San Jose, Costa Rica - Estadio Saprissa

Monster Jam International
Estadio Saprissa
San Jose, Costa Rica
November 30-December 2, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday, 8:00pm: El Toro Loco®Saturday, 2:00pm: El Toro Loco®
Saturday, 7:30pm: Mohawk Warrior®
Sunday,3:00pm: Grave Digger®

Friday, 8:00pm: Max-D℠Saturday, 2:00pm: Grave Digger®
Saturday, 7:30pm: Max-D℠
Sunday,3:00pm: Max-D℠

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, El Toro Loco® drive by Carl Van Horn, Monster Energy driven by Dan Evans, Max-D℠ driven by Kreg Christensen, Iron Man™ driven by Scott Buetow, Mohawk Warrior® driven by George Balhan, Monster Mutt® Rottweiler driven by Taryn Laskey and Captain America ™!!


Friday, 8:00pm

Monster Jam in Costa Rica for the 5th consecutive year has started with a great weekend of competition in capital city San Jose. Tonight, thousands fans roared as much as every engine in Estadio Saprisa. Some of the Monster Jam trucks tonight have been here before but also we had some newcomers such: Captain America, Monster Energy and Monster Mutt Rottweiler. Costa Rican fans were thrilled to see all of their favorite trucks in competition on a difficult track, after one day of heavy rain; you could picture all the mud and sleek conditions of the track. We still had fantastic runs in all contests even though the drivers had a greater challenge.

We started with Monster Jam Wheelies. At that time the track was even muddier since no truck had run at all. The wheelies were difficult but we still got to see great sky wheelies. Monster Energy( Dan Evans) came down to do the most vertical sky wheelie on both hits and judges gave him a score of 17 points. Only close to that score came Max-D ( Kreg Christensen) with a 16. But the absolute winner was Monster Energy with the first victory of this weekend. Other scores:

Monster Mutt Rottweiller…8
Mohawk Warrior… 11
Iron Man……9
Capt America….13
Grave Digger… Did not run due to mechanical problems.
El Toro Loco…. 10

Monster Jam Racing

The mud makes difficult for any competition, but this was no obstacle to watch three great rounds of Monster Jam Racing. The drivers had a drawing to determine their bracket positions in round one of racing.

Round One
Ironman Vs Capt America… Captain America was able to have greater control, especially at the corners, which made him not to lose any seconds while going to the last hit. Jon Zimmer ( Capt America) wins and goes to the semifinal round. El Toro loco wins over Monster Energy. Mohawk Warrior lost against Maximum Destruction even though he got first to the finish line, but did not ran exactly over the ramps as the rule indicates, therefore the win went for Max D that complied with the book. Monster Mutt Rottweiler lost against Grave Digger.

Semi Final Round
Captain America vs El Toro Loco. Carl Vanhorn (El Toro Loco) was able to come back and kept the truck in control without slipping at the corners which kept a great advantage to drive him to the final round. Grave Digger won over Max-D who lost control in the last lap and couldn’t make it to the last hit.

Final Round
El Toro Loco again went crazy again flooring the speed and gaining all the advantage against Grave Digger. One great run for El Toro who came to a close win. Vanhorn was excited to offer the first win of this weekend in Costa Rica.

Monster Jam Freestyle
Monster Mutt Rottweiler….13
Mohawk Warrior…..20
Ironman… 18
Capt.America…. 21
Monster Energy…...22
Max D…. 25
Grave Digger …24
El Toro Loco …23

Monster Jam Freestyle was absolutely great!! By the time we had the Monster Jam Freestyle the track was a lot better, and the drivers were able to utilize their 90 seconds of freestyle at its max. There were high scores but only one Monster Truck was able to get the most points. Max D driven by Kreg Christensen got 25 points. He went overboard jumping high air, great combinations, and to top it all,15 seconds before his regulation time expired, it rolled over after high air, and a rough landing the right front wheel. It was just fantastic!! The crowd really got into that roll over, and celebrated with Max D the first Monster Jam Freestyle victory of this weekend in Costa Rica!

Quad Wars..

Team Costa Rica defeated Team USA with the 3 heats in a row. Capt Leo with Costa Rica used the mud in their advantage keeping more control, and very nice speed. Capt Nick with USA was complaining about the mud, but Costa Rican Capt said it was only an excuse for their poor performance. It is getting bigger and better the Quad War competition!!

