Uniondale, NY - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Monster Jam
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY
January 25-27, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30 p.m.: Grave Digger
Saturday 2 p.m.: Scarlet Bandit
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Bounty Hunter
Sunday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger

Friday 7:30 p.m.: Bounty Hunter
Saturday 2 p.m.: Bounty Hunter
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Bounty Hunter
Sunday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by John Seasock, El Toro Loco® (Yellow) driven by Becky McDonough, Bounty Hunter driven by Jim Creten, Scarlet Bandit driven by Dawn Creten, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins and Storm Damage driven by Steven Thompson!!


Friday 7:30 p.m.

The opening night of the 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam stop in Uniondale, New York, has set the tone for an exciting weekend. One of the longest running arenas in the history of the series, the crowd is composed of first timers with long-running show streaks scattered throughout the crowd. In many cases, the veterans attended their first shows as kids and are now bringing their own kids to enjoy the program.
Monster Jam wheelies got things started for the crowd after a brief afternoon pit party. Steven Thompson, behind the wheel of Storm Damage this weekend for the first time, showed his wheelie strength by posting an early 25. The score stood strong as four challengers couldn’t adjust the standing. It took a strong 26 by two-time world champion John Seasock in Advance Auto Parts Grinder to change the leader board. The score held through the rest of the competition, giving Seasock his second wheelie competition win of the young season.
For the first time in the storied history of the Uniondale event, fans were treated to two women competitors in the field. In fact, it was the first time since 2006 that a lady driver was in the line-up. As fate would have it, the two women, Becky McDonough in El Toro Loco and Dawn Creten in Scarlet Bandit, ended up facing off in the first round. El Toro Loco took that contest to advance to the semi-finals. Bounty Hunter stopped Aftershock, Grinder took care of Storm Damage and Grave Digger eliminated Monster Mutt. Grinder edged Bounty Hunter in a close Chicago-style contest with grave Digger earning a finals bid with a win over El Toro Loco. A strong run in the UTI Racing Final brought victory for Gary Porter in Grave Digger, signaling a triumphant return. Porter has competed in many previous Uniondale outing, but was sent elsewhere last year. The fans were heard and Porter was back his winning ways.
The spectators were treated to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam donuts and hungered for some good competition. Monster Mutt showed the desire to be top dog by opening with a dizzying 19. Three trucks tried but couldn’t erase the mark. Scarlet Bandit made the move to the lead, but that was wiped out by Bounty Hunter. Grinder could not get by the new leader, but Grave Digger could…by a single point.
The final competition was the Service is Our Best Part freestyle and everyone knew there was no other opportunity to claim a Friday win. With a wide open floor, the course required creativity and the drivers were seeking to wow the crowd. Scores were very close through the early going with El Toro Loco nipped by Monster Mutt. Bounty Hunter tore from the pits on the green light and showed a combination of quickness and strength to take a lead that would not fail. Jimmy Creten’s first visit to Uniondale brought a coveted freestyle win.
The action shifted from four wheels to two at the mid-point of the show. After a pair of hits by four FMX riders, a team of BMX riders joined in for an all-out jam session that featured powerful tricks pulled off with ease. Fan Favorite Sprocket kept the crowd entertained through the night and provided great prizes to lucky winners.
Three shows remain on the agenda as the battle for Uniondale supremacy looms.

Storm Damage – 8-8-9 = 25
Aftershock – 6-6-7 = 19
El Toro Loco – 6-6-8 = 20
Scarlet Bandit – 6-6-6 = 18
Monster Mutt – 6-5-5 = 16
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 9-9-8 = 26
Bounty Hunter – 8-8-7 = 23
Grave Digger – 8-8-6 = 22

Round One – Bounty Hunter def. Aftershock, Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. Storm Damage, El Toro Loco def. Scarlet Bandit, Grave Digger def. Monster Mutt
Semi-Finals – Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. Bounty Hunter, Grave Digger def. El Toro Loco
UTI Racing Finals – Grave Digger def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Monster Mutt – 7-6-6 = 19
Storm Damage – 4-4-4 = 12
El Toro Loco – 6-5-5 = 16
Aftershock – 5-5-7 = 17
Scarlet Bandit – 8-7-7 = 22
Bounty Hunter – 7-8-8 = 23
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 6-7-7 = 20
Grave Digger – 8-8-8 = 24

Service is Our Best Part Freestyle
Storm Damage 6-5-5 = 16
Aftershock – 5-5-5 = 15
El Toro Loco – 8-7-6 = 21
Scarlet Bandit – 7-7-6 = 20
Monster Mutt – 8-7-7 = 22
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 5-7-7 = 19
Bounty Hunter – 8-7-9 = 24
Grave Digger – 8-7-7 = 22

By Larry Jewett

Saturday 2 p.m.

