Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome

Monster Jam
Tacoma Dome
Tacoma, WA
January 13-15, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 8PM:Hot Wheels
Saturday 2PM:Grave Digger
Saturday 8PM:Grave Digger
Sunday 1PM:Grave Digger
Friday 8PM:Grave Digger
Saturday 2PM:Grave Digger
Saturday 8PM:Grave Digger
Sunday 1PM: Shock Therapy
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Charlie Pauken, Team Hot Wheels® driven by Dan Evans, Iron Man driven by Scott Buetow, Monster Mutt® Rottweiler driven by Charles Benns, Shock Therapy driven by Jon Zimmer, Excaliber driven by Kevin Kasala, Razin Kane driven by JR McNeil, Ice Cream Man, Captain USA driven by Jeff Bainter, Titan driven by Donald Epindendio, and just added: Destroyer driven by Roger Stidell, and Double Trouble!


Friday 8 pm

It was a spectacular night in the Tacoma Dome tonight!!!! With 20 spots left for the NGK Spark Plugs World Finals, all 12 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Competitors charged hard to try and receive that qualifier flag.

The night started with an incredible first round of racing with the 2 year rookie JR McNeil in Razin' Kane upsetting Scott Buetow in the Iron Man truck, and Roger Stidell with his first ever win in his new Destroyer after he beat a strong Tyler Groth in Double Trouble. Leading into round 2 Jon Zimmer was on fire after defeating Destroyer and advancing to the semi-final to take on the fast loser Charles Benns in the Monster Mutt Rottweiler after a close finish with Charlie Paukin in the Grave Digger. Dan Evans, after a solid night came out and gave Team Hot Wheels a HUGE victory against Grave Digger and advanced to the final against an impressive Jon Zimmer.

In the UTI Final it was Dan Evans pulling a tight win against Shock Therapy and grabbing the first racing win for Team Hot Wheels in 2012.

Up next was freestyle and there were some strong performances starting with Kevin Koszala launching into a sky wheelie but getting tripped up and finally flipping the truck on its lid. Next out was the hometown boy Tyler Groth in Double Trouble with his debut freestyle in the Tacoma Dome. The rookie made a good impression and took an early lead with a solid freestlye. Scott Sweat with Razin Kane Racing came out for his debut in Ice Cream Man with a couple of strong hits but was unfortunately cut short due to mechanical gremlins. Roger in his new ride Destroyer came out strong with an impressive sky wheelie but was also cut short with transmission issues, but Roger and Scott will be all ready with their trucks back together ready for tomorrows show. The two heavy hitters in freestyle were JR McNeil in Razin' Kane and Donald Epidendio in Titan. Both drivers had a solid run and came out on the upper part of the score board. Jon Zimmer with Sudden Impact racing made a huge Impact in the dirt as he came out with a big hit and ended up on his side. Iron Man and Monster Mutt Rottweiler; the two travel buddies, had top of the line runs and ended up tied together with a score of 22. Travis Groth came out with The Tire Factory Racing Captain USA having to fill in for a superstar Jeff Bainter and he delivered with an amazing slap wheelie and some impressive hits. Next up was Air Man Dan in his new Team Hot Wheels trying to Double Down after a big win in the UTI Championship Round. He came out strong with some good air and some awesome sky wheelies giving the fans everything he had and the judges delivered with a leading score of 25. Finally, the Black and Green Wrecking Machine!

Charlie Paukin in Grave Digger coming out with an amazing freestyle and arguably the best move of the night with a spectacular tail draggin' wheel stand taking the win over the field with a 26.

Racing Round 1

Amsoil Shock Therapy zapped Ice Cream Man
The Destroyer sunk Double Trouble
Team Hot Wheels smoked Captain USA
Razin' Kane was victorious over Iron Man
Monster Mutt Rottweiler bit Excaliber
Grave Digger buried Titan

Round 2

Amsoil Shock Therapy beat The Destroyer
Team Hot Wheels over Razin' Kane
Grave Digger defeated Monster Mutt Rottweiler (FL)


Amsoil Shock Therapy put Monster Mutt Rottweiler in the doghouse with the win
Team Hot Wheels scorched Grave Digger

UTI Championship Round

Team Hot Wheels wins in photo finish over the Amsoil Shock Therapy

Freestyle Scores

Double Trouble-17
Ice Cream Man-7
The Destroyer-4
Amsoil Shock Therapy-9
Razin' Kane-19
Iron Man-22
Captain USA-19
Monster Mutt Rottweiler-22
Team Hot Wheels-25
Grave Digger-26

By Scott Heaton

Saturday 2pm

After a spectacular show on Friday night, Saturday was no different. All 12 of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam competitors gave it all they had and tried to receive one of the 20 spots left for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIII!

