Charleston, WV - Charleston Civic Center

Monster Jam
Charleston Civic Center
Charleston, WV
February 3-5, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30 p.m.: Grave Digger
Saturday 2:00 p.m.: Monster Mutt
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Grave Digger
Sunday 2 p.m.: Monster Mutt
Friday 7:30 p.m.: W.V. Mountaineer
Saturday 2:00 p.m.: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30 p.m.: Grave Digger
Sunday 2 p.m.: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins, Krazy Train driven by Mark Noto, XXX driven by Krissy Moler, and Mountaineer driven by R.B. Moler


Friday 7:30 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Friday Night
Charleston, WV

The Anniversary Tour of Grave Digger continued Friday night at the Charleston, WV Civic Center. 30 Years of Bad to the Bone Grave Digger driving by Gary Porter had the fans up and out of their seats early.

Other trucks competing in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam included: Krazy Train driven by Mark Noto, AfterShock with Bob Roberts aboard, Chrissy Moler driving XXX and her husband, R.B. Moler in the West Virginia Mountaineer. Former World Champion Monster Mutt driven by Whit Tarlton rounded out the field of trucks.

The Wheelie Competition started things out with Grave Digger earning a high score of 23. The question on everyone’s mind was... could Grave Digger Double Down in Charleston?

The night saw Chrissy Moler in XXX roll the truck in Freestyle. It was the first time she had rolled the truck but the tough Mom of three was fired up as the crowd cheered for her. Husband R.B. broke the truck in the Wheelie Competition forcing him to miss racing but he returned for freestyle and made up for the problems. His freestyle was awesome bringing the hometown crowd out of their seats.

One other truck with problems was Mark Noto driving Krazy Train. His motor locked up in semi finals forcing him out for the night.

With Grave Digger winning both racing and the Wheelie Competition it was looking like he was going for not only a double down (win racing and freestyle) but a clean sweep winning all competitions. It was not going to happen as the West Virginia Mountaineer took home all the marbles with the high score of 27.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Krazy Train 20 broke
Aftershock 20 21
Monster Mutt 21 24
XXX 20 17
Mountaineer broke 27
Grave Digger 23 24

Round One:
Grave Digger beat Aftershock
XXX with a bye run when Mountaineer broke
Krazy Train over Monster Mutt

Grave Digger defeated round one fast loser Monster Mutt
Krazy Train broke defeating XXX that put XXX in the UTI finals against Grave Digger

Grave Digger beat XXX

By Joe Lowe

Saturday 2:00 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Saturday Afternoon
Charleston, WV

The second of four events in the Charleston, WV Civic Center Coliseum began promptly at 2pm. Six great trucks were ready for competition. An hour or two earlier that was not the case.

Work on Triple X wasn’t finished till around 11:30a.m. and a new motor for Krazy Train had been driven down from Buffalo N.Y. with just a few hours before show time. The amazing work by the crews insured a great show for all.

The freestyle motocross display by Mad Mike Jones brought fans young and old to their feet as his tricks got better and better. Charleston loves FMX.

Monster Jam wheelies started out strong with Chrissy Moler in XXX setting the bar very high with a score of 18. Only six points separated all the trucks in competition. Grave Digger won the Wheelie competition but the dreams of a double down flew out the window when Gary Porter lost in racing. It looks as though his hopes for a Double-Down may not happen this weekend but we are only half way down.

Racing saw some surprises as both Grave Digger and After Shock came up short due to driver error. Grave Digger driven by Gary Porter did not hit the second set of cars with both wheels earning a 5 second penalty. Bob Robbins cut the track short and ended up face to face with the turn pole car forcing him to back out of the throttle and lose the race.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Krazy Train 18 19
AfterShock 21 21
Monster Mutt 22 21
XXX 20 14
Mountaineer 18 22
Grave Digger 24 24

Racing Results
Round One:
AfterShock beat XXX
Krazy Train defeated Grave Digger (missed the 2nd set of cars with both wheels)
Monster Mutt over Mountaineer

West Virginia Mountaineer as AfterShock cut the track short
Monster Mutt defeated Krazy Train

UTI Race Finals:
West Virginia Mountaineer lost to Monster Mutt as Whit Tarlton won by cutting a good light.

