Cedar Park, TX - Cedar Park Center

Monster Jam
Cedar Park Center
Cedar Park, TX
August 4-5, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger (Pablo Huffaker)
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Monster Mutt Dalmation
Sunday 2p.m.: Monster Mutt Dalmation

Saturday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger (Pablo Huffaker)
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Advance Auto Parts Grinder (Lupe)
Sunday 2p.m.: Grave Digger (Pablo Huffaker)

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Pablo Huffaker, El Toro Loco®, Grinder ℠, Monster Mutt® Dalmation, King Krunch, and El Matador


Saturday 2 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Cedar Park Texas
Saturday Afternoon 2pm

Pablo Huffaker didn’t just double down in Cedar Park Texas Saturday afternoon. He drove Grave Digger to a clean sweep taking the win in all four Monster Jam competitions.

Grave Digger took the Wheelie Competition with a high score of 25, He then beat Aaron Basl, who drove El Toro Loco, in the donut competition. Grave Digger stood up to the test of Candice Jolly in Monster Mutt Dalmatian to earn the UTI racing championship.

The only thing left for Digger as to double down with a win in freestyle. One point separated Advance Auto Parts Grinder driven by Lupe Sosa and Grave Digger driven by Pablo.

In the end Pablo pointed out to the fans that while it looked like an easy clean sweep nothing is further from the truth. “They will all be gunning for me tonight”, said Pablo after the event. “We had better be ready. I may have to load that truck up in the hauler tomorrow as a bucket of bolts but we will give our fans a great event”.

The biggest problem of the afternoon was King Krunch. David Smith just kept having electrical problems which kept shutting the truck down. Try as the might, they just could not get things fixed on the Legendary Texas truck. “We have every intention to work on it and get things fixed during the break between this afternoon and tonight’s show. I don’t want to let our Texas fans down again”, said Smith

Quad Wars saw Team Texas take the win over Oklahoma in the main. It was a hard fought battle but Team Captain said the Texas fans cheering gave the team what it needed to move forward.

Truck Wheelie Donuts Freestyle

El Matador 17 13 13
King Krunch 3 3 3
El Toro Loco 16 25 14
Mutt Dalmatian 14 16 15
AAP Grinder 19 26 23
Grave Digger 25 28 24

Race Results:
Round One:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian over El Toro Loco
Advance Auto Parts Grinder beat King Krunch
Grave Digger defeated El Matador

Semi Finals:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian downed El Matador (round one fast loser)
Grave Digger defeated Advance Auto Parts Grinder

UTI Race Final:
Grave Digger over Monster Mutt Dalmatian

By Joe Lowe

Saturday 7:30 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Cedar Park Texas Saturday Night

Pablo Huffaker drove Grave Digger to a clean sweep Saturday afternoon but that was not the case Saturday Night. Grave Digger lost to Lupe Sosa and the Advance Auto Parts Grinder in the wheelie contest by one point.

Grave Digger did make it to the UTI Racing finals by defeating King Krunch in the Semifinals but it all ended when the motor on the black and green wrecking machine went away in a cloud of blue smoke at the start of the final race.

Grave Digger was out for the night. Monster Mutt Dalmatian has some mechanical issues to content with. A broken housing sent the truck out to the pits during intermission and steering problems forced driver Candice Jolly to end her donut run early.

Another problem on the night was with El Matador driven by Daron Basl. The truck developed problems during the wheelie contest forcing him out for the night. “It’s either an electrical problem or a motor problem like (teammate) Pablo’s. I hope it’s electrical because it is easier to fix that a blown head gasket”, he said.

Monster Mutt Dalmatian won racing for the night. Lupe Sosa and Advance Auto Parts Grinder took the win in the Wheelie Contest.

Sosa also went on the win the Freestyle competition with a one point (tie breaker) win over Aaron Basl in El Toro Loco.

At the end of the night Advance Auto Parts Grinder won three competitions but Monster Mutt Dalmatian was the winner of racing preventing Grinder from earning a clean sweep or the double down.

Truck Wheelie Donut Freestyle
El Matador 19 3 broke out
King Krunch 14 24 14
El Toro Loco 14 16 21
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 12 9 broke 16
Advance Auto Grinder 20 25 20
Grave Digger 19 broke broke

Race Results:
Round One:
M.M. Dalmatian beat Grave Digger
King Krunch over El Toro Loco
El Matador downed Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Semi Finals:
Dalmatian over El Matador
Grave Digger (fast loser) beat King Krunch

UTI Finals:
Monster Mutt Dalmatian over Grave Digger as Digger lost a motor.

By Joe Lowe

Sunday 2p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Cedar Park Texas Sunday

The third and final Monster Jam event at the Cedar Park Center was filled with drama. Grave Digger blew a motor during the race final Saturday Night. The team decided to take the motor out of Aaron Basl’s El Toro Loco and put it in Digger for the Sunday afternoon event.

“Our crew worked until 5 this morning to set the power plant switched out and we could not have done it without the crew from Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Advance Auto Parts Grinder”, said Pablo Huffaker. “Aaron and I are on the same team but these other boys have their own trucks to look out for. The fact that they worked with us side by side all night demonstrates again what a close knit family Monster Jam is”.

With the field down to 5 trucks things got even worse for Aaron’s brother Daron Basl and his El Matador truck. They thought it was just a blower belt that went away during the wheelie competition but in reality El Matador lost a motor too but for him there was no time for a change out. He was done for the afternoon.

El Matador’s teammate King Krunch has a slight problem during the wheelie contest with the truck shutting off after going over the stack of cars. He quickly restarted and ran hard the rest of the afternoon.

Grave Digger was back to his winning ways but came up short in racing against Monster Mutt Dalmatian and driver Candice Jolly. The lack of a race win prevented the 30 year legend from earning another double down and clean sweep.

The most spectacular performance of the afternoon was Grave Digger. Pablo took the truck thru 40 revolutions during the donut contest blowing away everyone else. Grave Digger then did an incredible freestyle. Pablo drove Grave Digger past the 60 second scoring period blowing a second motor for the weekend. A fire broke out engulfing the truck for a few seconds before the onboard fire extinguisher system put things out followed by Monster Jam officials who insured the job was done. Pablo was unfazed by the fire citing the safety devices built into the trucks and the equipment required for every driver. “I am fine thanks to the quick thinking of the officials and my safety gear. It did what it was supposed to do”, he commented.

With four trucks in racing the afternoon saw a first round and then a battle for third place between the two losing trucks before the UTI Race Final. Almost all races were extremely close with several being determined by multiple replays before a winner was announced.

Race Results:
Round One
Monster Mutt Dalmatian over Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Grave Digger beat King Krunch

In the battle for third place in the loser’s bracket:
Advance Auto Parts Grinder defeated King Krunch

UTI Race Championship
Monster Mutt Dalmatian over Grave Digger.

Other Results:
Truck Wheelie Donut Freestyle
El Matador 5 broke out out
King Krunch 16 24 13
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 17 16 15
Advance Auto Grinder 14 21 20
Grave Digger 24 27 27

Drivers signed autographs and met with fans for more than an hour after the end of Monster Jam. Many of the fans saying they would be back next year and even more saying they couldn’t wait till Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam returns to the region in January.

By Joe Lowe