It was an amazing day of racing this Saturday afternoon as Double Trouble had a great save after a tight loss against Charles Benns in the Monster Mutt Rottweiler. Air Man Dan Evans looking to take another racing crown pulled a big win in the first round against the hot new rookie Scott Sweat in the brand new Ice Cream Man. Another shocker to some was Donald Epidendio and Titan taking out the bad fast Kevin Kozsala and Excaliber from Sudden Impact Racing. Leading into round 2 were some big upsets such as Jon Zimmer in the Amsoil Shock Therapy taking out Scott Buetow in Iron Man along with the wild man Charles Benns taking out last nights racing champion Dan Evans in Team Hot Wheels. Titan kept up with the Black and Green wrecking machine but spun out in the turn giving Charlie Paukin the win for round 2. Going to the semi-final round Grave Digger defeated Iron Man in a close race after Jon Zimmer couldn't get Shock Therapy fixed in time for the semi-final. Arguably the best race of the night was the rematch of Monster Mutt Rottweiler and the fast loser Team Hot Wheels. Benns pulled out a big win over last night's champion AGAIN in a photo finish so tight that it was extremely tough to call!!

In the UTI championship round it was Grave Digger against Monster Mutt Rottweiler going head to head and both drivers gave it all they had but Charlie Paukin with the Black and Green Wrecking Machine put the dog in the pound!!!

After an amazing racing competition it was now time for freestyle! Excaliber looking to come out strong made yet another impact in the dirt for Sudden Impact racing as he flips the truck on his lid going into a donut.Next was one of the Groth brothers Tyler in Double Trouble making some solid hits and finally busting the front left wheel off making the fans go wild! After a disappointing run on Friday night because of mechanical gremlins, Scott Sweat and Ice Cream Man certainly came back out and had a great comeback run with some good air and some good sky wheelies. The hometown hero Roger Stidell in his brand new Destroyer came out very strong with some great hits but was unfortunately taken out early once again for the same transmission issues that he had Friday night. Jon Zimmer, after an early rollover on Friday came out and had a spectacular run as well as Donald Epidendio in Titan as they both tied for the lead! After a solid run last night, one of the rookies JR McNeil definitely backed it up with a strong run in Razin' Kane this Saturday afternoon. Having to fill in for the veteran Jeff Bainter once again Travis Groth went out for his second freestyle this week and showed the fans exactly what the Tire Factory's Captain USA was all about! With the Amsoil Shock Therapy and Titan still holding themselves at the top of the field with a score of 22 and spectacular runs were out gunned by a strong performance from Charles Benns in the Monster Mutt Rottweiler as he scored a 23. Did he really earn it though??? Next was a mad Air Man Dan after being defeated by Monster Mutt Rottweiler in a tight race. He took his frustration out on the field and pulled out some awesome slap wheelies getting a good solid score of 20.

Bad to the Bone for 30 years trying to get his first double down of the year, Charlie Puakin in Grave Digger had the biggest air of the night followed by the best slap wheelie of the night got a winning score of 26 and a DOUBLE DOWN FOR TEAM DIGGER!!!!!

Racing Round 1

Monster Mutt Rottweiler mauled Double Trouble
Team Hot Wheels melted Ice Cream Man
Amsoil Shock Therapy
Iron Man blasted Captain USA
Titan struck Excaliber
Grave Digger hammered Razin' Kane

Round 2

Monster Mutt Rottweiler defeated Team Hot Wheels(FL)
Amsoil Shock Therapy over Iron Man
Grave Digger took out Titan


Monster Mutt Rottweiler upset Team Hot Wheels
Grave Digger defeated Iron Man (Shock Therapy unable to come back due to mechanical issues)

UTI Championship Round

Grave Digger Chained up Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Freestyle Scores