History was made at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. In all of the years that the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam has been coming to the arena, there has never been a female driver in the racing finals. This afternoon, Scarlet Bandit beat Grave Digger in the semi-finals to earn that honor. The achievements didn’t stop there as driver Dawn Creten etched her name in the history books as the first female to win the racing final.

It proved to be a great day from Jim and Dawn Creten in their first weekend of competition on Long Island. Jim Creten and Bounty Hunter showed skills in the wheelie competition to open the day’s action. Early action saw Becky McDonough impress the crowd and the judges with some straight up riding for El Toro Loco. Monster Mutt dropped the tail on the cars to edge out ahead until Creten sealed the deal by scoring 25 points.

Racing action started with Scarlet Bandit taking out Aftershock. Grave Digger inherited a bye run when Storm Damage, absent from the wheelie competition, was not able to answer the call for racing. Advance Auto Parts Grinder jumped past El Toro Loco. Bounty hunter and Monster Mutt locked up in a close race with the edge going to Bounty Hunter. Semi-final action put Scarlet Bandit over the finish line ahead of Grave Digger while Bounty Hunter prevailed in another close race, this time defeating Advance Auto Parts Grinder.

There were plenty of dramatic story lines brewing as we headed to the UTI racing final. You had your first female racer qualified. The event was a “shootout of the spouses” and the husband-wife team would square off in a final round for the second time in 2013 (Jim beat Dawn in Columbus, Ohio earlier this year). Both trucks left the line when light turned green and the competition looked even through the first two hits of the Chicago-style course. A late race surge by Scarlet Bandit proved to be the difference for the monumental win.

After a brief intermission following an exciting FMX/BMX “jam session”, the monster returned to the floor with donut supremacy on the their minds. The scores kept getting progressively higher, peaking when Grave Digger stopped with a near perfect 27. The win continues Gary Porter’s Uniondale domination of all elements of competition.

The final challenge facing the competitors was the Service is Our Best Part freestyle. For the most part, the judges liked what they saw as no one was scored less than 5 at any point. At first, the sixes and sevens didn’t come quickly, but soon it was obvious that a high score was going to be needed. Four drivers broke through the 20 barrier and it took every bit of a 26 to claim the title. Jim Creten and Bounty Hunter repeated the Friday night win and became the only driver to earn two plaques in the Saturday afternoon show.

Sprocket was on hand to entertain, challenging Monster Jam tech official Kevin Gillingham to a Y-M-C-A showdown to the delight of the crowd. A quick turnaround is expected as the Uniondale schedule calls for a Saturday evening contest with a great crowd expected.

Scarlet Bandit – 4-4-5 = 13
Aftershock – 5-6-6 = 16
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 5-6-7 = 18
Grave Digger – 6-7-8 = 21
El Toro Loco 7-7-8 = 22
Monster Mutt 8-7-7 = 22
Bounty Hunter – 9-8-8 = 25 (winner)
Storm Damage – did not compete

Round One – Scarlet Bandit def. Aftershock, Grave Digger (bye run/Storm Damage unable to answer call), Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. El Toro Loco, Bounty Hunter def. Monster Mutt
Semi-finals – Scarlet Bandit def. Grave Digger, Bounty Hunter def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder
UTI Racing Championship – Scarlet Bandit def. Bounty Hunter

Monster Mutt – 5-5-5 = 15
Aftershock – 5-5-6 = 16
El Toro Loco – 5-6-7 = 18
Scarlet Bandit – 8-7-7 = 22
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 9-8-7 = 24
Bounty Hunter – 8-9-8 = 25
Grave Digger – 9-9-9 = 27 (winner)
Storm Damage – did not compete

Service is Our Best Part Freestyle
Aftershock – 7-5-5 = 17
El Toro Loco – 6-6-5 = 17
Scarlet Bandit – 7-6-5 = 18
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 7-8-6 = 21
Monster Mutt – 8-8-7 = 23
Grave Digger – 8-8-7 = 23
Bounty Hunter – 9-9-8 = 26 (winner)
Storm Damage – did not compete

By Larry Jewett

Saturday 7:30 p.m.

Domination is the best way to describe the turn of events that transpired in the Saturday night activity of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. To double down in a star-studded field is a feat, but to completely sweep four events is a mind-boggling task.

