Arnhem, NL - Gelredome

Monster Jam International
Arnhem, NL
September 29-30, 2012
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Saturday afternoon: TEAM MARVEL
Saturday night: TEAM MARVEL
Sunday afternoon: TEAM MARVEL
Saturday afternoon: TEAM DESTRUCTION
Saturday night: TEAM MARVEL
Sunday afternoon: TEAM MARVEL
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Charlie Pauken, Maximum Destruction® driven by Tom Meents, Mohawk Warrior℠ driven by George Balhan, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonald, Traxxas driven by John Seasock, Disney XD driven by Dan Evans, Monster Mutt® driven by Neil Elliott,, Spider-Man driven by Bari Musawwir, Captain America driven by Chad Fortune, Iron-Man driven by Lee O'Donnell, Wolverine driven by Alex Blackwell, Thor driven by Adam Anderson and Hulk driven by Morgan Kane!


Saturday afternoon


TEAM MARVEL: Captain America, Thor, Spider-man, Ironman, Wolverine, Hulk
TEAM DESTRUCTION: Mohawk Warrior, Traxxas T-Maxx, Monster Energy, Disney XD, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco

Saturday 2:00 p.m. – An incredible tandem freestyle from Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction capped off an afternoon of firsts as a packed house full of roaring fans at the Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland, loved the first ever team Monster Jam competition, won by the veteran laden Team Destruction after that unit used a series of amazing freestyle performances to overcome a huge early lead that Team Marvel had built, and when a showdown in the final freestyle pairing between former World Champions Adam Anderson in Thor and Monster Energy’s Damon Bradshaw was won by Monster Energy, that final point gave Team Destruction the thrilling 14 to 13 triumph.

The unique competition began with match racing, where one truck from each team battled on the huge Chicago style oval track. Alex Blackwell drove Wolverine to victory in the day’s first race over Dan Evans in Disney XD to give the first point of the day to Team Marvel, which continued to roll from there and when Thor closed the match race portion of the competition defeating Monster Energy the Marvel team featuring some of the sport’s premier young guns had amassed a 5 to 1 lead.

Team Marvel carried that momentum into the Donut Duels, again winning 5 of the 6 individual match-ups to open up a 10 to 2 lead in the team scoring.

The comeback for Team Destruction began in the Wheelie Challenge, a follow the leader style of competition where a truck from one team led the way and the opponent followed immediately, trying to outdo the opposition. Team Destruction won four of the six matches to top the wheelie tally.

The team scoring extended through all competitions in the event which was critical for Team Destruction which swept all the points in Freestyle Motocross and Democross. Still, Team Marvel carried a 12 to 9 lead into freestyle only to see Team Destruction answer the challenge, winning five out of the six freestyle pairings to claim the first ever Monster Jam team victory. Neil Elliott, added to Team Destruction to drive Monster Mutt, recorded the highest individual freestyle score, his 30 point total not only outscored Bari Musawwir in Spider-man, but added another critical point to his team’s total to help set the stage for Monster Energy’s dramatic team clinching freestyle win over Thor.

Ten-time World Champion Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction and 10-time Arnhem Gelredome champ Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger thrilled the fans with the first ever mano y mano version of the Greatest Rivalry in Motorsports. Max-D beat Digger in their match race the pair were virtually even in wheelies, and Digger had the donut duel edge. But the part of this historic one-on-one encounter that had the fans on their feet in delight was the amazing freestyle with both of the legendry trucks airing out huge moves on the track at the same time in a scintillating performance for the ages, a fitting battle in the legendary Grave Digger – Maximum Destruction rivalry.

By Scott Douglass

Saturday 8:00 p.m.


TEAM MARVEL: Captain America, Thor, Spider-man, Ironman, Wolverine, Hulk
TEAM DESTRUCTION: Mohawk Warrior, Traxxas T-Maxx, Monster Energy, Disney XD, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco

Saturday 8:00 p.m. – After blowing a large early lead and suffering a painful one point defeat during the final freestyle of the Saturday afternoon matinee Team Marvel came back with a vengeance Saturday night, dominating throughout and defeating Team Destruction 16 to 10 to even the first ever weekend of Monster Jam team competition at one victory piece, with the battle for team supremacy to be determined at Sunday’s weekend finale in Arnhem, Holland.

Team Destruction had a slightly better start in the evening event with both Mohawk Warrior and El Toro Loco picking up match race wins, still Team Marvel got the best of the oval track races taking four of the six races.