Tomorrow, one more day of competitions. We’ll keep you posted.

By Fernando Rubio

Saturday, 2:00pm

Monster Jam in Costa Rica is just getting bigger and hotter in every show! This afternoon the Costa Ricans enjoyed one great show full of spectacular performances by all the Monster Jam Drivers and Quad War riders.

The conditions of the track were optimum, after one night of abundant mud. But for the afternoon show nature in San Jose was in our favor, it was partly cloudy with no rain. As a type this story right after the afternoon shows it has started to rain again!! Let’s see how the track for the evening show is tonight.

Getting back to competition, the first one of the afternoon was Monster Jam Wheelies. Now with a dryer track, all the Monster Jam Trucks were able to make a better performance, therefore we were able to watch some great scores. Monster Mutt Rottweiler (Taryn Lasky) started with a high score after two great hits, one of them a sky wheelie, which gave her 22 points. Mohawk Warrior went a little long on the both jumps and got 18. Iron Man with one sky wheelie, and a great back wheel landing gave him 21. Captain America went a little long on jump and got 19. Monster Energy scored 20 with one good wheelie and a great second launch that gave him a little of high air. Max D had two good hits while almost achieving skywheelies on both hits, he scored 22. Grave Digger was very solid on both hits, nice slap wheelies after landing achieving on sky wheelie for a score of 24. El Toro Loco went really crazy in Monster Jam wheelie with one perfect sky wheelie and on the second hit Carl Vanhorn was very close to imitate his first hit, the landing on back wheels was terrific while hitting the rear bumper it won him a score of 27 points and the winner spot in Monster Jam Wheelie competition.

Monster Jam Racing

The Monster Jam drivers drew one more time their bracket positions for round one of racing. Monster Energy lost against Ironman. Monster Mutt Rottweiler was defeated by Mohawk Warrior. El Toro Loco won against Max D. Grave Digger took the first round after winning against Capt. America.

Semifinal Round
Iron Man ran against Mohawk Warrior. Mohawk came stronger towards the last corner while Iron Man hit one crush car making him lose at least a couple of seconds. El Toro Loco advanced strongly after winning against Grave Digger.

Final Round
Mohawk Warrior vs. El Toro Loco… El Toro Loco (Carl Vanhorn) had already won Friday night during the first night of competition, and we were just wondering if he was going to be able to repeat a win in this contest, and sure enough he did!! El Toro won again after defeating Mohawk Warrior. It was a close race, but Mohawk with a little problem while hitting obstacles which made fall short while going to last hit. El Toro won his second Monster Jam Racing contest.

Monster Jam Freestyle

The Monster Jam Free style was just fantastic! With a dry track we were able to see great performances. This time around the judges decided to give bonus time to every deserving driver. Monster Mutt Rottweiler set the scores at 15, after she jumped high air and landing on the dirt ramp, this caused a rollover and was not able to continue, this happened just after 20 seconds of the starting of her performance. Mohawk Warrior came strong on high air, donuts and a few wheelies to get 21 points in regulation time plus 2 points in bonus for a total of 23. Iron Man was all high air all the time hitting repeatedly on high stacks for some great air, getting 23 in regulation time plus 2 in bonus for a total of 25. Captain America ran for some donuts and high air, but he was not as fast and stopped during the beginning of the bonus time for a 22. Monster Energy came out really strong and make of high air his way of attracting the judges.. Evans saved a couple of rollovers and got 26 points in regulation time, did not continue through bonus time due to mechanical problem. Max D fell short of his aspirations to repeat a win in freestyle after landing over high air and breaking a back wheel axle and disabled to continue his performance with 30 seconds left in regulation time. Grave Digger came strong to do super high air and repeated hits over the high stacks as well as donuts. He saved roll over at least in a couple of times. Chad Tingler got 27 points in regulation time plus 2 bonus points for 29 points total. El Toro Loco came out fast and hitting high stacks after another. Saved rollover in a couple of times and continued through the beginning of bonus time with a flat tire. He could not continue on bonus time and he got 24 points in regulation time. The winner of Monster Jam Freestyle was Grave Digger!!!

We have one more show tonight with much more excitement still to come. We’ll keep you up to date!

By Fernando Rubio

Saturday, 7:30pm

Monster Jam is at its best in Costa Rica. It has been the second show today and it just keeps getting more exciting every time!! All the competitions kept the Costa Ricans at the edge of their seats as all the Monster Jam drivers came to amaze with their great skills from the best drivers in the sport.