Excaliber – 7
Double Trouble – 12
Ice Cream Man – 18
The Destroyer – 9
Amsoil Shock Therapy – 22
Titan – 22
Razin' Kane – 21
Iron Man – 17
Captain USA – 19
Monster Mutt Rottweiler – 23
Team Hot Wheels – 20
Grave Digger - 26

By Scott Heaton

Saturday 8 PM

Saturday night spoke for itself as 12 of the best monster trucks in Tacoma were still fighting to receive their chance to compete at the NGK Spark Plugs World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tonight we had the best night of racing. Destroyer not being able to make it out due to transmission issues from earlier this Saturday gave Charlie Paukin in Grave Digger a first round bye and a bigger chance to take the Double Down for the second time this weekend. But it still wouldn't be easy for the Digger as there were many heavy hitters in the field. JR McNeil in Razin' Kane upset Kevin Kozsala in Excaliber with Sudden Impact Racing, one of the top independent teams in Monster Jam! Another solid match up was the Groth brothers Tyler and Travis going head to head as Travis ended up winning by default when Tyler tried to save the truck in the corner but rolled right over on his side in what was looking to be a close race. Jon Zimmer came back strong with a huge victory over Scott Buetow piloting the Iron Man and Dan Evans came out with a win in round one taking out a hot shoe Donald Epidendio in Titan. Moving into round number two Grave Digger took on his first opponent of the night, JR McNiel in the Razin' Kane. Razin' Kane kept up real close to the Digger but it wasn't enough to out-do Grave Digger's horsepower! What was going to be one of the biggest matches in round 2 ended up being another easy win for the kid from Gig Harbor, Washington Travis Groth in the Tire Factory's Captain USA as Jon Zimmer's Amsoil Shock Therapy had a mechanical issue at the start of the race and it unfortunately took him out for the rest of the night. Next up! A rematch of the afternoon show between Dan Evans and Charles Benns. Benns with the Monster Mutt Rottweiler coming from round one after eliminating a impressive Ice Cream Man lost his rematch in a real tight finish against Dan in Team Hot Wheels but would get the chance to come back as the fast loser.

Semi-final round, The Black and Green Wrecking Machine took out the deserving fast loser Charles Benns in the Monster Mutt Rottweiler and on the other side of the bracket, the hometown kid Travis Groth had a tough match up with Team Hot Wheels and just could not out power him with his Tire Factory Captain USA.

THE FINAL!!!!!! Charlie Paukin took on his teammate and the Friday night winner Dan Evans and Team Hot Wheels. Evans looking for another win and Paukin looking for a repeat from this afternoon both gave it all they had and Charlie with the Black and Green Wrecking Machine 30th Anniversary Grave Digger took the win by only three one-hundredths of a second!!!!

Charlie going into freestyle had only one thing to do. Win the Double Down and sweep the whole show on Saturday afternoon and evening in the Tacoma Dome. He had a tough field to beat to get there though as Kevin Kozsala wanting to make up for his last two freestyle's in the Tacoma Dome came out hard and gave the fans a strong run while keeping Excaliber on all fours. Coming back after a rollover in racing Tyler Groth in Double Trouble gave one hundred percent with some big air jumps and took an early lead in the freestyle competition. Next up, after thrashing on his new Destroyer truck because of major transmission issues, Roger Stidell came out and made a strong first hit but was sadly cut short due to a broken front end. The two rookies from Razin' Kane Racing JR McNeil and Scott Sweat put on some real solid performances putting themselves at the top of the pack early In freestyle. I think one of the hottest new rookies Donald Epidendio in Titan came out with a clash of big air, great wheelies and good momentum to tie him early in the competition with JR McNeil in the Razin' Kane Monster Truck scoring a total of 20. Scott Buetow made a statement in Iron Man with a great save ending with a score of 19 still leaving the rookies on top. But then the hometown boy came out and put on a very strong freestyle taking the lead away from Titan and Razin' Kane! He didn't hold on for long though as Charles Benns let the dog out with a stellar freestyle taking the lead with a 24 but the superstars kept coming with Dan Evans in Team Hot Wheels pulling off an amazing save adding the biggest Wow Factor of the night with his INCREDIBLE signature reverse move over the biggest obstacle in the building!!!!

