Hidalgo, TX - State Farm Arena

Monster Jam
State Farm Arena
Hidalgo, TX
January 11-13, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday, 7:30 pm: Grave DiggerSaturday, 7:30pm: Son-Uva-Digger
Sunday,2:00pm: Son Uva Digger
Sunday,7:30pm: McGruf

Friday, 7:30 pm: Grave DiggerSaturday, 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Sunday,2:00pm: Son Uva Digger
Sunday,7:30pm: El Toro Loco

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Carl Van Horn, Son-Uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, El Toro Loco® (Black) driven by Marc McDonald, Fatal Attraction driven by Jeff Murphy, Shock Therapy, Ground Pounder, McGuff driven by Rod Wood and Scooby-Doo™ driven by Nicole Johnson!!


Friday, 7:30 pm

Hey Hidalgo, we have started with some great Advance Auto Parts excitement tonight. We had all the fans early lined up waiting to see world champions, and world class Monster Trucks. We started with some great Monster Jam Wheelie Competition. The State Farm Arena has a concrete floor; therefore it makes it a little more difficult almost for every competition. In wheelies we saw some great coming real close to sky wheelies from Ground Pounder and Grave Digger. However, Grave Digger( Carl Van Horn) came out a little more aggressive and really got that truck pointing up to have a score of 27 points. He was followed by Ground Pounder driven by Mike Dufrene who got 24 points. He kept the leadership for a while. Other scores:
Fatal Attraction 19
Shock Therapy 11
McGruff 18
Scooby Doo 15
Son –Uva-Digger 21
El Toro Loco 23
Grave Digger 27
We continued the night with more of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam with Monster Jam Racing.
Drivers came during pre-show to have the bracket drawing for their places in round one of Monster Jam Racing.
Son –Uva-Digger started off by defeating Ground Pounder.
Fatal Attraction lost against Scooby Doo.
Grave Digger came to have a very close landing on the finish line with El Toro Loco, but after a careful review on replay, Grave Digger won.
Shock Therapy came out faster against McGruff and won the first Round.
Semifinal Round
Son –UVA- Digger lost against Scooby Doo.
Grave Digger won over Shock Therapy.

Final Round
Grave Digger came to a close win against Scooby Doo. A replay was necessary to determine who had landed first on the finish line. Again Grave Digger by short won the Final Round!!

Monster Jam Donut Competition.

We have seen some great donuts tonight. All drivers challenged the floor to have the best of this performance. Tonight Marc McDonald on El Toro Loco really got the truck spinning for several seconds and this got him a winning score of 27 points. Grave Digger followed with 26 also with great donuts, Fatal Attraction was also high with 24 points. Other scores: Ground Pounder with 15; Shock Therapy 5, Jeremy Brady could not get the truck spinning. McGruff 18. Scooby Doo 17.

Monster Jam Freestyle

Again the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam trucks have done a great performance in spite of not having too much room to maneuver. Grave Digger really made great combinations of high air, donuts, wheelies, and hitting the most times the different stacks, that earned him 26points. Son-Uva-Digger scored 24 points, also with a quite good combination. El Toro Loco was another high scorer with 23. Scooby Doo 21. McGruff20.Shock Therapy 14; Fatal Attraction 16, and Ground Pounder 14.

Besides the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam excitement we also had tons of fun with Smallbock, an Elvis impersonator, also we were at the edge of our seats with The Canon Lady and Radical Rob. Street bikes were also present at this event with a great exhibition of Free Style Street Bikes. We still have 2 more shows on Saturday, and two more on Sunday. Make sure to come back or have someone else come to see the greatest motorsport on the planet: Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam!!!



Saturday, 2:00 pm

We have just finished our first show of today’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in Hidalgo, Texas and it has been an afternoon full of excitement and extraordinary performances from all of our Monster Jam drivers. 

Again we started off with Monster Jam wheelie competition. The drivers now are very acquainted with the track and as a result we’re seeing higher scores.  Grave Digger (Carl Van Horn) continues to dominate this contest. He has become an expert in launching at the precise point in front of the crush car, and the wheelie comes out almost perfect, pretty close to sky wheelie which gave Grave Digger a total of 26 points. El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald) also came out also pretty strong and scored 22 points. Scooby Doo was close with 21. Sun-Uva-Digger  19; McGruff 19. Shock Therapy 14; Fatal Attraction 16, and Ground Pounder 19. Grave Digger takes away his first win this afternoon.

Monster Jam Racing

Round One

Scooby Doo took the first win against Son-Uva-Digger although it was a very close call for the officials whom had to see a replay.  Ground Pounder was defeated by El Toro Loco. McGruff won over Fatal Attraction. Grave Digger landed first on the finish line than Shock Therapy.

Semi- Final Round

Scooby Doo won against El Toro Loco, after a very close call. Officials had to see the replay a couple of times before deciding who came first to the finish line. McGruff lost against Grave Digger.

