Mexico City, Mexico - Autó Hermanos Rodríguez

Monster Jam International
Autó Hermanos Rodríguez
Mexico City, Mexico
November 20-21, 2010
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger
Sunday: Taz

Saturday 2PM: Maximum Destruction
Sunday: El Toro Loco

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, El Toro Loco, Madusa, Monster Mutt, Superman, Taz, Spider-Man, King Krunch, and El Matador.


Saturday 2PM

Monster Jam Racing…. Grave Digger
Monster Jam Donut Team Competition… Superman/ Max d
Monster Jam Freestyle… Max D

Moster Jam is in Mexico City for the second consecutive year, and guess what?? We have even more fans than last year. The Monster Jam family in this beautiful Mexican capital has grown tremendously since we were here for the first time last year. Some of the drivers were here for our first year in Mexico city, and some of them are here for the first time, and they already feel welcome by the great Mexican fans.

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has been the scenario for a great night of racing. First round of racing was lined up as follows: El Toro Loco vs Monster Mutt, El Toro wins and goes into round two. Madusa vs Taz, Taz wins. Superman vs Max D, Max D wins; King Krunch vs Spiderman, Spiderman wins; El Matador vs Grave Digger, Grave Digger wins.
Round 2.

King Krunch ( fast loser)wins over El Toro; Taz won over Max D; Grave Digger wins over Spiderman.

King Krunch won over Spiderman (fast loser); Grave Digger beats Taz.

King Krunch vs Grave Digger, Digger wins this first match of racing. Chad Tingler (Grave Digger) said during the interview how happy he felt to have won this first match this weekend, and hoping to repeat the wins for the Mexican fans during this weekend.

Monster Jam Freestyle
It is usually great to see all the monster in freestyle, but tonight was just spectacular in Mexico City, whehere we have a great track, very long track, therefore they take advantage of speed and skills while doing all combinations of free style. Max D won this contest with 28 pts, followed by Spiderman with 26, and El Toro with 25. Neil Elliot ( Max D) had a double down tonight, after having won the first donut contest teaming up with Superman. Elliot said that he will continue to work hard in tomorrow’s competition, dedicated to put the fans at the edge of their seats. We’ll be looking forward for that.
We’ll keep you up to date tomorrow!! Until then.. Adios!


What a great afternoon of Monster Jam in Mexico City!!! We could start summarizing as follows:

ADRENALINE, SPEED, “ROLL OVERS”!!! It was all good from start to finish, we couldn’t have it any other way, it was pure and simple: Monster Jam!! Taz ( Alex Blackwell) was superb in the racing contest . Full speed, and tons of skills to gro through the obstacles and finally beating Superman to the finish line. Monster Mutt ( Scott Buetow) making his debut in Mexico City as driver of Monster Jam gave us a great surprise as he advanced to the semifinals. So did Superman and Grave Digger. Blackwell for the the second time in Mexico City ( first driving Captain’s Curse) and now driving Taz was really excited to had given this victory to his fans.

In Monster Jam Donuts, again for the second day in a row the team made up of Superman and Max D was a perfect combination for success, winning with a perfect score of 30 points. Coming only close with 21 points Madusas and Spiderman.

Monster Jam Free style was exciting and full of adrenaline, as we saw all the monsters giving their 200% for the Mexican fans. Monster Mutt rolled over, the first ever for Scott Buetow who is aspiring to become one of the favorite drivers of Monster Jam. He is on the right track. He was enthusiastic, and daring when driving. He rolled over still having a little more of 30 seconds on the clock. Same thing happen to Madusa who flipped to the side and left her show of precious seconds still left on the clock. Superman ( Chad Fortune) also rolled over after his free style time had expired and while he was giving a great gift to the mexican fans. Superman was highly acclaimed for such nice gesture for his fans.Spiderman ( Ryan Anderson) came out happy and willing to amaze his fans by getting one of the highest scores of the afternoon, 28 points. After finishing regulatory time, he still spent around 2 minutes more going around the track doing more free style just for the fans. El Toro Loco ( Lupe Soza) came strong on the back wheelies, and jumping hard on the obstacles, as well as some donuts at high RPM’s, the result was 29 minutes, which gave him the victory in Free Style. Soza of Mexican ascend was proud to give this victory to la raza ( to his people) in a great demonstration of free style. Only Max D with 27 and Grave Digger with 25 came close to win.

For second year in a row the fans have left the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez all pumped up with adrenaline and ready for next year.

FMX, BMX and FSB was our exhibition element during our event, and it was certainly applauded by the Mexican fans. Great Job!!

Mexico.. hasta el proximo año!!! Y Gracias por todo!! Thank you Mexico for being part of the Monster Jam Family!!!!!