Monterrey, Mexico - Arena Monterrey

Monster Jam International
Arena Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico
October 5-7, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday, 7:30pm: Captain America
Saturday,2:00pm: Wolverine
Saturday,7:30pm: Wolverine
Sunday; 5:30pm: Monster Energy

Friday, 7:30pm: Lucas Oil Crusader
Saturday,2:00pm: Grave Digger
Saturday,7:30pm: Lucas Oil Crusader
Sunday; 5:30pm: El Toro Loco

Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Madusa, El Toro Loco® driven by Lupe Soza, Monster Mutt℠ driven by Candice Jolly, Iron Man driven by Scott Buetow, Captain America driven by Carl Van Horn, Wolverine driven by Frank Krmel, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw and Spider-Man driven by Dustin Brown!


Friday, 7:30pm

Friday night has set one fantastic weekend in Monterrey, Mexico, as part of our Monster Jam Tour in Mexico. The excitement was great on behalf of the fans,and it could not get any better!

The fans got ready to see the greatest sport on the planet, as we started with some high scores in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Wheelies®. Lucas Oil Crusader was the first one to set the highest score at 22, followed with 21 points of Wolverine. El Toro Loco scored high with 18, Captain America 17. Grave Digger hit a couple of sky wheelies and came to a tie with Lucas Oil with 22 points. Silent judge broke the tie, giving the win to Grave Digger.
Monster Jam Racing
Round One
Lucas Oil Crusader vs Madusa. In this round Lucas Oil Crusader got in trouble after the first hit. It got stuck right in one of the extremes of the track after hitting an obstacle, giving an easy win to Madusa for entrance into the semifinal round. Captain America had excellent control round one after Grave Digger lost valuable seconds due to hitting one obstacle after coming around one corner.El Toro Loco was superior in speed and defeated Monster Mutt. Wolverine advanced to the semifinal round after beating Monster Energy.
Semi Final Round.
Madusa had a bit of mechanical problems, so Lucas Oil Crusader was brought back to compete in semifinal round against Captain America. Captain America defeated Lucas Oil Crusader and advanced to the final round. Wolverine came out to control all corners and that resulted in controlling the semifinal round against El Toro Loco.
Two super heroes were the last two left in the final round of racing. The support was divided between Captain America and Wolverine. Captain America dominated the track, keeping corners in control and full throttle throughout, resulting in a great win for Carl Van Horn in Captain America.
Monster Jam Donuts
A selected group of competitors were chosen for this contest. Everyone had in mind the undefeated streak of wins of Captain America in Mexico City. Everybody wonders if he’s going to be able to repeat another win, now in Monterrey. Captain America did it again with 29 points. Once more nailed those donuts in one single spot. El Toro Loco followed in the scores with 27 points. Lucas Oil Crusader 20; Grave Digger 21; Monster Energy 16;Madusa 4;Spiderman 18; Ironman 15.
Monster Jam FreeStyle
Spiderman 19
Madusa 15
Ironman 19
Monster mutt 18
Captain America 21
Monster Energy 22
Lucas Oil Crusader 24
Grave Digger 18
El Toro Loco 23.
Lucas Oil Crusader came to set a very high score after having to compete against some other high scores. Flow, high air,and great combinations gave Linsey Weenk (Lucas Oil Crusader) his first win in Monterrey and his second in our tour through Mexico. Weenk was happy and thankful with the Monterrey fans. Grave Digger was keeping a great flow but a mechanical failure made him leave the field when he still had 23 seconds in his performance. El Toro Loco was very close to make a tie, but lacked a bit of speed and more hits over the obstacles to get a bigger number.
In Quad Wars, Mexico’s Team is keeping the winning streak after defeating the USA Team. The rivalry continues in Monterrey and Captain Nick from the USA team threatens to win against Mexico no matter what. We’ll see tomorrow what he is up to.
The High Fall of Steve Diorenzo was great one more time. Fans were amazed with one of the more spectacular stunts in Monster Jam. Diorenzo jumped from an altitude of 35 meters, descending at 90 kilometers per hour, and set on fire. The landing was successful!
Tomorrow two competitions in Monterrey. We’ll keep you up to date.

