Parkersburg, WV - West Virginia Motor Speedway

Monster Jam
West Virginia Motor Speedway
Parkersburg, WV
June 24-25, 2011
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Racing Winner
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Friday: Black Stallion
Saturday: Grave Digger
Friday: Grave Digger
Saturday: Stone Crusher
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, XXX, Stone Crusher, Mopar Magic, and Black Stallion!


Friday 7:30 p.m.

Trucks: Mopar Magic (Morgan Kane), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Aaron Basl), XXX (R.B.Moler), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Stone Crusher (Steve Sims), Grave Digger (Pablo Huffaker)

Despite the threat of rain, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam presented by McDonald's was not going to be affected as the crowd turned up at West Virginia Motor Speedway expecting a top show and the participants were happy to oblige. This year's return of the show saw conditions vastly different from the scorching heat of 2010.

Using the infield of the massive dirt track along I-77, Monsters were given plenty of room to show off the speed and talents. The show opened with the McDonald's wheelie competition after introductions. Morgan Kane took Mopar Magic onto the field and stuck the tail deep into the crush cars on his first pass. A near repeat on the second hit earned him a score of 24, which set the bar high for the rest of the group. Turtle posted a respectable 16 with XXX next in line for a 15. Black Stallion's run moved him to second place with a 19. Steve Sims brought Stone Crusher out with hopes of dethroning his teammate. His effort ended up one point short with a 23 on the books. Grave Digger became the final truck to take a shot at the leader, but couldn't convince the judges to give him more than a 22. It was a great start to the night for one of the young talents and a fitting introduction to area Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans.

The head to head competition of Chicago-style racing was next up as Stone Crusher, who drew the number one pill, met Grave Digger. A final power drive to the stack eases Stone Crusher to round two. Black Stallion met up with XXX and used his experience from last year to great advantage, moving on to the semis. The final pairing of the round put Turtle on track with Mopar Magic and Mopar Magic continued its winning ways. With three trucks advancing, there was a need for a fast loser provisional and that went to Grave Digger for a new lease on life. Round two action pitted Stone Crusher against Mopar Magic with Stone Crusher getting the win. Black Stallion lined up against Grave Digger. When the light turned green, Grave Digger lurched forward, but was unable to make it to the first car stack with driveline problems. Black Stallion completed the run to get the trip to the finals. In the UTI racing conclusion, a close race developed in the first two hits but then Stone Crusher went slightly off course on the last stack, giving the win to Black Stallion.

After intermission, the trucks were set for the 60 second assault known as the Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part freestyle. Mopar Magic again became the volunteer to go first and put up a respectable 18. XXX followed up, encountering the newly placed van stack which caused some anxious moments for the West Virginia resident competing at the track for the first time. When it was all said and done, the judges had a 15 to give.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle came to the field and opened with big air that got the party started. He took the lead with a 19. That lead was short-lived as several spirited passes by Black Stallion put him in position to double down for the night. At the end of the time, a solid 21 looked like it might be enough. Stone Crusher had a few tricks up his sleeves and showed why the truck and driver are regulars at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals. Straight 8s brought a 24 and the lead as all eyes turned to the pit area.

Grave Digger had been towed off in racing and the fans were anxious to see if the truck would be ready to compete. As a hush fell over the crowd, the strains of the familiar Grave Digger theme song echoed through the speakers as the truck came to life and rolled onto the track. With the transmission replacement complete, Grave Digger was dedicated to giving the fans what they came for. Speed passes and high flying jumps sealed the deal as Grave Digger scored 27 for the win.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam shows are known for hidden surprises and tonight was no exception. Mike Vaters brought his jet power quad Kamikaze to perform on the front stretch. Death Defying Direnzo performed a flaming high fall to add to the excitement.

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam presented by McDonald's returns to action on Saturday night. Show time is 7:30 p.m.