Final Round

A great final UTI final round of racing was between Scooby Doo and Grave Digger. It was very close again, and it just took a couple of inches of distance apart Scooby Doo from Grave Digger. But after a careful review of the replay it was determined that Scooby Doo had won. It has been the very first win for Scooby driven by Nichole Johnson.

Monster Jam Donut Competition.

El Toro Loco with Marc McDonald has repeated the win in donuts this afternoon where he came out to win with 27 points. McDonald just those tires rotating for several seconds on the same spot for an incredible score. Grave Digger came out pretty strong too, however Vanhorn did not maintained for as long those donuts for a score of 26. Son Uva Digger improved his score today for 24. Scooby Doo 20, Fatal Attraction 22, Shock Therapy 9, Jeramy Brady just could not have the truck spinning. Ground Pounder with a lesser score this afternoon with only 15 points.

Monster Jam Free Style.

El Toro Loco repeated another win today in free style with 25 points. McDonald was careful to hit all obstacles and did pretty good air over obstacles. Speed and flow gave him the winning score. Grave Digger came close with 24 as well as Son Uva Digger; Scooby Doo 18 (Nichole Johnson) rolled over after 20 seconds of regulation time. Scooby Doo went on high air and it was after the landing the Johnson lost control after bumping with the front wheels, she got 18 points. Shock Therapy 15. Fatal Attraction 17, Ground Pounder  16.

It has been a great afternoon of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Still to come Saturday night and 2 more shows on Sunday. We’ll keep you up to date.


By Fernando Rubio

Saturday, 7:30pm

We have come to the end of the second show this Saturday in Hidalgo, Texas and again we have to the conclusion of another great day of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. The crowd went just crazy with the incredible performances we have seen tonight.
Monster Jam Wheelie.
For the first time during this weekend it was not Grave Digger winning this contest but this time around it was the turn for El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald) who came out victorious after a great jump over the crush cars. It was a long, nosed up wheelie with a great landing on the back wheels which gave El Toro the first win in this contest. El Toro had been dominating mostly in Monster Jam Donuts but now he’s after other wins, and yes indeed, he accomplished it. El Toro won with 24 points; Grave Digger came close with 23. McGruff had 21 points. Scooby Doo 18, Ground Pounder 13, Fatal Attraction 15, Son Uva Digger 16.
Monster Jam Racing
Round One
Son Uva Digger won over Fatal attraction. This time around Ryan Anderson- Son-Uva-Digger- came out a lot faster at the launching, permitting him to have a longer jump over the crush cars, making this way his winning strategy to go into the semifinal round. McGruff lost against Ground Pounder with a more solid approach on the landing. Scooby Doo defeated El Toro loco. Nicole Johnson (Scooby Doo) has improving dramatically her Monster Jam racing performance, and it is definitely showing. Grave Digger won the first round against Shock Therapy after a very close landing.
Semi Final Round
Son Uva Digger again came out very fast and defeated Ground Pounder with amplitude. While Scooby Doo lost the opportunity to go the final round after losing against Grave Digger. So, for the first time Son Uva Digger has gone to the final round, and in particular against his team mates Carl Van Horn in Grave Digger.
Final Round.
Ryan Anderson (Son-Uva- Digger) basically went with the same strategy, launching strong and long over the crush cars to have a great landing on the finish line. We had to see a replay to make sure that Anderson had landed first on the finish line. The victory has remained within the team from Kill Devil Hills, NC. The trophy goes back and remains in the Anderson’s dungeon.
Monster Jam Donut
We have had El Toro Loco winning in this contest throughout the weekend, but remember that El Toro took away the undefeated status of Grave digger in the wheelie competition. Well, now it looked that it was revenge time for Grave Digger after Vanhorn took away the title in donuts with a 27 score. El Toro was very close to winning that again with 26 points. Son-Uva Digger did good with23 points, Scooby Doo 14; Fatal Attraction initially set the high score at 21. McGruff 17 and Shock Therapy with 12 Points. Ground Pounder could not perform due to a mechanical malfunction.
Monster Jam Free style
We continue to see an increase of speed and by far a greater flow in Monster Jam Free style. Grave Digger came back to conquest another victory in Free Style scoring 27 points. This time around Vanhorn increased not only speed but combinations and the number of hits on the different obstacles. Son Uva Digger came close to be the highest score with 25, also with great speed, but not as much combinations as Grave Digger. El Toro Loco had 24 points. Scooby Doo 19, Mc Gruff 18, Shock Therapy improved his score by better speed and combinations which gave him 21 points. Fatal Attraction 19, Ground Pounder 15.
Tomorrow, we still 2 more shows and without a doubt more exciting recaps to bring you about Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. We’ll keep you up to date.

By Fernando Rubio


Well, we have come to our third day of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competitions in Hidalgo, Texas and again all the Monsters have given the fans a great deal of excitement. The first show of this afternoon has given us great wins.
Monster Jam Wheelies
The Monster Jam wheelie competition still dominated mostly by Carl Vanhorn in Grave Digger. Once again Grave D executed a great wheelie by keeping the lunching pretty tight for the truck’s nose to go up. This gave him 25 points for the victory. El Toro Loco came close to win with 25. Son-Uva-Digger scored 20, Scooby Doo 18, McGruff 21, Shock Therapy 12, Fatal Attraction 17, and Ground Pounder 12.

