Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena

Monster Jam
Rupp Arena
Lexington, KY
March 5, 2011
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Saturday Night: Grave Digger the Legend

Saturday Night: Grave Digger the Legend

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Spider-Man driven by Whit Tarlton, Air Force Afterburner® driven by Damon Bradshaw, Grave Digger The Legend℠ driven by Adam Anderson, and Bad News Travels Fast driven by Bruce Haney!


Saturday Night

The home of the Wildcats became land of the Monsters as the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam brought to you by Taco Bell invaded Rupp Arena. The fans who cheer for Big Blue found a different shade to cheer for tonight as they were captivated by the amazing performance of Grave Digger the Legend. Adam Anderson owned the night with a clean sweep of all competitions.

Anderson, who was riding high off of a huge freestyle win in Oakland, faced some adversity once the truck made it to Rupp. The team knew that there was a problem with the motor but as they were loading the truck up after a display on Thursday, they found that there was a problem with the rear axle. The team then spent most of the day on Saturday replacing the rear axle and just a few short hours before show time, the truck was competition ready.

While Anderson made a clean sweep, it wasn’t without some tough competition. Scott Buetow, driver of Iron Man, was a surprise entry to the show at the last minute and he definitely added a wow factor tonight. Iron Man was all over the Air Force Wheelie competition by soaring the truck through the air and landing on the second to last car. Anderson came out in full force and one upped Buetow by putting the Legend truck on the edge of the very last car.

Anderson then used the momentum from the first win as fuel to march through the UTI Racing bracket beating Spiderman, Air Force Afterburner and knocking off Grave Digger in the UTI Racing Finals.

While wheelies and racing seemed easy for Anderson, the Taco Bell Donut Competition was a bit tougher. The team made a last minute decision to not put any kind of lubricant on the tires which almost proved to be an epic fail. Anderson attempted to break the tires loose for eight or nine revolutions without success and then finally busted out one of his signature spins lasting for what seemed like forever.

With three out of four under his belt Anderson patiently waited as he was the last truck out for Service is Our Best Part Freestyle. He witnessed former World Freestyle champion Damon Bradshaw pull off an amazing slap wheelie while cruising around the course with ease and flying high. Gary Porter piloted the Grave Digger truck to an impressive run while making the truck look as if it was skating on the concrete. The bar was set high and in his own words Anderson “did what he had to do” when he hit the floor. Flying leaps, slap wheelies, quick turns and a couple of saves rounded out the run that completed the cycle and earned Anderson the Double Down as well as the clean sweep!

Air Force Wheelie Competition

Bad News Travels Fast 16
Iron Man 24
Spiderman 13
Air Force Afterburner 19
Grave Digger the Legend 26
Grave Digger 21

UTI Racing

Grave Digger defeated Iron Man
Air Force Afterburner defeated Bad New Travels Fast
Grave Digger the Legend defeated Spiderman

Grave Digger took out fast loser Iron Man
Grave Digger the Legend beat Air Force Afterburner

Grave Digger the Legend edged out Grave Digger

Taco Bell Donut Competition

Iron Man 19
Spiderman 20
Bad News Travels Fast 21
Grave Digger the Legend 27
Air Force Afterburner 18
Grave Digger 17

Service Is Our Best Part Freestyle

Bad News Travels Fast 17
Spiderman 20
Iron Man 21
Air Force Afterburner 21
Grave Digger 24
Grave Digger the Legend 27

By Leslie Mears