Mexico City, Mexico - Arena Ciudad de Mexico

Monster Jam International
Arena Ciudad de Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
September 28-30, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday, 7:30 pm: Lucas Oil Crusader
Saturday 2:00 pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30 pm: Captain America
Sunday; 2:00 pm : Grave Digger
Friday, 7:30 pm: El Toro Loco
Saturday 2:00 pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Sunday; 2:00 pm : Grave Digger
Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Madusa, El Toro Loco® driven by Lupe Soza, Monster Mutt℠ driven by Candice Jolly, Iron Man driven by Scott Buetow, Captain America driven by Carl Van Horn, Wolverine driven by Frank Krmel, Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Energy driven by Chuck Werner, Spider-Man driven by Dustin Brown, Quad Wars Flaming High Fall Act and More!


Friday, 7:30 pm

Viva México!!! Viva México!!!! Viva México!!!

I had to start my article this way, because that’s the way we felt tonight in Arena Cd. De Mexico in Mexico City.

Cheering, standing ovations and continuous wows was the reaction of the Mexican Fans during our first night of competition in the capital city. Thousands of people came to see their favorite trucks and drivers, and left with their hearts pounding full of excitement.

The first competition of the night, Monster Jam Wheelies, left us great excitement as we saw exciting wheelies, sky wheelies. Lucas Oil Crusader ( Linsey Weenk) set up the bar pretty high after his performance for 20 points, which nobody came close to beat until El Toro Loco( Lupe Soza) did a couple of Sky Wheelies which impressed the judges and got 25 points for the first victory of the night.

Other Scores:

Monster Jam Racing
Round One
Lucas Oil Crusader vs Madusa. Lucas Oil floored the launch of the truck and definitely kept control of the truck, especially at the curves where he lost no time in heading to the finish line.

Grave Digger vs Capt America, Carl Vanhorn (Capt America) was very fast, but careful at the curves where the trucks usually slip, that happened to Grave Digger, after the second hit lost a bit of control which cost him the victory.

El Toro Loco vs Monster Mutt. Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt) came out to make an impressive first round of racing defeating El Toro Loco.

Monster Energy vs Wolverine. Frank Krmel (Wolverine) Came out strong and kept the pace to gain advantage which took him to the semifinal.

Lucas oil Crusader does it again, and with no concessions wins over Capt America to get to the Finals. Monster Mutt lost against Wolverine who simply launched more aggressively and kept the advantage from then on.

Lucas Oil Crusader one more time, the strategy of controlling the truck in spite of the great speed, kept him ahead against Wolverine. The winner of Monster Jam and first victory of the weekend for Lucas Oil Crusader, driver Linsey Weenk said that it was a great win dedicated to the Mexican fans, and he’s looking forward for more this weekend here in Mexico City.

Monster Jam Donuts
A selected group of Monster Jam trucks made it to performed donuts. The greater number of RPM’s the better score. Monster Energy started with 5 rpm’s for a score of 15 points. Madusa came short in her performance for a couple of rpm’s for a score of 9 points. Capt America floored the gas and got it spinning for 7 RPM’s which gave him a score of 24 points and the undisputed winner of Monster Jam Donuts.

Monster Jam Free Style
Great performances and great expectations from all the drivers in the most challenging of the competitions, Monster Jam Free Style.

Spiderman 17
Madusa 15
Ironman 16
Monster Energy 18
Monster Mutt 20
Capt America 22
Wolverine 19
Lucas Oil Crusader 23
Grave Digger 25
El Toro Loco 27

The competition just got tougher truck after truck, the points kept ascending after every performance. But when El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza) when on floor, the combination of speed, flow, combination of high air, and donuts, were all elements that gave Lupe the second victory of the night. It was just great!! Standing ovation and a score of 27 points, reaffirms why El Toro Loco is a world champion of Free Style. Soza dedicated the win to all la Raza (to all the people) and stated that he is really proud to represent his Mexican heritage on the track! Congrats champ!! There are other 3 shows, which I will keep you posted!!! Gracias Mexico!!!!!

