Sunrise, FL - BankAtlantic Center

Monster Jam
BankAtlantic Center
Sunrise, FL
August 17-18, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday night: GRAVE DIGGER
Saturday 2pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7pm: Grave Digger

Friday night: GRAVE DIGGER
Saturday 2pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7pm: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Superman driven by Sean Duhon, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Lupe Soza, Gunslinger driven by Scott Hartsock, Big 105.9 driven by Alex Blackwell, and Full Boar driven by Ed Eckert


Friday night

Friday 7:30 p.m. – Despite battling a series of mechanical problems throughout the night, Gary Porter drove Grave Digger to the Thunder Nationals version of a Double Down by winning the racing and freestyle competitions, while Lupe Soza in Advance Auto Parts Grinder and Alex Blackwell, driving for Miami radio station the Big 105.9 also claimed wins in front of a roaring crowd Friday night at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

It was obvious from the outset that this night would be a challenge for the Grave Digger crew when Porter’s truck broke a sway bar after introductions. While the team, with lots of help from the technicians of other teams on hand, thrashed on Grave Digger the wheelie contest got the night off to an exciting start and it was former World Freestyle Champion Soza, a south Florida favorite, who claimed the first victory of the night in “The People’s Truck”.

The 30th anniversary Grave Digger was repaired in time for the start of the racing and Porter continued the team’s dominance in the BankAtlantic Center. Grave Digger rolled through the bracket, beating Blackwell and the 105.9 machine in the UTI Championship Round Race. The win was Grave Digger’s 23rd among the last 34 racing contests held in the home of the Florida Panthers.

Next up was the donut contest and Blackwell set the bar high representing the popular Miami classic rock station and then Grave Digger was unable to start when it was that monster jam truck’s time for donuts so 105.9 and Blackwell secured the win.

Back to the thrash for team Grave Digger and onto the Service is Our Best Part freestyle competition. Soza, who won freestyle the last time he competed in Advance Auto Parts Grinder in south Florida (last February at Sun Life Stadium in Miami) put his team in position to grab another freestyle triumph with a high flying performance. The technicians got the job done again for Grave Digger though, changing the starter while the other freestyle runs were thrilling the crowd. It would be Porter and Grave Digger though that had the crowd cheering loudest with a ragged edge Digger freestyle that scored the final win on this night, the opener of a three event weekend in the Ft. Lauderdale area.


Round one – Grave Digger def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder; Superman def. Full Boar; Big 105.9 def. Gunslinger

Semifinals – Grave Digger def. Superman; Big 105.9 def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder



Advance Auto Parts Grinder 24
Big 105.9 23
Superman 17
Full Boar 15
Gunslinger 3


Big 105.9 19
Full Boar 14
Superman 13
Gunslinger 11

BIG 105.9 22
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 21
Full Boar 20
Superman 18
Gunslinger 4

By Scott Douglass

Saturday 2pm

Sunrise, FL- Gary Porter would come to the Bankatlantic Center this afternoon with a chip on his shoulder from a long but eventful Friday Night, to claim 3 pieces of hardware out of 4 events. To make it simple if Grave Digger was playing, he was more than likely winning!

Wheelies would see great scores posted but none would top Grave Digger with the score of 24. “The People’s Truck” Advance Auto Parts Grinder was a very close second with a 21 but Lupe Soza would not be able to fend off a hard charging Gary Porter in the Black and Green Wrecking Machine. Alex Blackwell would also post a 21 in his truck for the weekend BIG 105.9 FM. With the great wheelies, the judges would get high marks to send up to the techs for the making of the racing brackets, and we know what lane choice adds to your chances in many instances when it comes to racing.

