Birmingham, AL - BJCC Arena

Monster Jam
BJCC Arena
Birmingham, AL
January 6-7, 2012
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night 7:30: Maximum Destruction
Saturday 2pm: Iron Man
Saturday Night 7:30: Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson)

Friday Night 7:30: Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson)
Saturday 2pm: Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson)
Saturday Night 7:30: Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson)

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Maximum Destruction® driven by Neil Elliott, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Mohawk Warrior℠ driven by George Balhan, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, and just added: Gunslinger driven by Scott Hartsock, Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, Iron Man driven by Lee O'Donnell, and Grave Digger The Legend℠ driven by Rod Schmidt!


Friday Night 7:30

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Birmingham

The first Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam of the New Year featured the biggest lineup in the events History. Big Daddy Dennis Anderson began his 30th year aboard Grave Digger. Nine other trucks rounded out the field including the new Monster Energy, and Cam McQueen with Northern Nightmare.

Neil Elliot drove Maximum Destruction; Candice Jolly brought the Dalmatian, Scott Hartsock with Gunslinger, Chuck Werner aboard El Toro Loco, George Balhan with Mohawk Warrior, Lee O’Donnell with Iron Man, and The Legend driven by Rod Schmidt.

The night also featured Freestyle Motocross and Megasaurus, the incredible transforming robot.

The event began with the Advance Auto Parts Wheelie Competition. The event was extremely close with Maximum Destruction earning the win with a score of 23. He beat out Monster Energy and Northern Nightmare who both scored 22.

The roll continued for Max D. Neil, driving a new truck for 2012, was pushed to the limit by Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare. The two trucks drove their way to the UTI Race Final with Neil’s Max D getting the win. Racing was close thru all the rounds with the only breakage reported by El Toro Loco who had the rear end lock up. The problems could not be fixed in time forcing El Toro to sit out Freestyle.

The second half of the event was all Freestyle. FMX got fans fired up with three great riders giving fans a taste of what they would see when the FMX event comes to the BJCC on March 10.

Next was The Advance Auto Parts, Service is our Best Part, Freestyle. Scoring was tough but fair as the superstars drove hard and held nothing back. Maximum Destruction was poised for the first Double Down of the year until Dennis Anderson brought Grave Digger out for his run. 30 years of bad to the bone included hundreds of arena events.

Mr. Anderson proved he had the experience to drive the black and green wrecking machine hard and fast in an arena. It was picture perfect till the end. Grave Digger earned a score of 27 and the win but rolled at the end of his run ruining the beautiful 30th Anniversary body.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Mohawk Warrior 14 23
Iron Man 17 14
Monster Energy 22 24
Northern Nightmare 22 19
El Toro Loco 14 broke
M.M. Dalmatian 15 14
Gunslinger 19 18
The Legend 21 21
Maximum Destruction 23 25
Grave Digger 17 27

Race Results:
Round One:
Northern Nightmare over The Legend
Dalmatian beat Ironman
El Toro Loco downed Mohawk Warrior
Monster Energy defeated Gunslinger
Maximum Destruction over Grave Digger

Round two:
Northern Nightmare beat Grave Digger
Dalmatian defeated El Toro Loco who broke
Maximum Destruction beat Monster Energy

Semi Finals:
Northern Nightmare over Monster Energy
Maximum Destruction downed Dalmatian

UTI Race Final:

Maximum Destruction over Northern Nightmare

All trucks will be ready for the two events scheduled for tomorrow at the BJCC. With 10 trucks including World Champions and New debut trucks everybody should be there.

By Joe Lowe

Saturday 2pm

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Birmingham Sat. 2 p.m.

The second of three events at the Birmingham Jefferson County Civic Arena began shortly after the Birmingham Best Ford Party in the Pits. Neil Elliot, Friday night’s race and wheelie competition winner was looking for his first Double Down of the year.

Dennis Anderson in the 30th Anniversary Grave Digger truck assured everyone Digger was ready after the roll over at the end of his Freestyle the night before.

The only other mechanical problem from the Friday event was El Toro Loco. Loco locked up the right rear the night before but the crew worked late and the truck was ready by the 9 a.m. inspection.