By Fernando Rubio

Saturday, 2pm

One more time, Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam has done it again in Mexico City!! A great headline that makes tribute to the great show that was performed here this afternoon.

The Mexican fans were fascinated with the great performances seen today! All the excitement started with the very first competition of Monster Jam Wheelies. The bar was set real high starting with the first competitor, Grave Digger (Chad Tingler) who scored 20 points with a couple of sky wheelies. Up next came Lucas Oil Crusader not only with sky wheelies but with great landing on the back wheels which scored 23 points.

At this point was very difficult to have higher score, but we needed to wait because in Monster Jam there are always surprises, and that was the case for El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza) who came to score on the first ramp with a nice sky wheelie, but we had to wait for the second hit, where he sky wheelied, and landed on the back wheels to keep bouncing and hitting with the back bar which gave him 29 points. This is the second show in a row that Soza wins in wheelies.

Other scores:
Wolverine 15; Ironman 15; Monster Energy 16; Madusa 12; Monster Mutt 18; Spiderman 14; Capt America 15.

Monster Jam Racing
Round One
In the second day of competition in Mexico City, all drivers want to have at least one win in Racing. Lucas Oil Crusader wins again over Madusa to move to the semifinal round. Grave Digger won against Capt. America. El Toro Loco fell short of winning, but Monster Mutt was more in control of the curves and advanced to the semifinals. Wolverine came out strong to beat Monster Energy.

Lucas Oil Crusader could not contain Grave Digger who really was in charge of the track, against no easy competitor, Graver Digger advances to the Semifinals. Monster Mutt continues her streak of great runs, and defeats Wolverine to advance to the Semifinals.

Grave Digger vs Monster Mutt. Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt) again kept all the girls in the house cheering, but was not enough against Grave Digger; however the landing on the finish line was really close.

Monster Jam Donuts
Again a select group of Monster Trucks competed in donuts for great scores. Monster Energy 17; Madusa 9; Grave Digger 22; and the winner again in this contest was Capt. America with 24 points. Vanhorn again nailed the truck on floor for great spins at great speed.

Monster Jam Free Style
One of the more expected contests was Monster Jam Free Style, and from the very beginning we could see how every competitor was hungry for victory. The Judges were very picky and we didn’t get to see many high scores.

Among those scoring the highest was Wolverine with 20 points, Lucas Oil scored 24. El Toro Loco came out to get a great score of 25 points. He kept the speed and flow over the track. Soza fell one point short of being tied with Grave Digger who with great engine power got the highest score of 26 points. The score and the performance itself was very close. Grave Digger celebrated the second victory of the day.

Other scores:
Spiderman 17; Madusa 18; Ironman 21; Monster Energy 17; Monster Mutt 17; Captain America 16 (driven by Carl Vanhorn) who was having a great performance full of speed and great combinations, but after a few donuts, he went straight to the ramps, and after hitting the first ramp almost flipped, saved for a few seconds, but after all he was not able to save it. He did not complete his regulation time. Though, he received a great ovation from the fans, after the roll over.

In Quad War Racing, two great teams faced off again, Team USA and Team Mexico. It has been the second day the local team wins, and has caused for USA Team to get a little desperate for a win here. The first Heat was won by Mexico, Second hit Team USA. And when the the main event came around the frustration of team USA was notorious on the track. Right before starting the race, one USA rider came to hit the tires of a quad of Team Mexico, which caused for one the local riders to fall off the Quad. The main race was very tough for both teams, but Team Mexico kept the pressure to keep the USA rider on the outside lane. Mexico won again under the command of Capt. Marcos.

I’m sure that the rivalry will keep growing during the rest of the competitions. One more show tonight, we’ll keep you posted about the results.

