Arlington, TX - Cowboys Stadium

Monster Jam
Cowboys Stadium
Arlington, TX
February 26, 2011
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Racing Winner
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Saturday 7pm: US Air Force Afterburner
Saturday 7pm: Maximum Destruction
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Blue Thunder®, Maximum Destruction® driven by Tom Meents, Grave Digger The Legend℠ driven by Tony Farrell, Monster Mutt® Rottweiler driven by Charles Benns, Air Force Afterburner® driven by Damon Bradshaw, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by John Seasock, Monster Mutt® driven by Dana Creech, Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell, Madusa, Destroyer driven by Dan Evans, Black Stallion driven by Mike Vaters, Iron Warrior driven by Trey Myers, King Krunch driven by David Smith, El Matador driven by Darron Basl, and Bounty Hunter driven by Jay Schneider!


Saturday 7pm


  Tonight’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam returned once again to the sports palace, Cowboys Stadium, for the second straight year.  We added five more trucks than last year to create a field of 16 trucks, stacked with four former World Champions -- among them, the eight time World Champion Tom Meents, who hasn’t been to North Texas since 1998.  Last year’s Arlington Racing Champion US Air Force Afterburner, and Freestyle Champion, Captain’s Curse, were back to try to repeat.  One of the two was successful – and nearly hit the coveted Double Down. 

The first round of racing brought some shocking upsets as El Matador took out Maximum Destruction, Mutt sent Digger back to the pits, and Iron Warrior moved past Grinder.  As for the rest of the night in racing, we had some real dramatic moments, but no surprises.  One year ago, only one truck put together a flawless night of Racing round after round.  The story, this year, would be no different.  Damon Bradshaw was challenged only once during the night, and that came in the Semis from the veteran Mike Vaters in Black Stallion.   When you are up against Damon and his US Air Force Afterburner in racing, you know that you will need to be willing to leave it all on the track if you hope to win.  That is exactly what Monster Mutt did in the Semis.  Feeling the pressure, Dana pushed it too hard, and rolled coming off the second of the three total jumps.  Incidentally, nearly the same situation happened in the finals as Jimmy Creten bicycled on two wheels, taking himself out of the competition in order to recover.   


Jack In The Box Monster Jam Racing Round 1 

Monster Mutt Rottweiler def King Krunch, Iron Warrior def Advance Auto Parts Grinder, Madusa def Grave Digger the Legend, El Matador def Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt def Grave Digger, Black Stallion def Captain’s Curse, Bounty Hunter def Destroyer, US Air Force Afterburner def Blue Thunder  


Jack In The Box Monster Jam Racing Round 2 


US Air Force Afterburner def Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Monster Mutt def  Iron Warrior, Bounty Hunter def Madusa, Black Stallion def El Matador  


Jack In The Box Monster Jam Racing Semi Finals 


US Air Force Afterburner def Monster Mutt, Bounty Hunter def Black Stallion  


UTI Championship Round:  US Air Force Afterburner def Bounty Hunter 



“Service Is Our Best Part” Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Freestyle Competition began immediately following the intermission with al sixteen trucks running a :90 second regulation plus a potential :30 Bonus period.    Charles Benns started things off with a fast paced run that would be logged as one of the best of the night.  Madusa was the first to dramatically cross thread the track, and attack the obstacles from every direction.  Her best moves, though, came after the Bonus clock concluded as she kept tearing it up for the fans.  El Matador, also delivered incredible moves after the clock expired.  Both logged scores of 22 that would have been substantially higher if those fan-friendly maneuvers would have come within the allotted time.  The second year driver, Dana Creech, flipped Monster Mutt nose-over-tail while riding a slap wheelie over a set of crush cars.   It was dramatic, and the fans loved it – but, it was only ten seconds into his regulation time.  John Seasock could not believe it when he realized the timing in Grinder’s engine was completely out of whack thirty seconds into this run.  Dramatically underpowered as he was, he still pushed “The Peoples Truck” to finish, and was able to make it into the Bonus time.  Tony in Grave Digger the Legend was the first truck to really open it up with huge air in the competition.  He would have easily made it into the Bonus, except for the fact that he when full throttle over the tallest obstacle – in reverse.  In my twelve years, I’ve seen my “Reversers”, but NEVER a wide open shot with such sick air.  The move sent his truck off the track in pieces, and Tony straight to the Hot Seat.  Damon wanted the Double Down, and combined incredible air and three miraculous saves en route to earning the perfect Bonus score.  With only two trucks remaining, he was right where he wanted to be – in the Hot Seat.  Grave Digger demonstrated a couple of saves of his own, but his score fell one point short.    


At this point, things went widely out of control on the track.  The reason… Tom Meents.  I can describe it to you, but to truly understand what happened, you’ll need to find photos or video here on www.monsterjam.com   Tom came blasting onto the track with absolute disregard the size of these massive obstacles.  Less than a minute into the run, it looked like he was done.  Maximum Destruction had bicycled over the top of one of the obstacles, flipping violently over on its lid.  It was over, right?  Wrong!  While Tom was on his lid upside down, he never let off the gas -- one of Tom’s many freestyle trademarks.  The momentum of the spinning wheels kept his chassis moving till those 66” tires hooked up with the Texas Clay, and flipped the truck back onto all four tires as if in slow motion.  As Tom again took off down the track, we could see that the impact of the rollover ripped every single body panel from the frame of the truck.  Tom continued, fully visible to the crowd in the body-less SUV, to attack every obstacle with limited steering ability.  Then came one of the most dramatic endings of all time.  Tom lined up the very same obstacle that rolled him moments earlier, and gunned it!  AGAIN, Tom came up on only two wheels as he crossed the top of the obstacle.  But this time, the result was far different. Suddenly, a fireball exploded near the engine as Max D’s front end smacked into the track.  The explosion separated the front axle; as the rest of the chassis continued in the incredible “cartwheel” turned “front-flip”.  Again – you’ll want to see the photos and video to fully grasp Tom’s ‘combo-flip’.  When what was left of the truck came to a rest, it was only a chassis (with a few broken drivetrain parts hanging off of it) balancing perfectly straight up and down on the two rear tires like a statue.  Surely, it’ll be a highlight in the next edition of Crash Madness.  Tom topped all scores, and took yet another Freestyle win in mind-blowing fashion.   

Monster Mutt Rottweiler:  21 + (Bonus 2) = 23 

Iron Warrior:  10 

Destroyer:  21 + (Bonus 1) = 22 

Madusa:  19 + (Bonus 3) = 22 

El Matador:  17 + (Bonus 3) = 20  

Blue Thunder:  21 + (Bonus 2) = 23 

Black Stallion:  18 + (Bonus 2) = 20 

King Krunch:  18 + (Bonus 1) = 19 

Monster Mutt:  15   

Grave Digger the Legend:  24 

Advance Auto Parts Grinder:  17 + (Bonus 1) = 18 

Captain’s Curse:  21 + (Bonus 3) = 24 

Bounty Hunter:  20 + (Bonus 3) = 23 

US Air Force Afterburner:  24 + (Bonus 5) = 29 

Grave Digger:  26 + (Bonus 2) = 28 


Maximum Destruction:  29 + (Bonus 2) = 31 


Announcer, Michael C. Williams