Jim Creten and Bounty Hunter pulled off the unthinkable by collecting the championship plaques in wheelies, racing, donuts and Service is Our Best Part Freestyle.

No single element was an easy win. The activity started with wheelies. Drivers were faced with only one attempt and forced to make the best of it. Steven Thompson was back with Storm Damage, having missed the afternoon show to address rear steer issues. He pushed the truck to the limit and opened with a 19, which held up until El Toro Loco did a soaring sky wheelie and collected 23 points for the effort. Monster Mutt tied the mark, clearing the cars with ease. Bounty Hunter took it up a notch and carried across the full stack in mid-air, drawing a 27 in the process. That score was tops and Jim Creten picked up his first win.

All eight trucks were able to give it a go for racing. Scarlet Bandit opened the action with a close win over Aftershock. Grave Digger prevailed against Storm Damage and El Toro Loco got the best of Advance Auto Parts Grinder. The round was completed when Bounty Hunter claimed a win over Monster Mutt. Moving to the semi-finals, Scarlet Bandit kept the Saturday winning streak alive by taking out Grave Digger. Bounty Hunter prevailed over El Toro Loco and once again, the UTI Racing final would be Jim Creten versus Dawn Creten. This time, the outcome would be different from the afternoon show with Jim Creten putting himself in the position to double down by winning the heads-up match race.

Donut action started with Monster Mutt on the floor opening with a 16. The crowd was enjoying the performance by each of the drivers who kept pushing the totals higher and higher. Scarlet Bandit became the next leader with a short stop at the top. The next truck to the floor, Bounty Hunter, worked the score to 26. After Grinder logged in a 24, Grave Digger came with hopes of adding another donut win. Those hopes lasted 10 seconds as the transmission gave way and Gary Porter limped the truck back to the pit area. Creten claimed the third win of the night.

After the damage to Grave Digger was assessed, driver Gary Porter made the long walk from the pit to the arena floor to inform the Grave Digger fans that the truck could not be repaired and was done for the night. Porter promised to meet the fans after the show at the Service is Our Best Part autograph session and volunteered to grab a microphone to help with freestyle announcing. He was pressed into duty to give fans a driver’s point of view of the competition.

Storm Damage, who missed donut competition, was back for freestyle and opened with a solid 21. El Toro Loco boosted it to 22 before Scarlet Bandit and Monster Mutt tied the mark. Three trucks sat atop the leader board with Advance Auto Parts Grinder coming to the floor. We nearly had a four-way tie, but it soon became a tie for second. A torrid freestyle effort by Bounty Hunter sealed the deal on a clean sweep as a score of 27 was posted to close off the action.

Freestyle motocross and BMX returned for simultaneous trickery as Sprocket delighted the house with his antics and giveaways.

The final show of the weekend takes place at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Sunday afternoon, capping yet another successful stop on the 2013 tour.

Aftershock 5-5-5 = 15
Scarlet Bandit – 5-5-6 = 16
Storm Damage – 7-7-5 = 19
Advanced Auto Parts Grinder – 6-7-8 = 21
Grave Digger – 8-7-7 = 22
El Toro Loco – 8-8-7 = 23
Monster Mutt – 7-7-9 = 23
Bounty Hunter – 9-9-9 = 27 (winner)

Round One – Scarlet Bandit def. Aftershock, Grave Digger def. Storm Damage, El Toro Loco def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder, Bounty Hunter def. Monster Mutt
Semi-finals – Scarlet Bandit def. Grave Digger, Bounty Hunter def. El Toro Loco
UTI Racing Championship – Bounty Hunter def. Scarlet Bandit

Grave Digger – 4-4-4 = 12
Monster Mutt – 6-6-5 = 17
El Toro Loco – 6-6-6 = 18
Aftershock – 6-6-7 = 19
Scarlet Bandit – 7-7-8 = 22
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 7-8-9 = 24
Bounty Hunter – 8-9-9 = 26 (winner)
Storm Damage – did not compete

Service is Our Best Part Freestyle
Aftershock – 6-6-6 = 18
Storm Damage – 6-7-8 = 21
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 7-6-8 = 21
El Toro Loco – 7-8-7 = 22
Scarlet Bandit – 8-7-7 = 22
Monster Mutt – 6-8-8 = 22
Bounty Hunter – 9-9-9 = 27 (winner)
Grave Digger – did not compete

By Larry Jewett

Sunday 2 p.m.