By Fernando Rubio


It is the second day of competition here in Monterrey and it has been one great afternoon of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competition. The Monster Jam trucks all came in aggressive and we saw pretty high scores all across the competitions.
Monster Jam Wheelies.
Today we have seen the scores go up in wheelie competition. Madusa came out strong, and after a few rough rounds of competition, she came out victorious in wheelies with 23 points. Ironman had tied the score, but a fourth judge broke the tie and gave the win to two time world champion. Spiderman 21; Monster Mutt 22; Monster Energy 21; Captain America 16; Wolverine 18; Lucas Oil Crusader 20; El Toro Loco 18; Grave Digger 22.
Monster Jam Racing.
Round One.
Lucas Oil Crusader advanced to the semi final round of racing after defeating Madusa. Grave Digger faced major problems after hitting one the corner obstacles, losing great speed and Captain America took advantage with a great close for semifinals. Monster Mutt advanced to the semifinal for the first time after beating El Toro Loco. Monster Energy fell against Wolverine.
Semifinal Round.
Captain America came around that track like lighting bolt, while Lucas Oil Crusader had problems after hitting obstacles toward his second hit. Monster Mutt could not match the great air and speed of Wolverine and lost its semifinal round.
Captain America and Wplverine were ready to defy speed and the difficult dimensions of the track. Wolverine launched strong and kept all corners under control, while Captain America did lose a little bit of advantage while struggling with obstacles. Wolverine crosses the finish line first, crushing Captain America to take the win.
Monster Jam donuts
Captain America has been the hero of this competition since we started our Mexico Tour. Today, Captain America won the donuts competition for the sixth time, twice already in Monterrey!!
Captain America got 27 points while Ironnman scored 20; Monster Energy 15; El Toro Loco 6 points due to problems launching his donuts.
Monster Jam Free Style
The competition has become rougher in all edges, and can see that in all scores, mostly in the 20’s.
Spiderman 20
Madusa 21
Ironman 20
Monster 9 - mechanical issues
Wolverine 22
Captain America 22
Monster Energy 23
Lucas Oil Crusader 24
GraveDigger 25
El Toro Loco 23
Grave Digger wins his first Free Style contest in Monterrey by getting the greatest air and faster combinations all across! Great afternoon of Monster Jam and there will be more for tonight!

By Fernando Rubio


Viva Monterrey! This phrase was heard after every competition - it was the phrase that all drivers were saying as a gesture of gratitude for the Mexican fans in Monterrey. Needless to say that the excitement was at the peak of every competition. The competitions became more aggressive on the track each round. Monster Jam Wheelies started off with great scores all across. Madusa got 15 points; Superman 19; Ironman 24; Monster Mutt 21; Monster Energy 24; Captain America 21; Wolverine 26; El Toro Loco 24; Grave Digger and Lucas Oil Crusader with 27 points. Lucas Oil Crusader had a great performance, with a couple of spectacular Sky Wheelies and a great landing on the back wheels, securing the Wheelies competition win!
Monster Jam Racing
Round One
Lucas Oil Crusader got its way in round one and again won over Madusa. Grave Digger advanced to semifinal after it defeated Captain America. El Toro Loco survived round one after beating Monster Mutt who had problems at the second corner. Monster Mutt was unable to continue, advancing El Toro Loco to the semifinals. Monster Energy lost against Wolverine.
Semi Final
Trapped by obstacles in one of the corners, Grave Digger handed the semifinal round win to Lucas Oil Crusader, advancing Lucas Oil Crusader to the finals. Wolverine was faster than El Toro Loco and landed his opportunity for the second time today in finals of racing.
Lucas Oil Crusader vs Wolverine ; They are a pair that have repeated finals here during this weekend. Both know the taste of victory, and one of them has repeated the win in one day, Wolverine! Frank Krmel thanked the new fans in Mexico, and especially his crew who have had that truck ready to demolish the track!
Monster Jam Donuts.
Captain America’s total dominance! Captain America rules the donut competition! Captain America continues to be an undefeated champion in Monterrey with his third straight win in the specialty! 30 Points is a perfect score and Carl Van Horn has earned those points with amazing spins at great speed and with the most revolutions here tonight. El Toro Loco scored 22, Monster Energy 6, Ironman 16.
Monster Jam Free Style
Again all drivers are eager to give the best performance to their fans in Monterrey, and they were unstoppable. Spiderman set the first score with 19 points, keeping great flow with spectacular combinations. Madusa at 18 points made some fantastic wheelies and got some high air. Ironman with 22 kept improving his points and again came with donuts, wheelies and super high air. Monster Mutt came improving her own previous scores now at 23 and for a good while maintained the score to beat. Wolverine 20; Captain America had started with great flow but unfortunately flipped upside down and was unable to finish resulting in 15 points. Monster Energy 23; Lucas Oil Crusader came out strong, fast, great flow, fantastic air, and a reverse wheelie that left the fans at awe,scored 26 points. Grave Digger after jumping over one ramp landed hard and resulted in a broken part was unable to complete his performance, leaving the track with 12 points. El Toro Loco came out to great wheelies and great air for a score of 23 points. The winner was Lucas Oil Crusader. Weenk dedicated his win to the fans, his great sponsor, and overall to his crew who have kept that truck running fantastically! Weenk gave his trophy to his crew as a symbol of gratitude!
Still one day of excitement tomorrow!! We’ll keep you posted!