Lastly, shooting for the Double Down, Charlie Paukin in the Grave Digger came out with extreme elevation followed up by his signature sky wheelie move almost tipping his truck over backwards then taking the Double Down with a score of 26!!!!

Racing Round 1

Grave Digger bye run (The Destroyer unable to compete because of transmission issues)
Razin' Kane defeated Excaliber
Captain USA beat team mate Double Trouble
Amsoil Shock Therapy
Team Hot Wheels left Titan in the dust

Round 2

Grave Digger over Razin' Kane
Captain USA beat Amsoil Shock Therapy (Shock Therapy had mechanical issues off the start line)
Team Hot Wheels won in a rematch against Monster Mutt Rottweiler


Grave Digger spanked Monster Mutt Rottweiler
Team Hot Wheels sped past Captain USA

UTI Championship Round

Grave Digger won by 3 hundredths of a second over Team Hot Wheels

Freestyle Scores

Excaliber – 13
Double Trouble – 18
The Destroyer – 6
Ice Cream Man – 16
Titan – 20
Amsoil Shock Therapy – DNS
Razin' Kane – 20
Iron Man – 19
Captain USA – 23
Monster Mutt Rottweiler – 24
Team Hot Wheels – 25
Grave Digger - 26

By Scott Heaton

Sunday Afternoon

Burger King and your local Ford stores present the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam!

As a blanket of snow moved into the Tacoma area this morning the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans filtered into the Tacoma Dome for some Monster Jam heat! The action was HOT and nonstop.

The crowd was treated to some of the youngest performers that the greater Seattle area has ever seen...the Little Wheels Quarter Midget Club of Graham Washington, as the 6-14 year old group ran 2 heat races and a feature event in front of the largest crowd they had ever raced in front of. The kids were thrilled and so were the fans as they received a standing ovation!

The Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association put on a fantastic Barrel Racing competition with their homemade vehicles, some of them driving dune buggy's, slinging dirt 20 ft in the air!

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Racing results are as follows:

Round 1

Shock Therapy def Destroyer
Captain USA def Razin Kane
Grave Digger def Excalibur
Monster Mutt Rottweiler def Double Trouble
Ice Cream Man def Titan
Iron Man def Hot Wheels

Round 2

Captain USA def Shock Therapy
Grave Digger def Monster Mutt Rottweiller
Iron Man def Ice Cream Man


Ice Cream Man returns as fast loser

Iron Man def Ice Cream Man
Grave Digger def Captain USA

UTI Final

Grave Digger def Iron Man

Charlie Pauken driving Grave Digger showed why that truck is Bad to the Bone for 30 years! It was a dominating UTI Racing performance, Charlie said "This truck is handling like a dream this afternoon, I cant wait for Freestyle and try to Double Down." Charlie then found some lucky fans in the grandstands and gave them a free Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam tee shirt as well as a $25 gift card from Burger King!

Advance Auto Parts Service is our best Part Monster Jam Freestyle


Ice Cream Man dns (mechanical)
Excalibur 6
Iron Man 10
Captain USA 17
Destroyer 18
Double Trouble 19
Razin Kane 20
Hot Wheels 21
Monster Mutt Rotweiler 22
Titan 24
Grave Digger 24
Shock Therapy 25

The surprising early leader in Freestyle was Titan, in a truck that the team only uses 3 months out of the year! Every part shined, tightened and ready for competition, this 2 brother team works construction for 9 months out of the year and travels with Monster Jam the rest of the time. With huge air and across the floor wheelies they took the early lead with a 24. Then came Shock Therapy, with even bigger air and crossthread moves, sky wheelies, slap wheelies and cyclone donuts, Jon Zimmer had Shock Therapy in the lead with a 25...with 1 truck to go, the 1 that could score the Double Down, Grave Digger. Grave Diggers air time was similar to Shock Therapy and so were the wheelies but the Double Down wasn't going to happen at this show. As Charlie twirled Grave Digger into some tight donuts the truck high sided and GD30 was on its top with too much time left in the freestyle. Jon Zimmers face was like a kid at Christmas as we interviewed him on the show floor. He then thrilled the fans by throwing a tee shirt and a $100 cash card into the stands that was provided by Ford.

Todd Morey