By Fernando Rubio

Sat, 7:30pm

We have finished the second night and third show of Monster Jam in Mexico City, and it has been one exciting night in competitions of the number one show in motor sports. The crowd tonight was just continuously roaring at their favorite drivers, and the result was just a tremendous competition.

We started with Monster Jam Wheelies in a competition that has been owned by El Toro Loco. Lupe Soza won his third contest in wheelies with a score of 26 points. Both hits were phenomenal, and he went really crazy. Instead of going to the regular ramps, he made his wheelies sideways on the table top, which resulted on great sky wheelies, and fabulous landings on the back wheels. Grave Digger came close with 24 points, Lucas Oil with 23. Monster Mutt 19; Monster Energy 18; Captain America 20; Wolverine 18; Ironman 17; Spiderman 16 and Madusa 14.

Monster Jam Racing
Round one
Lucas Oil Crusader continued his streak of round one wins, and defeated Madusa. Captain America advances to Semifinals for the first time after winning against Grave Digger. Monster Mutt won against El Toro Loco, and Monster Energy for the first time makes to the semifinal after winning against Wolverine.

Captain America takes of advantage of a little bit slipping on behalf of Lucas Oil who lost a little bit of momentum and loses in semifinals. Monster Mutt continued to improve the racing performance and once again wins this time against Monster Energy.

Captain America vs Monster Mutt.
Carl Vanhorn in Captain America floored the launching and wins over Monster Mutt, it was a close finish, but Captain dominated at the very end corner, where on the other side Candice in Monster Mutt slipped a bit giving the advantage to Captain America.

Monster Jam Donuts
A selected group of trucks ran again in Monster Jam donuts.This time all the trucks had fantastic scores, but none came close to stop the winning streak in this contest for Carl Vanhorn in Captain America, who after performing the donuts with great power and speed got 27 points. Close to that score came Grave Digger with 23, Monster Energy 17, and Monster Mutt 14.

The moment came for the most awaited competition of the night, Monster Jam Freestyle. A roaring crowd was witness to one of best performances so far. Grave Digger came out aggressively hitting all the obstacles and great combination of wheelies, donuts and high air which gave him the undisputed victory with 27 points. El Toro Loco after 10 seconds of his performance flipped upside down after a great wheelie, he got a great ovation, but the score was 15 points, due to the little time he had into the contest.

Other great scores:
Spiderman 16
Madusa 15
Ironman 24
Monster Energy 19
Monster Mutt 22
Captain America 23
Wolverine 22
Lucas Oil Crusader 25

All the drivers really challenged the track and each other for a great Monster Jam Free Style!!!

The Mexican team beat for the third consecutive time Team USA. This time everything was resaolved in a one on one match between the Team USA Capt and one of the best riders of the Mexican Team, Once again, Mexico won with great advantage. The main heat was really rough full of crashing against each other, but finally everything was resolved!!

Tomorrow one more day of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, we’ll keep you posted!!

By Fernando Rubio

Sunday; 2:00 pm

Monster Jam Fans, We have come to the final day of competitions en Mexico City, and once again it has been one victorious day for all the fans and all the competitors alike!
Since we started the Monster Jam Pit Party we felt the warmth of all the fans, and Mexico for that we all in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam thank you.

Our Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam presentation included this afternoon Quad Wars, High Fall of Steve Diorenzo, Wheelies, Racing, Donuts and Free Style.

El Toro Loco( Lupe Soza) was looking forward to this contest to see if at all possible he would get his 4th straight victory in this competition during the weekend in Mexico. However Lucas Oil Crusader cut these aspirations short, since he performed spectacular wheelies, using the main center table top to execute his Sky Wheelies .Linsey Weenk got 26 Score. Lupe Soza on El Toro came very close to win or at least have a tie after he jumped for 25 points. The second wheelie went on a little long not being able to get as a vertical position as he did in his first jump. These contest was full of great scores, therefore it was no easy task for anyone here.

