Houston, TX - Reliant Stadium

Monster Jam
Reliant Stadium
Houston, TX
January 8, 2011
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Saturday Night: Grave Digger
Saturday Night: Grave Digger
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Air Force Afterburner® driven by Damon Bradshaw, Monster Mutt® dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Nitro Circus® driven by Cam McQueen, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Lupe Soza, Mohawk Warrior℠ driven by George Balhan, Lucas Oil Crusader℠, Superman driven by Chad Fortune, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Brutus driven by Chris Bergeron, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Spike Unleashed driven by Rich Helgendorf, Rod Ryan driven by Dan Evans, XXX driven by RB Moler, Obsessed driven by Rick Swanson, and Obsession driven by Jeff Jones!


Saturday Night

Trucks: Obsession (Jeff Jones), Spike (Rich Hilgendorf), Nitro Circus (Cam McQueen), XXX (RB Moler), Obsessed (Rick Swanson), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Wrecking Crew (Steve Koehler), Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), Superman (Chad Fortune), Lucas Oil Crusader (Linsey Weenk), Rod Ryan Show Truck (Dan Evans), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Mohawk Warrior (George Balhan), Air Force Afterburner (Damon Bradshaw), Advance Auto Parts Grinder (Lupe Soza), Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson)

Saturday 7:00 p.m.

The season got off to a rocking start as Jack in the Box presented the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam part of the Davis Chevrolet Houston Monster Jam Series. The day opened with a pit party and 12,000 fans turned out to see their heroes.

The show started with qualifying and first qualifier Obsession failed to complete the round. The Rod Ryan truck recorded a 22.47 to get it started. The second pair saw Brutus roll to a 23.40 and Superman raised the bar with a 21.97 pass. Mohawk Warrior logged in with a 22.41 time and XXX posted a 23.03. Spike fell victim to a DNQ and Advance Auto Parts Grinder wet the new mark at 21.09. Monster Mutt Dalmatian came close to lowering it, posting a 21.56 and Grave Digger got the job done at 19.69. Obsessed was credited with a 22.40 and Air Force Afterburner made a mid-course save, but clocked a 28.62. Avenger's effort brought a 22.15 and Wrecking Crew recorded a DNF. The final pair saw two trucks get within a tenth of a second of each other with Lucas Oil Crusader besting Nitro Circus 20.38 to 20.47.

Round one racing saw Grave Digger make a bye run to move to round two. Mohawk Warrior took out Rod Ryan, Air Force Afterburner advanced at the expense of Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Advance Auto Parts Grinder bested Obsessed. Nitro Circus moved on by beating Wrecking Crew, Superman was superior over Brutus, Avenger took care of XXX and the Lucas Oil Crusader cruised past Spike.

Grave Digger's domination continued, sliding past Mohawk Warrior. Air Force Afterburner got the best of Grinder, Nitro Circus topped Superman and the Lucas Oil Crusader kept his winning ways with a win over Avenger.

the eliminations continued as Lucas Oil Crusader put an end to the Nitro Circus run. Grave Digger was staged for the second race, but ended up getting a bye when the Air Force Afterburner engine failed to produce sufficient oil pressure. In the UTI racing final, Grave Digger scored the racing win. earlier in the night, driver Dennis Anderson had been presented with the 2011 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals qualifier flag. His racing win backed up the choice as the 2010 racing champion prepares to defend his title.

The Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part freestyle invited drivers to turn it loose. Nitro Circus got it started, but broke a sway bar with a few seconds remaining. his 16 would be the mark as XXX experienced problems, only getting a 10. Obsessed lived up to the hype as Rick Swanson used bonus time to register a 21. The run inspired Brutus who capitalized on the extra 30 second to grab the lead with a 25. Challengers would try to knock him off, but most were coming up short. Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Wrecking Crew gained scored of 21 and Superman came close with a 24. Lucas Oil Crusader was finally able to ease past with a 26. A broken bar stopped Rod Ryan Show Truck after just a few seconds for a score of 19. Avenger rolled early, giving him an abbreviated 18, but a pumped up Jim Koehler promised more in 2011. Mohawk Warrior could not start his freestyle, giving Crusader a sigh of relief. Grinder came forth and took control, but Grave Digger remained. A rule 90 second run was backed by a bonus session that ended a w second early with the truck on it's side. It was good enough for a winning 31. Dennis Anderson dedicated his win to young Austin Haecker, who passed away last year.

Team Dallas prevailed in the opening Quad Wars action, but Team Houston came back to claim the main.

Clay Gilstrap was quickest in Street Warriors.Javier Garza won the rollover contest, tumbling two times to prevail.

Advance Auto Parts Service is our Best Part Freestyle

Nitro Circus 6-5-5. 16
XXX 4-3-3. 10
Obsessed 6-7-7-2. 21
Brutus 7-7-8-3. 25
Wrecking Crew 6-7-7-1. 21
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 6-6-7-2. 21
Superman 7-7-7-3. 24
Lucas Oil Crusader 8-8-8-2. 26
Rod Ryan Show 4-4-2. 10
Avenger. 5-6-7. 18
Mohawk Warrior 0
Grinder. 9-8-8-2. 27
Grave Digger 9-9-9-4. 31

Monster Jam action returns to Houston on January 22. Complete details can be found at www.monstejam.com