By Fernando Rubio

Sunday; 5:30pm

It was the last day of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in Monterrey and it was one of the loudest and most exciting. All competitors came out to leave their hearts in this great Mexican city. The fans were into every competition at 100%, spurring the drivers to compete at their absolute best.
We start with Monster jam Wheelies. Madusa has a few mechanical problems, coming out on the ramps for a 5. Spiderman executed one of his best performances in wheelies and set the score to beat at 23. Ironman scored a 25 with gigantic sky wheelies; Monster Mutt 21. Captain America 23,Wolverine 27, Monster Energy 26, Lucas Oil Crusader 25; Wolvernine 27; El Toro Loco 20; Grave Digger 28 scoring another win in Monterrey this weekend.
Monster Jam Racing
Round One
Lucas Oil Crusader vs Madusa. Lucas Oil Crusader slipped in one of the corners early in his round, giving Madusa the lead for her first advancement to the semifinal round. Grave Digger vs Captain America. Captain America came out strong and took advantage of Grave Digger having problems with one the crush cars. El Toro Loco was not able to win against Monster Mutt, and Monster Energy defeated Wolverine in a very close finish.
Madusa lost against Captain America due to a slippery corner on the track. Monster Energy defeated Monster Mutt in a difficult semi final.
Captain America came out strong, but loses control after hitting a corner and flipping onto its side, handing Monster Energy its first win. Monster Energy finishes the contest with zero complications. Damon Bradshaw said it is less exciting to win like this, but ultimately it is all for the fans, including the roll over.
Monster Jam Donuts
Captain America wins yet again in Monterrey, making this his 4th donuts competition victory and the undefeated champion with 8 wins in total in Mexico’s Tour. Captain America got a perfect score of 30,coming close El Toro Loco with 26 points. Ironman with 20 and Monster Energy with 21.
Monster Jam Free Style
The last contest of free style was great! Captain Americaflipped again after performing high air and having a rough landing on the table top’s corner,scoring 19 points. Spiderman 12;Madusa 18;Ironman complicates the score with 22; Monster Mutt 21; Wolverine 24; Monster Energy 25; Lucas Oil Crusader 24 and closed again with a reverse wheelie. Grave Digger came out with high air and great combinations for 26 points. El Toro Loco tears down the table top with super high air and wheelies. Great flow and speed which gave him the winning score of 27 points. After the very last jump over the tabletop, Lupe Soza loses control at the landing and roll sover for a great and exciting finish.!
It has been a great week in Monterrey and We look forward to next year's competitions! Gracias y Arriba Montterrey!!!

By Fernando Rubio