With a 10 truck field, the largest in Birmingham history, the excitement continued to build as fans arrived early not only for the party in the pits but to insure they could purchase tickets for the event. The World Debut of Monster Energy and Northern Nightmare combined with World Champions and the 30th Anniversary Grave Digger made the event the hottest ticket in town.

Saturday afternoon event began with the Advance Auto Parts Wheelie Competition and all trucks did an excellent job. The wheelie’s were so close that there was a three way tie for third place with Mohawk, El Toro, and The Legend all scoring 25. Grave Digger come in second with 26 and the win went to Friday night’s winner Maximum Destruction.

Racing saw Grave Digger out of the action due to a broken drive shaft. Lee O’Donnell aboard Iron Man held on to defeat Gunslinger in the UTI Race final.

Freestyle was where the competition really shined. Big air was the rule of the afternoon with Northern Nightmare setting the pace early. El Toro Loco, fresh off a rear end problem Friday, locked up broken planetary. Scoring was high with the tie of 25 between Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction. The tie was broken by the silent judge, who is used only when a there is a tie. The tie breaker of 1 extra point was awarded to Dennis Anderson who for the second event in a row rolled the truck during freestyle.

Truck Wheelie freestyle
Mohawk Warrior 25 23
Iron Man 18 19
Monster Energy 22 broke
Northern Nightmare 16 17
El Toro Loco 25 9 (broke)
M.M. Dalmatian 15 19
Gunslinger 13 21
The Legend 25 24
Maximum Destruction 28 25
Grave Digger 26 25 +1

Race Results:
Iron Man over Dalmatian
Gunslinger beat Northern Nightmare
Max D downed Mohawk Warrior
El Toro bye run Digger out
Monster Energy defeated The Legend

Round Two:
Iron Man over fast loser The Legend
Gunslinger downed El Toro Loco
Monster Energy over Maximum Destruction

Semi Finals:
Iron Man beat El Toro Loco
Gunslinger downed Monster Energy

UTI race Finals:
Iron man defeated Gunslinger

By Joe Lowe

Saturday Night 7:30

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Birmingham 2012 Saturday Night

With all 10 trucks repaired and ready for the second event of the day everyone was predicting who would win the third event of the weekend in Birmingham. The real winners were the fans who had 10 trucks for the first time ever. The lineup included two brand new trucks and several who had never been to Birmingham before. Big Daddy Dennis Anderson took the rest of the field school as he doubled down in Birmingham.

Dennis Anderson is beginning his 30th Anniversary tour with new bodies for the truck, a traveling timeline historic display, new video and tons more. The big event began this weekend in Sweet Home Alabama. He rolled the truck for the third time in three events. This leaves no doubt that 2012 is going to be an interesting year for Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Fans.

Action was the key word from the very beginning Saturday night. Mohawk Warrior driven by George Balhan won the wheelie competition with a high score of 29 for a picture perfect bounce wheelie.

The night also gave us our first double-down winner for the year as Dennis Anderson drove the wheels off Grave Digger to earn the honor.

Grave Digger defeated Gunslinger, Northern Nightmare, El Toro Loco and Monster Energy in his quest for the win.
Dennis Anderson was not content with just winning racing. His Freestyle was easily the best of the weekend. At the end of sixty seconds he took the truck over the van stack forcing the truck to roll, hit the ground with enough momentum to bring the truck back on four tires. The roll was so hard it bent the frame and destroyed what was left of the body. Dennis was fine but the body is done.

Truck Wheelie Freestyle
Mohawk Warrior 29 21
Iron Man 18 18
Monster Energy 24 22
Northern Nightmare 23 18
El Toro Loco 22 15
MM Dalmatian 14 14
Gunslinger 12 16
The Legend 26 20
Max D. 18 23
Grave Digger 21 27

Race Results:
Round One:
Monster Energy beat Mohawk Warrior
Grave Digger downed Gunslinger
Northern Nightmare defeated The Legend
Iron Man over Maximum Destruction
El Toro Loco over Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Round Two:
Monster Energy over Fast Loser Maximum Destruction
Grave Digger beat Northern Nightmare
El Toro Loco downed Iron Man

Monster Energy over Fast Loser Iron Man
Grave Digger over El Toro Loco

UTI Race Finals:
Grave Digger wins over Monster Energy

By Joe Lowe