San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium

Monster Jam
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, CA
January 19, 2013
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Saturday 7pm: Monster Energy

Saturday 7pm: Monster Energy

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Charlie Pauken, Team Hot Wheels Firestorm driven by Scott Buetow, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, Max-D℠ driven by Kreg Christensen, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, King Krunch driven by Darron Basl, Big Kahuna driven by Shane England, Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer, Detour driven by Garret Ladelle, Devastator driven by Mark Schroeder, Terminator driven by Gary Schott, Obsession driven by Jim Lehnertz, Obsessed driven by Rick Swanson, El Diablo driven by JP and Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell!!


Saturday 7pm

For the past couple of years we had to battle early January rain as the weekend approached, but not this year. A picture-perfect, southern California afternoon brought thousands of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans to pack in the afternoon pit party. The weather barely cooled off when the sun went down. And that, plus a capacity crowd, set the stage for an incredible night at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.

Tonight’s “SoCal Style” track was fast, no other way to say it. This design has the two trucks starting side by side, and then, coming off the final turn, crossing the finish line the same way. It’s critical that both trucks, if needed, slow down and “check -up” or straighten out prior to going pedal-down up onto the tabletop obstacle. Once they hit this tabletop, they are airborne, flying across the finish line. In the UTI Championship Round, these drivers are too close to getting the Trophy to let anything slow them down. Tonight, we witnessed something so spectacular that it was replayed over, and over, and over again. Monster Energy had a slight lead going into the final turn – but more importantly, Bradshaw was lined up perfectly straight to hit the tabletop and finish. Weenk knew that if he slowed down in the turn to straighten out, he’d lose too much speed, and would most certainly lose the race. So, he decided to just stomp on the pedal. With both trucks launched into the air, our jaws dropped while Lucas Oil Crusader flew over the top of the already airborne Monster Energy. It looked like the two trucks were going to collide in mid-air. Amazingly, Weenk was just a split second behind, enough time for Bradshaw to clear out before they both landed. Amazing!

Monster Jam Racing Round 1
Monster Energy def Devasator, Lucas Oil Crusader def Obsession, Hot Wheels Firestorm def Terminator, Max-D℠ def Detour, Grave Digger® def Big Kahuna, King Krunch def El Diablo, Time Flys def Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Obsessed def Captain’s Curse

Monster Jam Racing Round 2
Monster Energy def Obsessed, Lucas Oil Crusader def Time Flys, Hot Wheels Firestorm def Max-D℠, Grave Digger® def King Krunch

Monster Jam Racing Round Semi Finals
Monster Energy def Hot Wheels Firestorm, Lucas Oil Crusader def Grave Digger®

UTI Championship Round of Monster Jam Racing
Monster Energy def Lucas Oil Crusader

Quad Wars featured the SoCal showdown between Team Mexico and Team USA. USA took the win in the first Heat, but from there, it was all Mexico. Team Mexico took the final two rounds in by a razor thin margin to earn the championship.

With the intent of offering more competition here in San Diego than ever before, modified UTV’s and “Off Roads” were also featured with three rounds of racing each.

In tonight’s ‘Service is our Best Part’ Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Freestyle Competition, Hot Wheels Firestorm fired onto the track, and launched off the steepest cut ramp on the track. An amazing start to the competition as Scott sent the Monster Jam Truck straight up into the air. He ran the entire clock in exactly the same way, setting a score that would stand throughout half the field of competitors. One of the “WOW” moments of the night came from the rookie JP Ruggerio in El Diablo. Coming into his second ever stadium show, JP was determined to just let it loose – win, or leave with only a pile of parts to put back into the hauler. JP launched off the tallest ramp, and hung vertically in the air. It looked like he was going to come straight down, when at the last minute, he hit the brakes to force his front end to drop. Moments later, he went pedal down on a cross-thread of the track, racking up two incredible “saves” at the top of the obstacle, before then rolling El Diablo on the third attempt to keep it wheels down. Alex Blackwell took it to the next level with a relentless attack that put him into the hot seat. Having just missed out on the racing trophy, Weenk was determined to impress. However, an obstacle in the center of the track put him over on his side early in regulation time. Max-D℠ had an impressive run going, until a late rollover cost him a couple of valuable points. Monster Energy had the most consistent run, with great flow. When the only truck that could beat him, Grave Digger, snapped a rear axle during regulation, the Double Down was decided.

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm: 21 +2 = 23
Terminator : 11
El Diablo: 18
King Krunch: --
Obsession : 17 +1 = 18
Obsessed : 19 +2 = 21
Detour: 18 +2 = 20
Devastator : 15
Big Kahuna: 15
Time Flys: 13 +3 = 21
Monster Mutt Dalmatian: 21 +2 = 23
Captain’s Curse: 24 +2 = 26
Grave Digger®: 12 +2 = 14
Max-D℠: 22 +3 = 25
Lucas Oil Crusader: 12
Monster Energy: 24 +3 = 27

By Michael C. Williams