Other great scores:
Madusa 16
Ironman 20
Wolverine 21
Captain America 21
Monster Energy 19
Monster Mutt 21
Grave Digger 21
Monster Jam racing

Round One
One more time Lucas Oil Crusader advanced right away to the Semifinal round after he defeated Madusa. It was no easy round for Lucas Oil because of the great experience of the one time Racing World Champion. Grave Digger again wins against Captain America who in spite of having a faster round, he could not defeat the speed of 4 time world Champion Grave Digger.. El Toro Loco won over Monster Mutt (Candice Jolly) who came out faster, but a tiny slip at the final corner made her lose a second of advantage against El Toro. Monster Energy (Chuck Werner) for the first time advanced to the Semi Final round winning against Wolverine. The speed and control at the corners made the difference for Monster Energy.

Semi Final Round
Lucas Oil could not make possible his second victory in racing. Grave Digger again came roaring at the starting line, Lucas Oil was also very fast though, but after hitting one crush crash in one of the corners made him lose momentum towards the last lap. El Toro Loco lost against Monster Energy . Werner had his crew really hard to have that engine going at 100%,the difference was noticeable, and was able to advance to the final round.

Final Round
Grave Digger left no concessions to Monster Energy. Speed and great control at the corners made him the winner for third consecutive time in Monster Jam Racing!!

Monster Jam Donuts
Someone who definitely left a mark in memories of the Mexican fans , it was Captain America ( Carl Vanhorn) who had an undefeated streak of winnings in Monster Donuts. One more time, speed, Rpms, and precision in his performance gave Capt the perfect score of 30 points. Monster Energy 21; Grave Digger 23; Monster Mutt 22.

Monster Jam Free Style
The Final of Monster Jam Free Style was set off by an excellent performance from Spiderman(Dustin Brown) who set the first score at 20 points. Madusa with a little bit of problems in throttling her truck , her score was 18. Ironman again with a great performance, strong and fast got 21. Monster Energy came above the high score until that moment and received 22 points. Monster Mutt with a great run got 21 points. Captain America with great usage of the track jumped and basically destroyed all the crush cars and got for those 23 points. Wolverine( Frank Krmel) got his highest score of the weekend at 24 points. He made great high air and also made sure hi hit every obstacle. Lucas Oil Crusader got 25 points after showing off the great domain he had over the center table top with obstacles. He finished his performance with an impressive reverse wheelie. El Toro Loco ( Lupe Soza) aspiring to have one more win in free style, he came out very fast and was trying to maintain a good flow on the track, but after coming close to hit the walls in a couple of times, his truck was shot off for safety. El Toro Loco got 25 points. Grave Digger ( Chad Tingler) knew that he had ahead of him a high score to beat from Lucas Oil Crusader at 25, and that’s why he had to beyond to impress the judges. He made spectacular wheelies, high air, donuts, flew over the table top, and maintained great flow with super speed. The Result was 27 points which gave him his 3rd straight victory in Monster Jam Free Style this weekend in Mexico City.

Quad War Racing
Team Mexico defeated for the 4th consecutive time Team USA. Once again all of the heats, including the final were really rough. Team USA won the final round, but after being in disagreement Team Mexico which kept complaining about the dirty tricks used by Team USA both teams agreed to have a One on One match to decide the ultimate winner. One more time, Team Mexico after struggling rough riding from Team USA, finally had Capt Nick Falling from his quad, and letting Mexico’s rider go all by himself to the finish Line.
High Fall.

As an extra element of entertainment, Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam presented Steve Diorenzo with a defying high fall from 35 meters of altitude. And if that was not enough, he set himself on fire. The Mexican fans were at the edge of their seats while watching the Steve’s descend at 90 Kilometers per hour. Simply amazing!!

It has been one great weekend in the Mexican capital. We look forward to our next stop in the Mexican Tour… Monterrey!! Alla Nos Vemos!!! ( see you there!) Thank you Mexico… y Que Viva Mexico!!

By Fernando Rubio