Rochester, NY - Blue Cross Arena

Thunder Nationals
Blue Cross Arena
Rochester, NY
January 4-6, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Northern Nightmare
Sunday 2:00pm: Grave Digger
Friday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Sunday 2:00pm: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Jon Zimmer, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by John Seasock, El Toro Loco® (Yellow) driven by Becky McDonough, After Shock driven by Bob Robbins and Krazy Train driven by Peter Robbins!!


Friday 7:30pm

The 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam season picked up right where it left off in 2012. There was "action galore" tonight with new names in familiar trucks and new names at the top of a few different catagories.

Becky McDonough & the new design of El Toro Loco bested the entire field in the wheelie contest much to the delight of every single woman in attendance tonight both young & old. Quit a few of the boys were forced to sit up and take attention real quick.

Wheelie results:
1) Krazy Train - 4/4/5=13
2) El Toro Loco - 8/8/8=24
3) Aftershock - 7/7/6=20
4) Northern Nightmare - 7/7/7=21
5) Grinder - 8/8/7=23
6) Grave Digger - 4/4/4=12

Monster Jam had different results but very much equal the results. This time it was the newest member of the Grave Digger team Jon Zimmer sweeping his way through the bracket and into the finals claiming the 1st racing win of the weekend.

Racing result: round 1
Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco
Northern Nightmare defeated AfterShock
Grinder defeated Krazy Train

Racing results: round 2
Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco (came back as fast loser from rd 1)
Northern Nightmare defeated Grinder

Racing results: Monster Jam Finals
Grave Digger defeated Northern Nightmare

The Monster Jam Donut Competiton was next on the line-up and it was fairly apparent that John Seasock & Grinder had pretty much enough of sitting on the sidelines watching others claim victory. The 2 time world champion threw down the hammer but by the narrowest of margins and celebrated by doing what he loves best and that's heading into the seats and spending time with the fans.

Donut results:
1) Krazy Train - 5/4/4=13
2) El Toro Loco - 4/2/4=10
3) AfterShock - 6/5/5=16
4) Northern Nightmare - 9/7/8=24
5) Grinder - 9/8/9=26
6) Grave Digger - 9/8/8=25

Monster Jam Freestyle was the last event of the night and no doubt about it, that's what the fans were waiting for. Once again, it was the "newbie" to the Grave Digger camp Jon Zimmer, that took home the final win of the night. Listening to his interviews and watching his interaction with the fans, its easy to see he will quickly become a fan favorite and totally reinforces Dennis Anderson's decision to add Jon to the Grave Digger team. Congratulations to Jon & The Grave Digger team.

Freestyle results:
1) Krazy Train - 5/5/5=15
2) AfterShock - 7/6/6=19
3) El Toro Loco - 7/8/8=23
4) Northern Nightmare - DNF
5) Grinder - 7/7/8=22
6) Grave Digger - 8/8/8=24

By Scott Rehn

Saturday 7:30pm

As we entered into the 2nd event of the weekend the fans & the USHRA staff welcomed our VIPs to the show. The local Advance Auto Parts Rep Bob Eddinger presented Brian Pierce of Pierce Automotive an honorary sponsorship on the tailgate of the Grinder for the tonight's show. Nothing out of the ordinary really, except for one thing. John Seasock made the statement almost right away, "dont expect that decal to last for very long because I expect to scrap that thing off right away in the "Wheelie Contest." I think Seasock's single pass over the cars may have even surprised him as he did EXACTLY what he said he was going to do. Seasock and Grinder flew straight up into the air and peeled the sticker right off and in doing so scored a near perfect 29 and clinching the 1st win of the night.

Wheelie Contest Results:
1) Krazy Train - 7/5/6=18
2) El Toro Loco - 8/8/9=25
3) Aftershock - 4/4/5=13
4) Northern Nightmare - 8/9/9=26
5) Grinder - 10/10/9=29
6) Grave Digger - 8/9/7=24

Monster Jam Racing was next to hit the floor and it was as if the 2012 defending Freestyle World Champion Cam McQueen & Northern Nightmare were possessed as the duo dominated their way through the racing bracket all the way to the finals to only cut a perfect light and beat John Seasock and Grinder.