We started with Monster Jam Wheelies in which contest we started to see pretty high scores since the very first performance. Among the highest scorers Max-D with 23 points performed a couple of great hits that gave some pretty good air to bring the score to 23 points. Immediately followed by Grave Digger (Chad Tingler), who went straight to the ramp and launched into an almost perfect Sky Wheelie. Followed by a great landing on the back wheels. Both hits were great and gave him a score of 24 points. It was the first wheelie competition won by Grave Digger this weekend in Costa Rica. Other great scores:
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 17; Mohawk Warrior 16; Iron Man 21; Capt America 18; Monster Energy 20; Max D 23; Grave Digger 24; El Toro Loco 18.

Monster Jam Racing

Round One
Monster Energy lost against Grave Digger.
Monster Mutt Rottweiler is defeated by Max-D.
Mohawk Warrior advances to the semi final round after winning against Iron Man.
El Toro Loco beats Captain America and goes to the semi final round one more time.

Grave Digger wins over Max-D
Mohawk Warrior defeats El Toro Loco.

Final Round
This final round of racing between Grave Digger and Mohawk Warrior became a bit controversial since the first truck to get to the finish line was Grave Digger, but the judges gave the win to Mohawk Warrior after giving a 5 second penalization to Grave Digger who did not came correctly into the last ramp. That way Mohawk got his win. George Balhan (Mohawk Warrior) said that he would have liked to win other way, but still a victory with great dedication to all the fans!

Monster Jam Freestyle
Monster Jam Freestyle was just GREAT!! Beyond anyone’s expectations. Our Monster Jam drivers just wanted to indulge the Costa Rican fans and they all went Big. Regulation time was 90 seconds, plus 30 seconds bonus time. We started with Monster Mutt Rottweiler (Taryn Lasky) who did not take advantage of bonus time and kept 18 points. Mohawk Warrior scored 20 points coming short to complete his performance after rolling over after a high jump. Balhan tried to save the roll but could control it enough to keep the Mohawk on its four wheels. Iron Man came strong again doing high air. Scott Beutow again tried to go bigger on his jumps but after a few of them the landing got rougher and after a high air he rolled over finishing still with a few seconds of regulation time with a score of 23. Captain America ( Jon Zimmer) improved magnificently on his performance hitting every obstacle several times, and doing pretty good air as well as some donuts. He got 24 points in regulation time plus 2 bonus points for a total of 26. Monster Energy driven tonight by Nick Grundley came short to complete his regulation time after losing control in one corner and rolled to the side. Grave Digger started with great high air but after one of them the landing was pretty rough and Chad Tingler could not continue. The few seconds of freestyle gave Grave Digger a total of 15 points. El Toro Loco came strong on air, but Carl Vanhorn lacked a little more flow and speed to get to all the stacks hitting them several times. He got in regulation time 22 plus 2 bonus points for 24. And last but least, it’s the winner of tonight’s competition and with two wins this weekend in Monster Jam Freestyle… Max-D.!!! Kreg Christensen had a one out of this world performance; keeping high speed all throughout regulation and bonus time. Super high air, and saved rollovers in at least 4 occasions. Max-D got 27 points in regulation time plus 3 points as bonus for a total score of 30 points!!! Christensen was just great and Costa Rican fans were just giving him a standing ovation!!!
Still tomorrow with one more show in San Jose, Costa Rica!! We’ll keep you up to date!!

By Fernando Rubio


It has been the last day of Monster Jam in Costa Rica, and all the fans got what they came for, and that is Thrills, Amusement and excitement!! Sunday afternoon was marked with one of the greatest performances ever in Estadio Saprisa. Destruction, roll overs, and great victories for World champions.

Estadio Saprisa was packed with excited fans that came not only from San Jose but from different other parts of the country. All competitions were spectacular including the Quad Wars between Team USA and Team Costa Rica.

We started with Monster Jam Wheelies again with great jumps over the ramps. Monster Mutt Rottweiler started off with a couple of a bit long jumps and which gave to Taryn Lasky a total of 17. Mohawk Warrior couldn’t get a better run and stayed with 16. Iron Man hit the ramps a couple of times with good wheelies and great landing on the back wheels for a 22. Captain America was better this time around with a score of 21. Monster Energy went low on the first hit and with a better wheelie on the second one for a 19. Max-D pretty close to aligning the truck for a sky wheelie on the first hit got 24. Grave Digger was fantastic on the launching of both hits just landed a little off the first time for a 23. El Toro Loco (Carl Vanhorn) came pretty close to sky wheelies on both hits and great landing one on the back wheels and the second one almost on the rear bumper this gave him a total of 25 points and the second win in Monster Jam Wheelie competition.

