Knoxville, TN - Thompson Boling Arena

Monster Jam
Thompson Boling Arena
Knoxville, TN
January 11-12, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday night 7pm: Full Boar
Saturday 7pm: Black Stallion

Friday night 7pm: Batman
Saturday 7pm: Black Stallion

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Metal Mulisha driven by Todd Leduc, Batman™ driven by Norm Miller, Black Stallion driven by Mike Vaters, Iron Warrior driven by Trey Meyers, Nitemare driven by Andy Hoffman and Full Boar driven by Ed Eckert!!


Friday night 7pm

Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam brought the action to Knoxville Tennessee and the Thompson Boling Arena. With the stands packed full of Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam fans the action kicked off with the Hardee’s wheelie competition. With all the monster jam drivers getting one hit at the crush cars to produce the best wheelie and the highest score. With the score to beat at 23 Black Stallion would roll to the line and hit the throttle standing the big Stallion straight up and almost over backwards balancing for a brief second, then coming back down on all four wheels and take the win with a score of 25.

Iron Warrior- 5-5-4=14
Full Boar-6-5-5=16
Nitemare- broke
Batman- 7-6-8-=21
Metal Mulisha-7-8-8=23
Black Stallion-8-8-8=23(winner)

The Thompson Boling Arena was buzzing as the Monster Jam drivers pulled to the line for the UTI Racing competition. In the first round of racing Iron Warrior would get a bye run as Nitemare was hard at work repairing his rear end. The next pairing would see Black Stallion defeating Batman. In the final repairing it would be Full Boar defeating Metal Mulisha. In the Semi-finals round Metal Mulisha would defeat Black Stallion and Full Boar defeating Iron Outlaw. The UTI Racing Final saw local favorite Full Boar take the win over Metal Mulisha and the Monster Jam fans loved it.

Iron Outlaw (bye run)
Black Stallion defeats Batman
Full Boar defeats Metal Mulisha

Metal Mulisha defeats Black Stallion
Full Boar defeats Iron Outlaw

Full Boar defeats Metal Mulisha

In the Hardee’s donut competition all the Monster Jam drivers kept the crowd cheering as they spun all kinds of donuts trying to grab the win. The winner would be Metal Mulisha with a score of 26.

Hardee's Donut Competition-

Iron Warrior-3-3-3=9
Black Stallion-4-3-3=10
Full Boar-8-7-7=22
Metal Mulisha-9-9-8= 26

With the fans rocking the Thompson Boling Arena it was time for the Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle Competition. Each monster jam driver had 60 seconds to jump, wheelie, cross thread, and spin donuts trying to take the win. When the scores were totaled up Batman would take the win with a score of 22.

Full Boar-7-6-5=18
Iron Warrior- 5-5-4= 14
Black Stallion-7-7-7=21
Metal Mulisha-8-7-6=21

Thanks to all the Monster Jam fans. We'll see you guys tomorrow.

By Jody Donnelly

Saturday 7pm

Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam packed the Thompson Boling Arena for the final show here in Knoxville with Monster Jam fans had the place rocking. In the Wheelie competition the monster jam drivers had to use their driving skills to try and get the highest score from the judges and a win. As every driver took their one hit they would out do the drivers score before them that is until Black Stallion hit the cars and got completely vertical and almost flipping over. With just burping the engine would keep him from flipping over and walk his truck across the crush cars for the win.

In the UTI Racing competition all the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam drivers wanted to take a win home and it showed by the down to the line finishes. In round one racing Batman would defeat Full Boar, Black Stallion would defeat Nitemare, and Metal Mulisha would defeat Iron Warrior. With the Monster Jam fans cheering on their favorite drivers and Monster Jam trucks the semi finals would see Nitemare (FL) go head to head with Batman with Batman taking the win. The second pairing would see Black Stallion take the win over Metal Mulisha who pushed it so hard he flipped over at the finish line. The UTI Racing Championship race would Black Stallion take the win at the line against Batman with a video replay at the finish line it was so close.

With the Arena Buzzing with energy it was time to see who would take home the donut competition win tonight. The Monster Jam fans spun their flags and pennants cheering on their favorite drivers as they spun the big monster jam trucks to their delight. With the scores added up it would be Metal Mulisha taking the win.

The final competition saw the Monster Jam drivers battling it out in the Service Is Our Best Freestyle competition. With Monster Jam drivers flying off the car stacks, spinning donuts, and cross threading around the track it would come down to Black Stallion getting the highest score and the win as he put the big monster on its side as time ran out on his run.

A big thanks goes out to all the Advanced Auto Monster Jam fans and the city of Knoxville we'll see you at the next stop.

Iron Warrior-5-5-4=14
Full Boar- 6-5-5-=16
Metal Mulisha-6-7-7=20
Black Stallion-6-8-8=24(winner)

Round 1-
Batman defeats Full Boar, Black Stallion defeats Nitemare, Metal Mulisha defeats Iron Warrior

Batman defeats Nitemare (FL)
Black Stallion defeats Metal Mulisha

Black Stallion defeats Batman

Iron Warrior-6-6-5=17
Black Stallion-4-5-5=14
Full Boar-6-6-6-=18
Metal Mulisha-7-8-9=24(winner)

Full Boar-6-6-6=18
Iron Warrior-5-5-5=15
Metal Mulisha-7-6-6=19
Black Stallion-7-7-8=22(winner)

Metal Mulisha-7-6-6=19
Black Stallion-7-7-8=22(winner)

By Jody Donnelly