Calgary, AB - Calgary Stampede Grandstand

Calgary Stampede Grandstand
Calgary, AB
August 25, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2 P.M.: Maximum Destruction
Saturday 7 P.M.: Northern Nightmare

Saturday 2 P.M.: Maximum Destruction
Saturday 7 P.M.: Northern Nightmare

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Rod Schmidt, Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen, Maximum Destruction driven by Kreg Christensen, El Toro Loco®, Maniac, Western Renegade, The Captain and Double Trouble!


Saturday 2 P.M.

(Calgary, AB) For the first time ever, the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour roared into The Calgary Stampede Grandstands on August 25, 2012. There was no doubt that Calgary fans were hungry for the greatest show in motor sports. The last Monster Jam appearance in Calgary was back in 2010 when the Scotiabank Saddledome played host to the ten thousand pound monsters.

The afternoon started off right for Canadian sensation Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare as he stole the Wheelie Competition with a score of 17 points. Second place ended in a tie between Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction with 15 points each. Double Trouble scored 14, while Western Renegade garnered 13 points. The Captain soared to an 11-point effort, Maniac scored 10, and El Toro Loco managed 8 points.

Monster Jam Racing Round One saw Grave Digger meet El Toro Loco, with Grave Digger advancing to the next round. Due to a remote ignition interrupter problem, Trent Hickie in Maniac was forced to hand the win over to Barry Parkin in Western Renegade. Maximum Destruction calmed Double Trouble, while Northern Nightmare scared off The Captain.

In the Monster Jam Racing Semi-Final, Western Renegade scored a huge upset victory as Rod Schmidt rolled Grave Digger in the final turn before the finish line. The other semi saw Maximum Destruction take out Northern Nightmare in a close finish.

Moving to the Monster Jam Racing Final, Western Renegade would be seeking a huge win over the team that is the reigning World Racing Champions. However, Kreg Kristensen in Maximum Destruction would have none of it, as he skillfully piloted who the winner was. Chalk up another win for Team Maximum Destruction.

Due to the large course, all competitors were given a full ninety seconds for Monster Jam Freestyle Competition. And the drivers used the time to their advantage, performing some massive Long Jumps for the excited crowd. Becky McDonough in El Toro Loco had a particularly good run going until a hard landing broke a tie bar and took the talented driver out of action.

The drivers earned the following Freestyle scores:

Maniac 15
Western Renegade 17
Double Trouble 18
The Captain 20
El Toro Loco 12
Maximum Destruction 26
Grave Digger 24
Northern Nightmare 25

Freestyle Winner: Maximum Destruction earns the Double Down!!!

In other action, Team Canada narrowly edged out Team USA in the Ralph’s Motorsports Quad Wars Challenge. In Street Warriors Competition, Ken Hodgins in “All Juiced Up” took victory in a blazingly fast time of 16.26 seconds on the challenging oval course.

It is now mere hours before the stars of Monster Jam hit the track for their second and final performance of the weekend. If this afternoon’s show is any indication of excitement, then the crowd tonight is in for a jaw-dropping experience.

By Darren Pallen

Saturday 7 P.M.

(Calgary, AB) Equaling the stunning performance by Kreg Christensen in Maximum Destruction earlier this afternoon, Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare struck back in grand fashion bringing the Double Down Award back to Canada. Northern Nightmare was simply unbelievable as he wowed the crowd by winning both Monster Jam Racing and Monster Jam Freestyle.

Northern Nightmare advanced past rival Maximum Destruction in Monster Jam Racing Round One. In the Semi-Final, Northern Nightmare managed to extinguish another formidable foe in Grave Digger. Northern Nightmare continued the assault in the Monster Jam Racing Final by stomping El Toro Loco in a big way.

Monster Jam Freestyle gave Northern Nightmare yet another opportunity to continue his winning ways, but the win did not come without its challenges. Maximum Destruction had a fantastic run as well and actually tied Northern Nightmare at 26 points before the judges decided that the tie had to be broken. Their decision left Maximum Destruction in a solid second place for the night. Travis Groth in The Captain and Becky McDonough also had great runs as well. The unofficial “Wheelie of the Night” Award had to go to Barry Parkin in Western Renegade, as he ended his run by parking the big Hummer H2 on its rear bumper.

The drivers earned the following Freestyle scores:

Maniac 9
Western Renegade 20
Double Trouble 20
The Captain 23
El Toro Loco 22
Maximum Destruction 26
Grave Digger 15
Northern Nightmare 27

Freestyle Winner: Northern Nightmare captures the Double Down!!!

In the Wheelie Competition, Travis Groth in The Captain emerged on top with a competition-winning score of 20 points.

In Ralph’s Motorsports Quad Wars action, Team Canada again took victory over a determined Team USA in the Quad Wars final. In Street Warriors action, Ken Hodgins was again unbeatable in his All Juiced Up machine in a winning time of 18.64 seconds.

As we close out the Ralph’s Motorsports Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour here in Calgary, we cannot thank our great fans enough for supporting our sport. The Alberta faithful waited two years for this event, and the drivers responded with two great performances to remember.

We look forward to returning to the Calgary Stampede Grandstand in 2013!

By Darren Pallen