Monster Jam Racing

The drivers came out again for the drawing of their bracket positions in round one of Monster Jam Racing. El Toro Loco won over Monster Mutt Rottweiler (Taryn Lasky) who again struggled a bit in one of the corners making her lose momentum. Captain America wins for the first time against Max-D. The finish was so close that the judges asked to have a replay but just by centimeters Jon Zimmer in Captain America crossed first the finish line. Mohawk Warrior advanced again to the semifinals by defeating Iron Man, again those too came to the finish line very close. Monster Energy lost against Grave Digger. Nick Grundley lost control after passing one of the corners and hit one of the crush cars making lose all the momentum.

El Toro Loco defeats Capt America with great advantage on the finish line. Vanhorn kept El Toro Loco pretty inside with no skids and with a great landing on the finish line. Grave Digger was just superior in speed against Mohawk Warrior (George Balhan) who also lost speed after hitting a crush car after passing one of the corners.

Championship round
Two world champions in a great face off. El Toro Loco vs. Grave Digger. Both launched at a great speed but Chad Tingler in Grave Digger kept speed and still kept the truck from going wide at the corners and got to the finish line with great advantage. Grave Digger had his first win in Monster Jam Racing this weekend in Costa Rica.

Monster Jam Freestyle

This is the last day of Monster Jam freestyle and everything is set for destruction on the track. Monster Mutt Rottweiler set the first score at 18 points plus two bonus points for a total of 20. Taryn Lasky improved so much on her performance by hitting the stacks more times, and doing some more air.

Mohawk Warrior made some great donuts and good hits but lacked velocity this time. Balhan said that his driving that truck for the first time and still was getting used to. He got 19 in regulation time plus 2 points in bonus for a total of 21. Iron Man ( Scott Beutow) again was great in high air. Kept momentum with great combinations of hits from stack to stack, made a couple of doubles. Ironman got in regulation time 23 points plus 2 in bonus for 25. Captain America (Jon Zimmer) came out stronger than ever. He utilized the whole track for high air and good number of hits. He also performed for a few donuts on both ends of the track. He got 24 points in regulation time plus 3 of bonus for 27. Monster Energy (Nick Grundley) started pretty good but still with 40 seconds in regulation time got stuck in one of the crush car obstacles, and could not continue running, his score was 15. Max-D (Kreg Christensen) came out super fast and kept the speed all throughout his regulation time and bonus time. Incredible super high air and great roll over savings in several times. He got 26 in regulation time plus 4 in bonus time for a total of 30. Grave Digger went crazy over speed and high air making some great combinations over the stacks. Already in regulation time Grave Digger rolled over after landing from a cross jump over the high stack and that’s where his performance ended. Regulation time score was 27 plus 2 bonus points for 29. El Toro Loco with Carl Vanhorn came out with great speed and with incredible hits over the stacks. High air over the ramps and jumps from stack to stack until he rolled over after a high jump already in bonus time. He scored in regulation time 26 plus 2 in bonus time for 28. And the winner was again for the third time Max-D (Kreg Christensen) that said that he had the instruction of Tom Meents to come and destroy the truck and take it back in a box, or not come back at all and that’s what Christensen did. He just went mad in freestyle and won for the third time this weekend in Costa Rica!!

In Quad Wars Team USA could not win today either against the Costa Rican team whose Captain Leopoldo Diez was crowned champion of Quad Wars in Costa Rica a couple of times. The last day of Quad War Racing was incredible. The rivalry grew and when Team USA with Capt. Jason and right in the last lap he decided to cut off the track by skipping the shoe cane and went directly to the finish line. Capt Leopoldo protested and asked for a rematch one on one,Capt vs Capt to let see which was the better team. Costa Rican captain won after 3 laps and maintained his undefeated status. The local crowd chanted their team for a great win!

This has been the last day of competition in Costa Rica and it has been great one more time for the 5th consecutive year. Gracias Costa Rica…. Pura Vida and until next year!

By Fernando Rubio