Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium

World Finals 12
Sam Boyd Stadium
Las Vegas, NV
March 25-26, 2011
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Trucks: The following trucks have qualified to compete in the 2011 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals: Please check back in January 2011.



The 12th edition of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals presented by NGK Spark Plugs started with two drivers, Tom Meents and Jim Koehler, extending their streaks as the only ones to compete in every World Finals and at the end of the night it was that pair that claimed the 2011 World Championships, Meents driving Maximum Destruction to the World Racing Championship, his record extending 5th racing title and 9th overall championship, then Koehler took his 2nd World Freestyle Championship in his eye catching candy apple red Avenger 1957 Chevy Belair.

A sensational night that many are calling the best World Finals ever also saw Jimmy Creten finish as the racing runner-up in Bounty Hunter for a record fifth time, Cam McQueen pulling off the first ever back flip in World Finals freestyle history driving Nitro Circus, later another backflip, this one by Madusa, and an incredible encore that began with all three Advance Auto Parts Grinders freestyling together, followed by a breathtaking three Maximum Destruction freestyle that featured the trucks hitting obstacles in train style, and then Ryan Anderson coming back from injury, debuting his Son Uva Digger truck in a rocking freestyle that included a picture perfect backflip! What a night it was!

Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger won the Double Down trophy Friday as the fastest in qualifying and took the number one seed into the racing bracket, he and the other top eight seeded trucks from qualifying earning first round byes and automatic entry into round two while the other 16 trucks battled through a surprising round one that featured great races and several surprises. The upsets continued in round two with three of the seeded trucks losing their opening races to trucks coming out of round one. That set-up the quarter final round that started with the end of Dennis Anderson’s reign as the World Racing Champion when he lost to Bounty Hunter and blew his motor as well. Then George Balhan advanced to the final four of racing in the championships for the first time in his career when he drove Mohawk Warrior to the win over Pablo Huffaker and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. In the bottom half of the bracket Linsey Weenk put Lucas Oil Crusader in the semifinals with a win over Marc McDonald and El Toro Loco, and Maximum Destruction eliminated Chad Tingler and Spiderman.

In the semis Creten and Meents claimed the wins to make this year’s UTI Championship Race for the world title a rematch of the 2002 finale and the result was the same as Meents drove Maximum Destruction to the win over Bounty Hunter allowing Meents to claim his ninth World Championship.

Next up was the competition for the World Freestyle Championship and it started with Cam McQueen in Nitro Circus making lots of history, with a clock filling big move performance that got into bonus time, included the aforementioned backflip, and McQueen then became the first driver in World Finals history to be the first to run in freestyle and stay in the Advance Auto Parts Hot Seat as the leader for the entire event. For McQueen the only problem was that while no one topped his score of 32, Koehler equaled it, and when the night ended the tiebreaker rules were applied, which added dropped scores back in. At the World Finals six judges score the freestyle runs, the high and low scores are dropped and then the remaining four scores are used. The first tie-breaker, adding back in the highest dropped score, kept McQueen and Koehler tied. So the second tie-breaker, adding in the lowest dropped score was used, and that criteria meant that it was Avenger winning the World Freestyle Championship. Koehler, who also won the crown in 2003, now is the only driver other than Meents to have won the freestyle title more than once.

Fast qualifier, Double Down Friday winner – Grave Digger

1st Round: Batman def. Avenger; Bounty Hunter def. Mohawk Warrior; Stone Crusher def. Shock Therapy; U.S. Air Force Afterburner def. Brutus; Nitro Circus def. Ironman; Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. Backdraft; Spiderman def. Madusa; Captain’s Curse def. Grave Digger the Legend (Mohawk Warrior, fastest loser of round one, advanced to round two when both Stone Crusher and Shock Therapy’s mechanical problems kept them from being able to advance)

2nd Round: Grave Digger def. Batman; Bounty Hunter def. Superman; Mohawk Warrior def. Monster Mutt Dalmatian; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle def. U.S. Air Force Afterburner; Lucas Oil Crusader def. Nitro Circus; El Toro Loco def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder; Spiderman def. Monster Mutt; Maximum Destruction def. Captain’s Curse

3rd Round: Bounty Hunter def. Grave Digger; Mohawk Warrior def. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle; Lucas Oil Crusader def. El Toro Loco; Maximum Destruction def. Spiderman

Semifinals: Bounty Hunter def. Mohawk Warrior; Maximum Destruction def. Lucas Oil Crusader



AVENGER 32 ( 30 + 2 bonus points) wins on tie-breaker score
NITRO CIRCUS 32 (30 + 2)
U. S. Air Force Afterburner 30 (28 + 2)
Ironman 28 (27 + 1)
Bounty Hunter 28 (26 + 2)
Mohawk Warrior 28 (26 + 2)
El Toro Loco 27 (24 + 3)
Lucas Oil Crusader 27
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 25 (24 + 1)
Stone Crusher 24 ( 21 + 3)
Madusa 22
Grave Digger 21
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 20
Superman 19 (18 + 1)
Shock Therapy 19 (18 + 1)
Batman 18
Maximum Destruction 16
Brutus 13
Grave Digger The Legend 13
Backdraft 11
Captain’s Curse 10
Monster Mutt 9
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 8
Spiderman 4

By Scott Douglass