The grand finale of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam weekend on Long Island set an exclamation point to the action that had been seen in the four shows. An appreciative Sunday afternoon crowd enjoyed the competition as high drama prevailed.
The stage was set early during the wheelie competition. Becky McDonough pushed El Toro Loco to great heights in search of an impressive wheelie and achieved that goal to the roar of the crowd. The effort, which drew a score of 27, also resulted in broken shocks on the truck. The crew went to work immediately while the rest of the field was facing with having to beat the score. Only one truck could pull off the feat and that was Bounty Hunter, who tallied a 29. The score stood for Jimmy Creten’s third wheelie win of the weekend.
The suspension problems for El Toro Loco kept the truck out of racing competition. The absence was a benefit to Steven Thompson and Storm Damage, who picked up the bye in what could be their only good luck of the weekend. The Storm Damage team struggled with rear steer issues through Saturday, but finally got a break with a bye run. Other first round racing saw Monster Mutt defeat Scarlet Bandit, Grave Digger knock off Aftershock and Bounty Hunter edge Advance Auto Parts Grinder. The first semi-final race saw Grave Digger tame Monster Mutt. In the second event, Storm Damage took the green for a match against Bounty Hunter, but the truck only moved a few feet and could not go on. The culprit turned out to be a seized engine that ended the day for Storm Damage and gave the win to Bounty Hunter.
In the UTI racing final, an epic match-up was in store. Both trucks had already claimed one racing title on the weekend and this was the tie-breaker. It looked pretty even after the first set of cars was cleared, but Grave Digger prevailed when Bounty Hunter swept wide approaching the second set of cars and ruled out of bounds.
With seven trucks still in donut competition, Monster Mutt led the way in the early going with a score of 21. Next to approach was the freshly repaired El Toro Loco, who equaled the 21. Aftershock took over the top spot with a spin to earn a 23. Bounty Hunter displaced the former leader, earning a solid 28. After a disappointing effort on Saturday night, thanks to a blown transmission, a revitalized Grave Digger had something to prove and did it by scoring a near perfect 29 in the competition.
The day’s activity for the Monster Jam trucks would conclude with the Service is our Best Part freestyle. It was obvious that all of the drivers knew this stood as the last chance to pick up a championship plaque. Scores quickly reached above 20 and Monster Mutt’s 24 held to the final pair. Bounty Hunter came after the competition with the hopes of picking up a fourth freestyle championship and again showed the power and precision of a 10,000-pound Monster Jam truck in capable hands. The frantic freestyle scored 27 with only Grave Digger remaining. As time wound down in the Grave Digger run, the truck burst into flames. Quick reactions by the track crew and safety crew brought the fire under control and driver Gary Porter escaped without injury. The show literally ended with a bang as Porter’s full time was recorded and a score of 28 gave him the Sunday afternoon Double Down.
The fans were treated to great two-wheel action with high flying FMX and BMX stunt masters challenging themselves to the roar of the crowd. High difficulty tricks were made to look easy including back flips on both ramps. As always, the crowd was kept laughing and entertained as Sprocket strutted his stuff. The lucky Advance Auto Parts Monster Jams fans in Dayton, Ohio, will enjoy his performances next week.

Aftershock 7-6-6 = 19
Storm Damage 7-7-8 = 22
Grave Digger – 7-7-8 = 22
Scarlet Bandit – 8-8-7 = 23
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 8-8-7 = 23
Monster Mutt – 9-8-8 = 25
El Toro Loco – 9-9-9 = 27
Bounty Hunter – 10-9-10 = 29 (winner)

Round One – Monster Mutt def. Scarlet Bandit, Grave Digger def. Aftershock, Storm damage (bye run when El Toro Loco could not compete), Bounty Hunter def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Semi-finals – Grave Digger def. Monster Mutt, Bounty Hunter def. Storm Damage
UTI Championship – Grave Digger def. Bounty Hunter

Monster Mutt – 7-7-7 = 21
El Toro Loco – 6-8-7 = 21
Scarlet Bandit – 8-7-7 = 22
Aftershock – 8-8-7 = 23
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 9-9-8 = 26
Bounty Hunter – 10-9-9 = 28
Grave Digger – 9-10-10 = 29 (winner)
Storm Damage (did not compete)

Service is Our Best Part freestyle
Aftershock – 6-6-6 = 18
Scarlet Bandit – 6-8-7 = 21
El Toro Loco – 7-8-8 = 23
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 7-8-8 = 23
Monster Mutt – 9-8-7 = 24
Bounty Hunter – 9-9-9 = 27
Grave Digger – 8-10-10 = 28 (winner)

By Larry Jewett