Phoenix, AZ - Chase Field

Monster Jam
Chase Field
Phoenix, AZ
January 29, 2011
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday Night: Blue Thunder

Saturday Night: GraveDigger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Blue Thunder®, Maximum Destruction® driven by Kreg Christensen, Batman driven by Norm Miller, Madusa, Captain's Curse® driven by Alex Blackwell, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Brutus driven by Chris Bergeron, Spike Unleashed driven by Rich Helgendorf, The Felon driven by Mark Schroeder, and McGruss driven by Rod Wood!


Saturday Night

History. It's made everyday, and in Phoenix, Todd Leduc and Blue Thunder got his first ever Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam racing win, going into the history books as one of the few Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam rookies to take a win in the first year. Congrats to the newest young gun!! Todd tried his hardest to Double Down, but came up just short of really making a splash in Phoenix. History and tradition continued in Phoenix as well. Over the last several years, Jim Kohler has become known not only for his off the hook Freestyle runs, but also for jumping into the fountain at the World Finals. Jim treated the fans to a dip in the outfield pool at Chase Field on Saturday night after a typical and tremendous run from Kohler and Avenger. The rest of the Monster Jam drivers kept the tradition alive in Phoenix by going out and trashing the trucks. Before freestyle was even into the middle, the fans had already seen 3 trucks upside down and trashed, and a killer piece of driving by Jim Kohler and Avenger, saving a sure rollover at the finish line in round one of Monster Jam racing. Avenger and Madusa came together at the finish with Jim Kohler saving an acrobatic near crash. Simply AWESOME!!! And speaking of AWESOME, that would be the best descriptive word for Chad Tinglers freestyle run. Hammering the truck for the full 90 seconds of regulation, and then after fans thought he had dine all he could, he wicked it up even more for the 30 second bonus time. Dude is good, and the truck is a Legend!!!

Racing Brackets
Round 1
Spike lost to Max D
The Felon was jailed by Grave Digger
Brutus was put in the dog house by Captains Curse
Batman took a bite out of McGruff
Avenger beat Madusa to the finish line after tremendous save
Blue Thunder broke the Wrecking Crew

Round 2
Grave Digger beat arch-rival Max D
Captains Curse hexed Batman
Blue Thunder rolled over Avenger

Semi Final
Avenger came back as fast loser and could not capitalize, looses to Grave Digger
Blue Thunder sunk Captains Curse

Blue Thunder and Todd Leduc stormed their way to victory over Grave Digger

Freestyle Scores:
Batman 17
Wrecking Crew 12
Madusa 20
McGruff 11
Blue Thunder 22
The Felon 19
Spike 13
Brutus 12
Captains Curse 12
Avenger 24
Max D 23
Grave Digger 26