Monster Jam Racing.
Round One
Grave Digger carefully maintained the balance while launching over the crush cars and landed without a problem on the finish line to defeat Fatal Attraction. Shock therapy came close to a first pass to the semifinal round but Scooby Doo just by a hair came first to the finish line. El Toro Loco defeated McGruff while Son Uva Digger won over Ground Pounder.
Semifinal Round.
Grave Digger came out again real fast and long over the crush cars but so did Scooby Doo for a very close call on the finish line. Officials had to see view the replay twice to determine who had landed first on the finish line, and it was Grave Digger again advancing to the final round of racing. Son Uva Digger defeated with a pretty good margin El Toro Loco.
Final Round.
One more time the final round of Monster Jam racing has come between two team mates. First match happened last night and again today as we had Grave Digger vs. Son Uva Digger. With a full throttle launch Ryan Anderson did go first gaining advantage over Grave Digger who lost the final round by not much. This is the second win in racing for Sun Uva Digger this weekend in Hidalgo.
Monster Jam Freestyle
During drivers’ interview Ryan Anderson in Son Uva Digger affirmed that he would be the winner of Monster Jam Free Style this afternoon. He said it sounding very secure and almost of a premonition of what was about to happen later on. Sure enough, Son Uva Digger came out fast, with great flow and an increased number of combinations which made his promise come through. 26 points gave Son Uva Digger his first win in freestyle. El Toro loco came close with 24, while Grave Digger had 22 points not being able to finish his regulation time due to a mechanical problem. Scooby Doo scored 21, McGruff 20, Shock Therapy 5 also with a mechanical failure leaving about 45 seconds still on the clock. Fatal Attraction 16 and Ground Pounder 15.
We still have one more show for the Hidalgo fans, and we’ll keep you posted with the results and a recap of tonight’s competitions. Until Then!!

By Fernando Rubio


We have come to the very last show of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam; it has been one of the greatest events ever in Hidalgo, TX. One event full of excitement of the greatest sport on the planet. The crowd was just static about the competitions and just looking forward to see the greatest trucks and drivers of Advance Auto Parts.
Monster Jam Wheelie
One of the trucks that had not had any wins this weekend was McGruff. Tonight Rod Wood (McGruff) came out to surprise us all. In Monster Jam Wheelies he went strong on the launch over the crush cars and got a perfect sky wheelie and the landing on the back wheels rolled throughout the remaining of the crush cars. Without a doubt it was one of the best wheelies of this weekend. His performance gave him 27 points. El Toro loco got 20, Scooby Doo with Nicole Johnson with her highest score in this contest at 24 points. Sun Uva Digger with 11, Shock Therapy with 17, Fatal Attraction 17, and Ground Pounder with 13.
Monster Jam Racing.
Round One
Ground pounder advanced for the first time to the semifinal round of racing winning over El Toro Loco. Son Uva Digger defeated Fatal Attraction. Scooby Doo had a byrun due to the fact that Grave Digger could not compete tonight due to mechanical problems. So, Scooby Doo went automatically to the semifinal round. McGruff advanced for the first time to the semifinal round winning over Shock Therapy.
Semifinal Round
Son Uva a Digger won over Ground Pounder, while McGruff defeated Scooby doo, and again for the first time this weekend advanced to the final round of racing.
Sun Uva Digger had won twice this weekend in Monster Jam Racing and he was looking for a third win, but little did he know that McGruff was determined to have one more win at least tonight. Sure enough, although was a close call, Mc Gruff took the victory for two wins in a row.
Monster Jam Donuts
El Toro loco with the exception of one contest, he took all the wins in donuts this weekend in Hidalgo. One more time Marc McDonald showed his great skill in the contest getting 27 points which gave him the victory. Sun Uva Digger got 24, Scooby doo 22, Fatal attraction with one of his best scores in this contest with 23, McGruff 17, Shock Therapy 17, Ground Pounder 15.
Monster Jam Free Style
The Monster Jam Free Style competition has been awesome tonight. We have seen incredible performances. El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald) had already one win in freestyle, and we knew that he had a plan to come and conquer this last contest. And he did!!! With a spectacular run at great speed with a non-stop flow, and multiple hits over the stacks combining them with donuts and high air, El Toro Loco left the Hidalgo crowd in ecstasy. His performance earned him a perfecto score of 30 points! A great win for a highly liked truck here in Hidalgo!! Sun-Uva-Digger came close with 27 points, Scooby Doo 21, McGruff with 23, Shock Therapy 19, Fatal Attraction 17, and Ground Pounder 6 he could not run the regulation time due to mechanical problems.
Hidalgo, thank you so much again for the hospitality and for all the excitement! See you next Year!

By Fernando Rubio