The Marvel six then padded the lead in the donut duels again winning four of the six match-ups. With both trucks turning their high speed revolutions at opposite ends of the huge floor, dueling with donuts at the same time, one of the day’s highlights came in an incredible battle between Bari Musawwir in Spider-man and Neil Elliott in Monster Mutt. In a duel that both drivers virtually refused to lose Spider-man edged Monster Mutt to win the point for Team Marvel. The duels were decided by which ever Monster Jam truck completed the most 360 degree revolutions, and Spider-man edged Monster Mutt 16 revolutions to 15 for that win.

In the afternoon event Team Destruction began its huge comeback in the Wheelie Challenge, but Team Marvel got the better of that battle Saturday night when Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ironman, and Thor all recorded wins, pushing the advantage for Team Marvel to 6 points, 12 to 6 at that point.

Again Team Destruction won freestyle motocross to narrow the gap but the Team Marvel democross team recorded an important point, to allow Team Marvel to carry a 13 to 8 lead into the Monster Jam freestyle match-ups. They added to the advantage in a wild freestyle battle where Team Marvel took three more wins to finish with a 16 to 10 victory to square the team battle heading into Sunday’s Gelredome 2012 wrap-up. The win was especially sweet for Adam Anderson, driving the new Thor truck in Europe this fall. Thor lost to Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy in the freestyle that decided the afternoon event for Team Destruction. In the night event Anderson exacted his revenge big time, powering Thor to wins in all four head-to-head matches against Monster Energy.

A blown engine sidelined Grave Digger for the night but Maximum Destruction picked up the slack as Tom Meents gave the Dutch fans an incredible bonus freestyle performance that capped the night with every fan standing and cheering.

By Scott Douglass

Sunday 2:00 p.m.

Sunday 2:00 p.m. – A dramatic finish to an incredible weekend in Arnhem, Holland, saw the first ever Monster Jam Team Competition come down to the final freestyle match-up, a battle of World Champions, and when Adam Anderson in Thor outscored Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy by the narrowest of margins Team Marvel defeated Team Destruction 14 to 13 to give Team Marvel the bragging rights, winning two of the three unique events held over two days in The Netherlands. The one-on-one duel between Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction played out evenly, although the biggest winners there were the fans who were thrilled by that pair of legendary machines.

With a loud, capacity crowd in the Gelredome getting behind their team from the very beginning, the team match-up was close throughout leading up to the winner take all freestyle between Anderson and Bradshaw. Each team won three of the match races and three of the donut duels, then Team Marvel used a slight advantage in the wheelie challenge plus the freestyle motocross victory to take a an 11 to 9 lead into the deciding freestyle matchups.

In freestyle Team Destruction was back on track and some phenomenal winning performances, most notably from veterans Dan Evans in Disney XD (who amazed the huge crowd by leaping the freestyle motocross landing mountain in reverse) and John Seasock in Traxxas T-Maxx evened the score. Team Destruction’s momentum continued and Marc McDonald’s blistering run in El Toro Loco bested Morgan Kane and Team Marvel’s Hulk to give Team Destruction a one point edge heading into the final event of the competition, the freestyle battle of World Championship drivers in Thor and Monster Energy.

Monster Jam officials had created the team format to determine a clear winner so to make sure a tie wasn’t possible the final freestyle contest between Anderson and Bradshaw was worth two points. Thor came out first and laid down a high flying championship caliber performance, not only filling the regulation clock with crowd pleasing moves but also filling bonus time as well. That proved to be the crucial difference, bonus time. Monster Energy matched the big air and variety of moves and Bradshaw even added in a huge jump in reverse, but the run came to an end just as bonus time started. When the judges scores were totaled Monster Energy had the higher regulation score but Anderson’s two bonus points were the difference, Thor outscoring Monster Energy 29-28 giving the final two points of the competition, and the win to Team Marvel.

Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction closed out the amazing weekend of Monster Jam Europe action with a “last man standing freestyle” performance featuring another pair of World Champions, Charlie Pauken and Tom Meents, freestyling their trucks at the same time. The pair came out getting incredible air and wild ragged edge momentum that had the Dutch fans cheering their loudest. Maximum Destruction succumbed to mechanical problems first but Grave Digger continued to rock the house and Pauken would be the last man standing. Earlier in the head to head match-ups that continued the greatest rivalry in motorsports Maximum Destruction beat Grave Digger in the match race and in the wheelie contest while Grave Digger took the upper hand in the donut duel.