McDonald's Wheelie Competition
Mopar Magic. 8-8-8 = 24
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 5-6-5=16
XXX 6-5-4 = 14
Black Stallion 7-6-6 = 19
Stone Crusher 8-8-7 = 23
Grave Digger 8-7-7 = 22

Round One - Stone Crusher defeated Grave Digger, Black Stallion beat XXX, Mopar Magic stopped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Round Two (semifinals) - Stone Crusher knocked off Mopar Magic, Black Stallion defeated Grave Digger (Grave Digger returned as round one fast loser)
UTI Finals - Black Stallion over Stone Crusher

Advance Auto Parts “Service is our Best Part” Freestyle
Mopar Magic 6-6-6 = 18
XXX 5-5-5 = 15
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle6-6-7 = 19
Black Stallion 7-7-7 = 21
Stone Crusher 8-8-8 = 24
Grave Digger 9-9-9 = 27

By Larry Jewett

Saturday 7:30 p.m.

A capacity crowd gathered at West Virginia Motor Speedway to see the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam presented by McDonald's and the action was non-stop. From the afternoon pit party to the final runner in the Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part freestyle; there was plenty for the fans to cheer.

The competition started with the McDonald's wheelie competition as Mopar Magic was first to go. Morgan Kane matched his 24 from the night before to give the competitors something to shoot for. Turtle's run put him a point short with a 23, bringing XXX out. West Virginia's only Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam regular came out to thrill the home state fans. His efforts brought a 20. Black Stallion put on his run to bring a score of 22. Stone Crusher set out to knock off his teammate and succeeded with a score of 27. It left only Grave Digger in the position to unseat the leader and Grave Digger's 26 was a point shy.

For racing action, Grave Digger came out for first round action, meeting up with the truck that eliminated him from Friday competition, Black Stallion. The racing was close as the duo crossed the cars for the second time, but this was a three-hit course and Grave Digger put a tight turn to his advantage for the win. Turtle got the best of XXX in a close race. Mopar Magic and Stone Crusher squared off with Mopar Magic getting the win. XXX ended up having the best losing time, but his return put him against Grave Digger. The black and green machine was on a roll, claiming a semi final win. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle got by Mopar Magic, pitting teammates for the UTI racing final. In the Texas driver shootout, Grave Digger powered home the victory.

The Advance Auto Parts "Service is our Best Part" Freestyle turned the drivers loose on the entire course with a few enhancements. Mopar Magic went first and brought home a 21. In his final go of the night, XXX came close to grabbing the lead, getting a score of 20 from the judges. Turtle matched the score to move into a tie for second. Black Stallion got the dreaded 6-6-6 from the judges for his effort. Stone Crusher came out and combined high speed and big air into an impressive run, making some saves from bicycle landings in the process. The judges put up a 25 and awaited the effort of Grave Digger. The run was good, but not good enough. Pablo Huffaker brought the truck to the front stretch, only to find out a 24 was his reward. He graciously congratulated the winner as West Virginia fans got the chance to see two Advance Auto Parts World Finals contestants stand together on the front stretch before heading off to the Advance Auto Parts autograph session.

Death defying Direnzo performed a flaming high fall. The jet-powered quad "Kamikaze", driven by Mike Vaters, made some runs on the track's front stretch to show the speed and power capabilities.

McDonald's wheelie competition
Mopar Magic 8-9-7 = 24
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 8-8-7 = 23
XXX 7-7-6 = 20
Black Stallion 7-7-8 = 22
Stone Crusher 9-9-9 = 27
Grave Digger 9-9-8 = 26

Round One - Grave Digger defeated Black Stallion, Turtle stopped XXX, Mopar Magic turned back Stone Crusher
Semi finals - Grave Digger beat XXX (round one fast loser), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle won over Mopar Magic
UTI racing final - Grave Digger prevailed over Turtle

Advance Auto Parts "Service is our Best Part" Freestyle
Mopar Magic 7-7-7 = 21
XXX 6-7-7 = 20
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 6-7-7 = 20
Black Stallion 6-6-6 = 18
Stone Crusher. 8-8-9 = 25
Grave Digger 8-8-8 = 24

By Larry Jewett