Fullboar- 14
Gunslinger- 16
BIG 105.9 fm- 21
Superman – 17
Advance Auto Parts Grinder-21
Grave Digger- 24

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Racing would see the field take shape based off of the lane choice decided by those wheelie scores. The right lane was hot and the Monster Jam trucks would take advantage of the flow coming from that straight shot in side by side racing. Grave Digger would start off the party with a date with Ed Eckert in Full Boar. A good run would be had but in the end it would be Grave Digger with the checkered flag. Advance Auto Parts Grinder driven by Lupe Soza would line up against the home town boy, Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger. The winner would be Advance Auto Parts Grinder pushing Lupe to a showdown with the Alex Blackwell driven BIG 105.9 FM who would top Superman. Superman would come back as the fast loser only to have to face Grave Digger and Gary Porter would once again come out on top. In the bottom of the bracket it would be Grinder topping BIG 105.9 fm to advance to the UTI Championship Race. Grave Digger would line up in the right lane, but to be truthful Gary Porter in Grave Digger was the first monster jam truck to win in the slower lane all night. The trophy would be heading up to Kill Devil Hills with Grave Digger as Advance Auto Parts Grinder would lose by less than a tire to the legendary Grave Digger.

Grave Digger vs Fullboar (Grave Digger)
Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs Gunslinger (AAP Grinder)
Superman vs BIG 105.9 (Big 105.9)

Grave Digger vs Superman (Grave Digger)
Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs BIG 105.9 (AAP Grinder)


The donuts portion of the show would be loud and proud seeing “The Peoples Truck” Advance Auto Parts Grinder win out with a total score of 26 besting second and third trucks Grave Digger with a 24 and Alex Blackwell in BIG 105.9 with a score of 23.

Superman – 11
Gunslinger – 9
BIG 105.9 – 23
Fullboar – 20
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 26
Grave Digger – 24

Advance Auto Parts, Service is our Best Part Freestyle
Freestyle would prove to be the best way to top off a great show. Great efforts from BIG 105.9 and Advance Auto Parts Grinder would be overshadowed by Gary Porter in Grave Digger. Grave Digger would come out and lay down a run that was not to be topped. Furious hits on the obstacles as well as momentum only seen from Alex Blackwell earlier in BIG 105.9 would help push Grave Digger over the top and into the winner circle. The score of 22 would claim more hardware for the shop in North Carolina.

Gun Slinger- 16
Big 105.9- 21
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 20
Grave Digger-22

By Scott Douglass

Saturday 7pm

Sunrise, FL- The final show is in the books and it was a Grave Digger Saturday! Gary Porter would come in and on this day take 6 of the 8 events, leaving only a Donut win and a big freestyle win by “the Peoples Truck” Advance Auto Parts Grinder.
Wheelies would kickoff with a great showing from BIG 105.9 driven by Alex Blackwell and a big score of 24. This score would stand until Grave Digger would come out and burn the house down with a strong pair of wheelies to take the crown with a score of 26.

Fullboar- 14
Gunslinger- 16
BIG 105.9 fm- 24
Superman – 20
Advance Auto Parts Grinder-18
Grave Digger- 26

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam racing would once again see the Grave Digger in the winner’s circle with wins over Fullboar, Advance Auto Parts Grinder, and Superman. The path was tough and long but Gary Porter was up to the challenge and would once again be the dominant monster jam truck on the track!

Grave Digger vs Fullboar (Grave Digger)
Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs Superman (Superman)
Gunslinger vs BIG 105.9 (Gunslinger)

Grave Digger vs Advance Auto Parts Grinder (Grave Digger)
Superman vs Gunslinger (Superman)


Next on the docket we had fast and furious donuts, and once the dust settled we had a winner- and it was once again Grave Digger with a score of 29. Advance Auto Parts Grinder would also chalk up a strong score of 26 as well as a 22 form Sean Duhon in Superman.

Superman – 22
Gunslinger – NA
BIG 105.9 – 15
Fullboar – 20
Advance Auto Parts Grinder – 26
Grave Digger – 29

Advance Auto Parts, Service is our Best Part Freestyle
Freestyle would be the perfect ending to a great weekend of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Fullboar driven by Ed Eckert would come out and set the score to beat with a 16. That would last only until Scott Hartsock would come out and set a new bar at 18 in Gunslinger. That would stand until Lupe Soza would bring the Advance Auto Parts Grinder out and bring down the house with a fast and furious run scoring him a 24. That was the score that Gary Porter would be looking to beat to sweep the evening. That was not to be the case as Grave Digger would come up one point short giving “The Peoples Truck" Advance Auto Parts Grinder the trophy!

Gunslinger- 18
Big 105.9- 15
Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 24
Grave Digger-23

By Ken Navitsky