The drama of a motor change in Krazy Train kept fans on the edge of their seats all afternoon.

By Joe Lowe

Saturday 7:30 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Saturday Night
Charleston, WV

If the action was wild Saturday afternoon, Saturday night turned it up about three notches. Grave Digger driven by Gary Porter was looking for a double down win.

West Virginia Mountaineer driven by R.B. Moler wanted to get another big win in front of the hometown crowd.

R.B.’s wife, Chrissy in XXX was out to prove Girl Power would rock on. Combine that with the competitive nature of Bob Robbins in AfterShock, his teammate Mark Noto in Krazy Train and the former World Freestyle Champ Monster Mutt driven by Whit Tarlton and you have the makings for one heck of a show.

First things first. The Wheelie Competition saw Whit Tarlton take the win in Monster Mutt. Mutt did not get it easily his score of 25 was only one point ahead of Grave Digger. The big loser of the night was R.B. Moler and his WV Mountaineer. During opening ceremonies the truck blew the motor and was out for the night.

During the interview after winning the UTI championship, Gary Porter told the fans he was determined to double-down with a win in the Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part freestyle.

Grave Digger then turned up the heat in freestyle for his first double-down ever in Charleston. Fans went wild when Gary drove the black and green wrecking machine to a high score of 25 after defeating Monster Mutt in the UTI race Final.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Krazy Train 19 19
AfterShock 22 21
Monster Mutt 25 24
XXX 17 16
Mountaineer broke broke
Grave Digger 24 25

Race Results:
Round One
Krazy Train bye run
AfterShock beat XXX
Grave Digger downed Monster Mutt

Fast Loser from round one Monster Mutt beat AfterShock
Grave Digger beat Krazy Train

UTI Race Championship
Grave Digger downed Monster Mutt

Doors open early Sunday for the Party in the Pits from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. with the fourth Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday.

By Joe Lowe

Sunday 2:00 p.m.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam
Charleston, WV

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans came out early to the Charleston Civic Center for the Party in the Pits. By the 2 p.m. show time both fans and drivers were ready for action.

With no second event of the day it was going to be an all out battle to see who would win the fourth and final event. One truck that did not make it to the Sunday Show as W. Virginia Mountaineer owned and driven by R.B. Moler. The Mountaineer thru a rod during the opening Saturday night and was not able to return.

Things got interesting early during the wheelie competition. Mark Noto lead the pack in the competition as the first one out scoring 19, next came teammate Bob Robbins driving Aftershock to a score of 23.

XXX driver Chrissy Moler, a Harpers Ferry W.V. native scored 21. Whit Tarleton drove Monster Mutt to a 24 and Gary Porter took the win with a 26 for Grave Digger.

Next came racing Round one was tough on AfterShock. Bob Robbins lost oil pressure during round one of racing and was forced to drop out of the next round. That was good news at Chrissy Moler and her XXX truck. She returned to the semi finals as the next fastest round one loser.

Hoping to double down for the second event in a row Gary Porter earned a spot in the UTI race finals but lost to Whit Tarlton. Tarlton announced to the crowd that he would be very happy and ultimately smile when he earned the double down.

Whit’s prediction was not to become a reality as Gary Porter drover the wheels off Grave Digger 25 ending his run on top of the FMX hill declaring himself King of the Hill. The judges agreed giving Grave Digger a score of 26. That was one point more than Mutt.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Krazy Train 19 21
AfterShock 23 22
Monster Mutt 24 25
XXX 21 19
Grave Digger 26 26

Race Results:
Round One:
Monster Mutt bye run
Grave Digger over XXX
AfterShock defeated Krazy Train

Monster Mutt beat Krazy Train
AfterShock broke putting XXX in to race against Grave Digger with Grave Digger winning

UTI Race Finals
Monster Mutt defeated Grave Digger

By Joe Lowe