Vancouver, BC - BC Place

BC Place
Vancouver, BC
January 26, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 7 P.M.: Max-D

Saturday 7 P.M.: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Jon Zimmer, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Max-D℠ driven by Kreg Christensen, Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer, Detour driven by Garret Ladelle, Destroyer driven by Roger Stidell, The Captain driven by Travis Groth, Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth, Western Renegade driven by Barry Parkin, Maniac driven by Don Frankish and Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell!!


Saturday 7 P.M.

B.C. Place Stadium is a big venue. So big, in fact, that it took over 250 truckloads of dirt and two full days of painstaking labor to get the track in shape for what would emerge as one of the best Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour events ever in Canada.

Following a well attended Party in the Pits on Saturday afternoon, the competitors were ready to take on the fast and intimidating British Columbia course. With no less than four World Champions in the field in Vancouver, there was sure to be some great racing action. Kelvin Ramer in Time Flys qualified in the number one position with a time of 17.38 seconds.

Monster Jam Racing Round One paired Grave Digger against Maniac, with Grave Digger taking the win. Captain’s Curse sunk Detour, while Max D took out Western Renegade. The Destroyer picked up the win against Double Trouble, and Northern Nightmare defeated the Captain.

Round Two Racing action paired Grave Digger against Time Flys, with Grave Digger scoring the victory. Captain’s Curse defeated Max D, and Northern Nightmare beat the Destroyer. Max D emerged from Round Two as Fast Loser.

The Monster Jam Racing Semi Final saw a charging Kreg Christensen in Max D defeat Grave Digger, while Captain’s Curse rode the high seas to victory over Canadian Monster Jam truck Northern Nightmare.

The UTI Championship Round paired Captain’s Curse against Max D. As a former motocross racer, Alex Blackwell in Captain’s Curse certainly knows the value of a good start. But sometimes, a good start is not quite enough. Kreg Christensen in Max D took advantage of his twenty-one years of experience on route to the big racing win here in Vancouver. Now, the question was whether Max D could continue his winning ways and win the Double Down trophy.

After several great Freestyle runs by the competitors, Kreg Christensen in Max D found himself the leader in Maple Leaf Monster Jam Freestyle deep into the event. Most nights, a score of 29 would be plenty enough to take the victory. But just as Max D was preparing to hoist the Double Down trophy, Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger stormed out on the course and did some serious damage to each and every obstacle. Just like he did in Toronto last weekend, Zimmer attacked the course with a vengeance and brought British Columbia fans to their feet. Zimmer made it a night to remember forever as he collected the Freestyle trophy with a score of 31 points.

The drivers earned the following final scores:

The Captain 7,8,7+1=23
The Destroyer 1,1,1=3
Detour 7,6,7+1=21
Time Flys 7,7,8+2=24
Double Trouble 1,1,1=3
Maniac 2,2,2=6
Western Renegade 2,2,2,=6
Captain’s Curse 8,8,8+3=27
Grave Digger 9,9,9+4=31
Northern Nightmare 1,1,1=3
Max D 8,8,9+4=29


In other motor sports action, the B.C. Provincial Demo Cross Championship saw Alex Knowles take the big victory after a lengthy and hard fought battle with Jeff Cole. Not to be outdone, the high-flying stars of Freestyle Motocross and Quad FMX took to the course and wowed the crowd with their big air tricks. Cody Elkins pulled off a huge Quad Backflip to end off the segment.

After yet another stellar Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour event here in Canada, the series now takes a weekend off before returning to Edmonton in just two weeks time.

As the year rolls on, can Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare continue his World Championship ways as we approach the Advance Auto Parts World Finals presented by NGK Spark Plugs?

That story and many more will be continued at our next stop.

We’ll see you down the road!

By Darren Pallen