Racing Results:
1) Grinder defeated Aftershock
2) Grave Digger defeated El Toro Loco
3) Northern Nightmare defeated Krazy Train
Round Two:
1) Grinder defeated El Toro Loco (came back as fast looser from rd 1)
2) Northern Nightmare defeated Grave Digger
1) Northern Nightmare defeated Grinder

The ever growing popular Donut Contest was next. The scores reflected the effort the entire field put into their runs as the scores were all very high tonight. In the end, it was the wiley veteran, John Seasock & Grinder having a PERFECT donut. Not only did they NOT wander a total of 2 feet one way or the other, the pair also did it (27) times!!

Donut Contest:
Krazy Train - 4/3/4=11
El Toro Loco - 7/7/8=22
Aftershock - 5/6/7=18
Northern Nightmare - 8/8/8=24
Grinder - 10/9/9=28
Grave Digger - 10/9/8=27

Now the finale of the night, Monster Jam Freestyle. I have to say that if you are going to make a good first impression when it comes to the boss and a discerning fan base, you had better "lay it down" in Monster Jam Freestyle. Well, that's exactly what Jon Zimmer did tonight as the newest member of Team Grave Digger. The moves were so precise I was thinking it may have been "dumb luck," but it happened over and over again. By the end of his 60 second run it was VERY apparent it WASN'T "dumb luck," but absolute skill. Zimmer & Digger claimed their 2nd freestyle win of the weekend, in "DIGGER STYLE!"

Freestyle Results:
1) Krazy Train - 5/5/5=15
2) Aftershock - 7/7/8=22
3) El Toro Loco - *DNF
4) Northern Nightmare - 7/9/7=23
5) Grinder - 7/7/7=21
6) Grave Digger - 9/9/9=27

By Scott Rehn

Sunday 2:00pm

As we entered into our final day of the 2013 Supercuts Presents The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam weekend here in Rochester, NY, no one would EVER guess the way the event's competition would turn out. Keep in mind, Rochester, NY had (3) world champions in the line-up, there was a "new" driver to the Grave Digger team, a "new" Monster Jam monster truck to the Grave Digger team and it would be that duo that would DOMINATE all four of today's contests. So when a fan adds up all those variables, then the realization sets in that they just witnessed history today. This kind of afternoon doesn't happen very often and sometimes NEVER in a driver's career. A BIG congratulations to Jon Zimmer & his new Grave Digger & crew, they had one heck of a weekend and one very special day today!

Thank you Rochester, we had a BLAST while here. A special thank you goes to everyone @ Dinosaur's BBQ. Great food, FANTASTIC ribs, if you're ever in the area you HAVE TO check it out. We hope to see everyone at the Carrier Dome March 9th when there will be (16) trucks gearing up for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam!

Wheelie Contest Results:
Krazy Train - 5/4/5=14
El Toro Loco - 8/7/4=19
Aftershock - 6/4/6=14
Northern Nightmare - 7/7/8=22
Grinder - 8/7/8=23
Grave Digger - 10/9/8=27

Racing Results:
Grave Digger defeated Krazy Train
Northern Nightmare defeated El Toro Loco
Grinder defeated Aftershock

Grave Digger El Toro Loco(fast looser from 1st round)
Grinder defeated Northern Nightmare

Championship Finals:
Grave Digger defeated Grinder

Donut Contest Results:
Krazy Train - 5/5/4=14
El Toro Loco - 5/6/4=15
Aftershock - 7/6/6=19
Northern Nightmare - 8/8/7=23
Grinder - 8/9/9=26
Grave Digger - 10/9/9=28

Freestyle Results:
Krazy Train - 5/5/6=16
Aftershock - 6/6/7=19
El Toro Loco - 5/6/7=18
Northern Nightmare - 9/9/8=26
Grinder - 8/8/8=24
Grave Digger - 9/10/9=28

By Scott Rehn