bounty Hunter. Grave Digger def ShockWave. Scarlet Bandit def Monster Mutt
Son-uva Digger def El Toro Loco
Grave Digger def Scarlet Bandit
El Toro Loco wins over Grave Digger

Monster Mutt 6-6-7=19
Shockwave broke
Thrasher 6-6-5=17
Scarlet Bandit 7-7-8=22
Son Uva Digger 7-7-6=20
El Toro Loco 8-8-9=25(winner)
Bounty Hunter 7-7-8=22
Grave Digger 8-8-8=24

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday 7pm

The Izod Arena was packed with Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam fans here in East Rutherford NJ. With 8 of the top Monster Jam drivers and trucks going head to head in Wheelie, UTI racing, Donut, and Service Is Our Best Part freestyle competitions Monster Jam fans witnessed some awesome action all night long .In the wheelie competition the Monster Jam drivers got two hits to get the highest score as possible and give the crowd the action they wanted at the same time. Taking the wheelie win would be Bounty Hunter with a score of 25.With the energy level raising in the Izod Arena the Monster Jam drivers rolled to the starting line for the UTI racing competition. Monster Jam fans witnessed some incredible racing with finishes to close to call that it came down to the instant replays to call the winners. After 3 rounds of UTI racing the UTI racing finals would see Grave Digger VS Bounty Hunter with Bounty Hunter taking the UTI Championship. Monster Jam fans got a little extra action with the Donut competition with the monster Jam drivers spinning as many rotations as possible trying to get the highest score for the win.The track was still hot from all the donuts gong down as the scores showed that El Toro Loco (black) would take the win with a score of 24.Monster Jam fans had the energy level on high and the Izod Arena buzzing as driver rolled onto the track for the Service Is Our Best freestyle competiton. With 60sec n the clock the all the Monster Jam drivers had to flow every hit, air, wheelie, donuts and big airs all together to fill the 60seconds and get the highest score for the win. When the scores were tallied up Son Uva Digger would take the Service Is Our Best Part freestyle win. A big thank you goes out to all the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans and the staff and crew of the Izod Arena. We'll see all you Monster Jam fans at the next event, Thank You The DON

Shockwave 7-7-6=20
Thrasher 7-6-5=18
Bandit 7-6-6=19
Monster Mutt 6-6-5=17
Son Uva Digger 6-5-5=16
Bounty Hunter 8-9-8=25(winner)
El Toro Loco(black) 7-7-7=21
Grave Digger 7-8-8=22

Round one- Grave Digger def Scarlet Bandit..Monster Mutt def Shockwave..El Toro Loco def Son Uva Digger..Bounty Hunter def Thrasher
Grave Digger def Monster Mutt
Bounty Hunter def El Toro Loco
Bounty Hunter def Grave Digger

Monster Mutt 7-7-6=20
Shockwave 5-6-5=16
Thrasher 6-6-7=19
Scarlett Bandit 7-7-7=21
Son Uva Digger 6-6-6=18
Bounty Hunter 6-5-7=18
Grave Digger 7-7-8=22
El Toro Loco 8-8-8=24(winner)

Shockwave 5-5-6=16
Thrasher 5-6-7=18
Scarlet Bandit 7-7-6=20
Monster Mutt 7-7-7=21
Bounty Hunter 8-8-8=24
El Toro Loco 7-8-8=23
Son Uva Digger 9-9-8=26(winner)
Grave Digger 7-6-6-=19

By jody Donnelly