Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

Monster Jam
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA
November 9-10, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday night: Son-uva Digger
Saturday Night 7:30pm: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Friday night: Grave Digger
Saturday Night 7:30pm: Son-uva Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Frank Krmel, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims and Gunslinger driven by Scott Hartsock


Friday night

Friday 7:30 p.m. - A full card of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action met the huge throng that poured into the Hampton Coliseum on this night. In the past this had been a show dominated by Grave Digger but tonight some others stepped up in a big way.

The first action of the night was the wheelie competition. Gunslinger set the bar with a score of 14 followed by Son-uva Digger topping him at 20. Ryan Anderson's score held on through 2 more trucks…Advance Auto Parts Grinder with an 18 and Monster Mutt ringing the bell at 19. Grave Digger then emerged the new leader popping off a 24. Steve Sims driving Stone Crusher then came out and absolutely had the sky wheelie of the entire night at the right time. By the time he landed he had the win with a 26 and a broken stabilizer bar to repair. The home-town truck brought the hardware home!

Gunslinger- 14
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 18
Monster Mutt- 19
Son-uva Digger- 20
Grave Digger- 24
Stone Crusher- 26

Racing was up next with Wheelie Champion Stone Crusher (now repaired) facing the Advance Auto Parts Grinder in round 1. Grinder squeaked out the win with the next match-up being Monster Mutt vs. Son-uva Digger and Ryan Anderson was able to pull out the victory. The final race in the first round was Grave Digger taking on Gunslinger. A very proud Scott Hartsock said later “you don’t beat Grave Digger everyday, that was cool”. The 20 year veteran was on to the semi-final round. Gary Porter and Grave Digger however, did come back as the fast loser. That put Grave Digger up against Grinder to see who would go to the UTI Championship Round along with Son-uva Digger vs Gunslinger. Again Frank Krmel was able to move on while defeating Grave Digger as Son-uva Digger made Gunslinger “shoot a blank” and was eliminated. The UTI Championship race would come down to Ryan Anderson trying to defend his racing win from 1 year ago and Frank Krmel in Grinder. By a narrow margin Son-uva Digger grabbed the UTI Championship for the evening and set himself up to be the only driver that had a chance at the coveted Double Down.

Round 1
Grinder def Stone Crusher
Son-uva Digger def Monster Mutt
Gunslinger def Grave Digger

Semi-Final Round
Grinder def Grave Digger
Son-uva Digger def Gunslinger

UTI Championship
Son-uva Digger def Grinder

Finally it came down to Advance Auto Parts Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle. Monster Mutt came out of the gate with a 17 followed by Gunslinger’s 15. The rest of the scores were all above 20 as the competition really ramped up. Stone Crusher with 3 huge saves was scored with a 23, that score held through Grinder’s 22 and Son-uva Digger’s 21. Finally it was time for Grave Digger. Gary Porter had a lot to get done with the amazing freestyle that Steve Sims had put up! With some great cross threads and huge air Grave Digger was able to pull off the freestyle win by 1 point with a 24.

Gunslinger- 15
Monster Mutt- 17
Son-uva Digger- 21
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 22
Stone Crusher- 23
Grave Digger- 24

By Todd Morey

Saturday Night 7:30pm

After a show last night that left fans thrilled, Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam rolled back into the Colesium in Hampton VA for event number 2 of the weekend! The evening’s event started with the Wheelie Competition and if Steve Sims had it his way, history would repeat itself. Gunslinger hit the track first to start the night out with a 16 followed by Son-uva Digger with a respectable 21. Frank Krmel then took to the track and topped them all scoring a 24. Grinder's score held at the top of the leader board through Monster Mutt's 18 and Grave Digger's 19. Last up was Steve Sims and Stone Crusher who continues to impress the crowd's with his wheelie abilities. Stone Crusher ripped off a huge sky wheelie to win the competition with a 25!

Wheelie Results

Stone Crusher- 25
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 24
Son-uva Digger- 21
Grave Digger- 20
Monster Mutt- 18
Gun Slinger- 16

Racing was up next with winning the UTI Championship round being the goal. Round 1 saw Stone Crusher falling to Gunslinger, Son-uva Digger besting Monster Mutt and Grinder defeating Grave Digger. On to the semi-finals with a returning Stone Crusher (fast loser) falling again, this time to Grinder. A rematch from last night found Scott Hartsock and Gunslinger vs Son-uva Digger in an extremely tight race. It was very close and in a later interview Scott said "I don't know what happened out there, I looked over and I thought I had that win! I thought for sure I beat Ryan but I guess not. I'm just frustrated, but that's racing." At that point it was last night’s UTI racing champ Son-uva Digger vs Grinder and "The People's Truck" ended up on top of the heap, taking home the UTI Championship in Racing. In a post race interview Frank said "It's just an honor to drive this truck, I've driven 28 different Monster Jam trucks and to be partnered up with a team like this is a dream come true!"

Racing Results

Round 1
Gunslinger def Stone Crusher
Son-uva Digger def Monster Mutt
Advance Auto Parts Grinder def Grave Digger

Semi-Final Round
Son-uva Digger def Gunslinger
Grinder def Stone Crusher (fast loser)

UTI Championship
Advance Auto Parts Grinder def Son-uva Digger

Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle

With Frank Krmel the only driver at this point able to Double Down, the stage was set for a high flying freestyle round. While talking to some of the drivers they knew it would "get big" tonight in Hampton...and they didn't disappoint! Monster Mutt hit the floor first and set the bar with a 19. Gunslinger came out next but wasn't able to top the dog as he could only muster a 17 with what we found out later his Monster Jam truck had some bad batteries that took him out of contention. Stone Crusher was up next and thrilled the crowd with a crazy run, topping the charts at a 25. Krmel couldn't reach his Double Down goal as he put up a close 21. Ryan Anderson was 5th to go out and absolutely had a run that was all about throttle rhythm and hitting obstacles at angles that no one else had. Son-uva Digger scored a 26 as the crowd readied itself for Grave Digger. Gary Porter threw all he could at the young Anderson, even rolling it over at the end but it wasn't to be, as Grave Digger pulled up 1 point short. In the victory interview with Ryan, Gary came up and said "I've been chasing your Dad for years and now I've gotta chase you, good job Ryan!" The crowd went wild as each driver went into the stands to give away autographed souvenirs. A great weekend in Hampton ended on a crescendo with one veteran driver and one relatively new phenom sharing the spotlight!

Freestyle Results
Son-uva Digger- 26
Grave Digger- 25
Stone Crusher- 25
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 21
Monster Mutt- 19
Gunslinger- 17

By Todd Morey