Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena

Monster Jam
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN
January 4-5, 2013
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Predator
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Friday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, El Toro Loco® driven by Aaron Basl, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Frank Krmel, Predator driven by Allen Pezo, War Wizard driven by Randy Moore, Iron Man™ driven by Lee O'Donnell and Blue Thunder® driven by Dan Evans!!


Friday 7:30pm

Tonight Nashville kicked off 2013 with an incredible line-up of trucks that included the world wide debut of a monster from the “Afterworld”, a reborn Blue Thunder rebuilt from the ground up, an icon, and two powerful trucks running on the track they call ‘home’. In all, it would be the largest field of trucks to ever compete in Music City.

We began the night with the Monster Jam Wheelie Competition. It was smooth flying for the first seven trucks. Each had three hits to impress the judges, and all were able to complete their run. El Toro took the competition to the next level with huge air, and a score to top all others. Until, that is, Krmel took flight in Grinder to edge his score by a single point. It was the eighth and final truck that turned the competition onto its lid… literally. Pablo brought Digger to the car stack for his first hit, throttle like there was no tomorrow, shot straight into the air and flipped unto his lid before landing on the Tennessee dirt. As dramatic as it truly was, his scores suffered due to falling short by two hits.

Predator 14
War Wizard 13
El Toro Loco 20
Blue Thunder 16
Iron Man 19
Zombie 15
Grave Digger 13

Advance Auto Parts Grinder 21

In tonight’s Monster Jam Racing Competition, it was the combination of pure horsepower and hometown fans that added up to victory. Allen Pezo always runs strong here in Nashville, only ten minutes away from home. With over 1800hp, and a steady hand on the wheel, Predator owned the competition. The final race was close, and could have been competitive, but Lee lost his rear steering on the final turn.

Round 1
Predator def Zombie, War Wizard bye, Iron Man def El Toro Loco, Advance Auto Parts Grinder def Blue Thunder

Semi Finals
Predator def Advance Auto Parts Grinder, Iron Man def War Wizard

UTI Championship Round
Predator def Iron Man

Monster Jam Donut Competition

Predator 15
War Wizard 23
El Toro Loco 19
Blue Thunder 13
Iron Man 19
Zombie 22
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 24

Grave Digger 25

The Quad Wars competition was all even after two rounds, with Team Florida winning the first, and Team Tennessee taking the second. Team Florida prevailed in the final round.

FMX never disappoints – how could it? Sick tricks, huge air… motorcycles flying 50 ft through the air with drivers sometimes completely detached. If you’ve never seen FMX live, you have got to get to the nearest Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.

Advance Auto Parts, Service is our Best Part, Monster Jam Freestyle featured a three truck showdown for the crown. Only one truck had a chance to Double Down, and Pezo nearly made it happen. He did all he could do, and posted a score to lead all others with only two remaining trucks. In the end, it just wasn’t quite enough. Earlier tonight, Frank nearly took the Donut victory until Pablo ripped it out of his hands by a single point. When Krmel moved into the lead, his eyes were directly on the only truck that could steal it away. And sure enough, Digger did it again with an action packed run that filled the regulation :60, the bonus :15, and a even included a bit extra for the fans.

Predator 24
War Wizard 11
El Toro Loco 19
Blue Thunder 22
Iron Man 17
Zombie 18
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 25

Grave Digger 26

By Michael C. Williams

Saturday 7:30pm

A capacity crowd packed the arena tonight for what was one the all-time best shows here in Nashville. Nearly every Monster Jam Fan was yelling and cheering every one of the Monster Jam Trucks from start to finish.

Tonight’s Monster Jam Wheelie Competition was bigger than ever. It appeared that the dirt crew cut the ramps even steeper than last night – at least that was one theory as to why such big air on every run.

Predator 18
War Wizard 16
El Toro Loco 19
Blue Thunder 22
Iron Man 20
Zombie 17
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 21

Grave Digger 23

The Monster Jam Racing Competition tonight was just seconds away from being one truck short. Last night’s champion, Predator, was back in the tunnel with a crew thrashing to repair damage from the Wheelie Competition. At the last second, Pezo came bursting onto the track, and along with Blue Thunder, gave the fans the closest race of the weekend. The photo finish was reviewed by officials three times before a final call gave Dan Evans the Round 1 victory. In the next round, however, Digger took out Blue Thunder, and set up a classic matchup between teammates. Basl has been fast and efficient all weekend in Toro, but couldn’t stop Pablo from picking up his first racing victory of the season.

Round 1
Blue Thunder def Predator, Zombie def Iron Man, El Toro Loco def War Wizard, Grave Digger def Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Semi Finals
Grave Digger def Blue Thunder, El Toro Loco def Zombie

UTI Championship Round
Grave Digger def El Toro Loco

The four top cyclone-spinning trucks were selected tonight for a special Monster Jam Donut Shootout. All were incredible, but it was Digger that stood out, as if he just seemed to lift off the track in a cloud of dust.

Predator 19
El Toro Loco 18
Blue Thunder 14

Grave Digger 22

The Quad Wars competition appeared to be a Team Florida steam rolling, until the winning quad rider in the Finals ripped off the stolen white jersey to reveal the bright orange, and that he was actually a Team Tennessee competitor.

FMX flies high once again, with two riders pulling off the crowd favorite backflip to end the show.

Advance Auto Parts, Service is our Best Part, Monster Jam Freestyle featured the first roll over of the entire weekend. And, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer truck. Moore just finished putting on the brand new body before this weekend. As he crawled out of the overturned truck, the look on his face said it all – he just couldn’t believe the damage. In less than a minute, though, all you could see was a huge smile on Randy’s face as the crowd’s roar reassured him that his home-state fans really appreciated the show. Grinder once again took over the lead late in the competition, snatching it from Predator by a single point. But then came the “Pablo” effect. When the veteran driver smells an opportunity to take the Double Down, it’s nearly impossible to stop it from happening.

Predator 24
War Wizard 14
El Toro Loco 22
Blue Thunder 21
Iron Man 19
Zombie 23
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 25

Grave Digger 26

By Michael C. Williams