Biloxi, MS - Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Monster Jam
Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Biloxi, MS
February 1-2, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Spider-man
Saturday 2pm: Spider-Man
Saturday Night: Spider-Man

Friday Night: Grave Digger
Saturday 2pm: Grave Digger
Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Spider-Man™ driven by Bari Musawwir, Nitemare driven by Andy Hoffman, Shock Therapy, Ground Pounder and Fatal Attraction driven by Jeff Murphy!!


Friday Night

Along the Mississippi Gulf coast you'll find white sandy beaches and beautiful ocean breezes...and 1500 horsepower Monster Jam Trucks! The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Series rolled into town and heated things up in the ocean city of Biloxi.

The evening started with the Wheelie Competition which saw Ground Pounder set the early bar with a 21 which was tied immediately by Fatal Attraction. Shock Therapy came up a bit short scoring a 17 and our new leader emerged as Nitemare posting a 23. Spider-Man then grabbed the lead away with a 24 but it wouldn't hold as Grave Digger topped them all with a 25!

Shock Therapy-17
Ground Pounder-21
Fatal Attraction-21
Grave Digger-25

Monster Jam Racing was next up with the drivers drawing for bracket seeding in front of the fans. Shock Therapy was able to send Fatal Attraction to the house, Ground Pounder knocked out Nitemare and Spider-Man eliminated Grave Digger. The Semi-Finals saw Spider-Man eliminate the returning fast loser, Fatal Attraction, as Shock Therapy sent Ground Pounder packing. The UTI Championship round was set with Spider-Man facing the hometown driver, Jeremy Brady from Stringer MS. The crowd's cheers were split between the two superstars! Bari Musawwir's Spider-Man ride ended up being the victor as Shock Therapy broke upon landing.

Shock Therapy def Fatal Attraction
Ground Pounder def Nitemare
Spider-Man def Grave Digger

Semi-Final Round
Spider-Man def Fatal Attraction (fast loser)
Shock Therapy def Ground Pounder

UTI Championship
Spider-Man def Shock Therapy (broke rear end)

Service is our Best Part Monster Jam Freestyle was last on the card. Ground Pounder led the way with a 19 and wasn't eclipsed by the next two Monster Jam Trucks, Fatal Attraction with a 16 and Nitemare's 16. A new leader emerged as Spider-Man jumped up on the board with a 22 but it wasn't to happen tonight as Grave Digger posted the biggest air of the night, wowing the crowd with a score of 25!

Shock Therapy-DNS (rear end)
Fatal Attraction-16
Ground Pounder-19
Grave Digger-25

By Todd Morey

Saturday 2pm

What a beautiful view of the ocean from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum however the afternoon view changed quite a bit as Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Trucks rolled from the parking lot into the venue. The program got off to a great start in Biloxi Mississippi with the Wheelie Competition taking center stage. Ground Pounder led early with a 22 followed by Fatal Attraction notching a 25. Shock Therapy came up short with a 18, Nitemare at a 23 and Spider-Man was just one point short at a 24. It was up to Grave Digger to eclipse Fatal Attraction's score but it wasn't to be on this afternoon! An absolutely elated Jeff Murphy told me later in his interview that this was his first Monster Jam Wheelie Competition Championship! He couldn't wipe the smile off of his face as he got the fans pumped up and tossed them a Monster Jam T-Shirt.

Shock Therapy-18
Ground Pounder-22
Grave Digger-23
Fatal Attraction-25

Monster Jam Racing was to follow next and the match-ups were stout. Spider-Man eliminated Nitemare. In an impressive upset, Ground Pounder was able to beat Grave Digger but then broke some front end components upon landing. The mad dash was on to repair Ground Pounder for a return to Semi-Final action. In the last race of Round One, Shock Therapy was able to get by Fatal Attraction. In the Semi-Finals Spider-Man was able to eliminate the returning fast loser, Fatal Attraction. Ground Pounder was not able to get repaired in time so Grave Digger was able to come back and defeat Shock Therapy. The UTI Championship came down to Spider-Man and Grave Digger. For the second show in a row, Spider-Man defeated its opponent and was able to come away with the UTI Championship hardware.

Spider-Man def Nitemare
Ground Pounder def Grave Digger
Shock Therapy def Fatal Attraction

Grave Digger (returning after Ground Pounder breakage) def Shock Therapy
Spider-Man def Fatal Attraction (fast loser)

UTI Championship Round
Spider-Man def Grave Digger

Service is our Best Part Freestyle would cap off the afternoon and did not disappoint! Ground Pounder came back out after repair but then broke after 1 hit and scored a 10...it was all big scores from there on out! Fatal Attraction displayed his talents scoring a 19 followed by Nitemare's 22 and they just kept climbing...Shock Therapy notched a 23 and Spider-Man a 26. The stage was set to see if Grave Digger could score at least some 9's with the judges! Chad Tingler left no doubt that he deserved the 27 he was given...donuts, big air, 2 saves and ended up on his top! The Biloxi fans went nuts!

Ground Pounder-10
Fatal Attraction-19
Shock Therapy-23
Grave Digger-27

By Todd Morey

Saturday Night

The crowd rolled into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for our last jam-packed Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam event of the weekend! It was capped off in the right way with drivers laying it all in the line. First up was the wheelie competition which saw a rarity with a perfect score! Fatal Attraction started the competition with a 23 and then we saw something absolutely amazing...Shock Therapy took to the track and pulled a 90 degree wheelie! It didn't stop there as Jeremy Brady got into the throttle to walk it across the crush cars, he flipped his Monster Jam Truck completely up into the air and landed on the front hood and it rocked back onto the box of his Monster Jam Truck! The fans went crazy when the 10-10-10 came up! A perfect score of 30! The only possibility at this point was a tie for wheelie champion or Shock Therapy would be our winner. With scores of 24, 23 and 27, Nitemare, Spider-Man and Grave Digger couldn't get it done...Shock Therapy was our champion!

Ground Pounder-DNS (mechanical from afternoon show)
Fatal Attraction-23
Grave Digger-27
Shock Therapy-30

Racing was next on the card which saw Nitemare with a bye run as Ground Pounder couldn't make it out due to mechanical issues. Grave Digger then eliminated Shock Therapy and Spider-Man defeated Fatal Attraction. The Semi-Final round would bring us a match-up between Nitemare who defeated the returning fast loser Fatal Attraction and the driver who hadn't lost a round of racing continued his winning ways...Bari Musawwir in Spider-Man eliminated Grave Digger. The UTI Championship was set to roll and Spider-Man wasn't to be denied. A convincing win over Nitemare put Spider-Man in rare company sweeping the entire weekend of racing!

Round 1 Racing
Nightmare bye
Grave Digger def Shock Therapy
Spider-Man def Fatal Attraction

Semi Final Round
Nitemare def Fatal Attraction (fast loser)
Spider-Man def Grave Digger

UTI Championship
Spider-Man def Nitemare

Service is our Best Part Freestyle had some interesting twists. Shock Therapy came out and made a couple of hits and could not refire, we later found out that there was some loose wiring because of the rollover in the Wheelie Competion...he garnered a 7. Next up was Fatal Attraction which also had some issues with the rear steer failing and that run resulted in a 16. Nitemare followed with a 19 and Spider-Man took the lead late at a score of 26. It all wasn't enough however when Grave Digger hit the floor and threw down to total up with a 27!

Ground Pounder (dns)
Shock Therapy-7 (wiring)
Fatal Attraction-16 (rear steer)
Grave Digger-27

By Todd Morey