Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

Monster Jam
BOK Center
Tulsa, OK
January 5-6, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 7:30 pm: Son-uva Digger
Sunday 2:00pm: Nitemare
Saturday 7:30pm: Monster Energy
Sunday 2:00pm: Monster Energy
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, El Diablo driven by John Paul, Storm Damage driven by Tim Mente, Hurricane Force, Barbarian driven by Devin Jones, Nitemare driven by Andy Hoffman, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson and El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonlad!!


Saturday 7:30pm

The BOK Center was buzzing with energy for the first Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam weekend of 2013 and a stellar line-up of drivers exceeded the hype to put on a thrilling show for Sooner Nation. The fans were treated to not only two extra trucks this weekend but also the debut of El Diablo driven by JP.

The action started quickly with the Wheelie Competition. Hurricane Force stormed out of the gate and posted a 16. His stable mate went next in Storm Damage and upped that number by three with a 19. JP went vertical in his first ever Wheelie Competition inside El Diablo and lit up the board with a 25. One of the hometown drivers rocketed over the cars in Barbarian and set the new score to beat with a 26. Nitemare scored a 22 and Monster Energy tallied a 17. Son uva Digger was only able to put an 18 on the board which left the other hometown favorite in El Toro Loco, however he was only able to score 22 which gave the Barbarian the win.

Racing was tight in nearly every match up with Hurricane Force squaring off against Monster Energy in the first run, with Monster Energy getting the win and advancing. Next to the line was Wheelie Competition winner Barbarian going head to head with El Toro Loco with the bull coming out on top. The third pairing pitted Nitemare against Son uva Digger and Son of a Digger won comfortably. The final first round race saw Storm Damage narrowly edge El Diablo to move on. The first semi final match featured El Toro Loco and Monster Energy. Monster Energy took the win in a very close race and headed to the finals to face the winner of the other semi final between Storm Damage and Son uva Digger. Storm Damage had too much tire spin off the line and Son uva Digger was able to win by a good margin advance to the finals. In the UTI Monster Jam Racing finals Monster Energy suffered a broken spindle on the right rear going over the car stack and Son uva Digger was able to cruise to victory.

The crowd was treated to a whirlwind of activity coming out of intermission with the Donut Competition with Nitemare setting the early number to beat at 21. No one else was really able to hook up until Monster Energy turned 8 solid revolutions to surge to the lead with a 24. Son uva Digger came up a single digit short with a 23 which left only El Toro Loco with a shot at the win and he came up big spinning 14 times and taking the win with a 28.

Barbarian 26
El Diablo 25
El Toro Loco 22
Nitemare 22
Storm Damage 19
Son uva Digger 18
Monster Energy 17
Hurricane Force 16

Racing round one: Monster Energy def Hurricane Force, El Toro Loco def Barbarian, Son uva Digger def Nitemare, Storm Damage def El Diablo
Racing round two: Monster Energy def El Toro Loco, Son uva Digger def Storm Damage
Finals: Son uva Digger def Monster Energy

Donut Competition
El Toro Loco 28
Monster Energy 24
Son uva Digger 23
Nitemare 21
El Diablo 16
Hurricane Force 14
Storm Damage 11
Barbarian 8

Monster Energy 26
Son uva Digger 25
El Toro Loco 23
Barbarian 22
Nitemare 18
Hurricane Force 16
Storm Damage 12
El Diablo 8

By David Knisley

Sunday 2:00pm

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans filled the BOK Center for the Sunday matinee and were treated to several surprises and a few extra twist and turns when the Superstar Monster Jam drivers took the floor.

In the Wheelie Contest Hurricane Force went big from the pole position putting up a 25. El Diablo rolled out next and in its debut weekend posted a solid 16 followed by Barbarians 17. Behind them no one else was able to mount much of a challenge with Nitemare tallying a 15, Monster Energy and El Toro Loco 14’s. The worst break came for Son uva Digger who threw a lifter rod and was forced out for the remainder of the night.

Racing kicked off with Monster Energy and Hurricane Force squaring off and Monster Energy advanced from the pair. Barbarian and El Toro Loco rolled next and the judges had to go to the video board to determine the winner which ended up giving the nod to Barbarian. Nitemare got a free pass with Son uva Digger out which left El Diablo to match up with Storm Damage. El Diablo got its first racing win and advanced to face Nitemare in the Semi’s. The top half of the bracket featured Monster Energy who knocked off Barbarian to head to the finals and in the lower half Nitemare was able to narrowly defeat El Diablo. In the finals, the underdog Nitemare, took down Monster Energy to claim the UTI Monster Jam Racing win.

We rolled out of intermission into the Monster Jam Donut Competition with El Diablo kicking things off with an 11. Storm Damage turned in a 17 and Nitemare took over the lead behind him with a 19. Monster Energy came out and spent a few extra minutes warming up with and it paid off with a great set of spins netting him a 25. That left only El Toro Loco driven by Marc McDonald and the Oklahoma native pulled out all the stops ripping off 15 revolutions for a perfect 30 and the victory.

Freestyle started with a strong performance from Hurricane Force who put up a 19, he was followed by El Diablo and the truck from “South of the Border” filled the clock to post a 20. Nitemare followed him but was only able to manage a 16. Barbarian went for it next and after the dust settled on his 60 seconds he was in a tie with El Diablo at 20. The tie lasted for exactly one run because Monster Energy came out next and lit it up with a 27. El Toro Loco finished things off with a strong routine but cut a tire near the end of the run and had to settle for 2nd place with a 25.

Monster Jam Wheelies Competition
Hurricane Force 25
El Diablo 16
Barbarian 17
Nitemare 15
Monster Energy 14
Son uva Digger 13
El Toro Loco 14

UTI Monster Jam Racing Round 1: Monster Energy def Hurricane Force, Barbarian def El Toro Loco, Nitemare over scratch Son uva Digger, El Diablo def Storm Damage. Round 2: Monster Energy def Barbarian, Nitemare def El Diablo. Finals: Nitemare def Monster Energy

Monster Jam Donut Competition
El Toro Loco 30
Monster Energy 25
Nitemare 19
Storm Damage 17
El Diablo 11
Barbarian 9

Monster Jam Freestyle
Monster Energy 27
El Toro Loco 25
Barbarian 20
El Diablo 20
Hurricane Force 19
Nitemare 16

By David Knisley