Hagerstown, MD - Hagerstown Speedway

Monster Jam
Hagerstown Speedway
Hagerstown, MD
July 23-25, 2010
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday 8:00 p.m.: Grave Digger
Saturday 8:00 p.m.: Grave Digger
Sunday 2:00 p.m.: King Krunch
Friday 8:00 p.m.: Grave Digger
Saturday 8:00 p.m.: King Krunch
Sunday 2:00 p.m.: King Krunch
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger driven by Gary Porter, Spider-Man, King Krunch, El Matador, Equalizer, and Hot Tamale. Also featuring Street Warriorz and Quad Wars.


Friday 8:00 p.m.

Truck line-up: Grave Digger (Gary Porter), King Krunch (David Smith), Spiderman (Whit Tarlton), El Matador (Daron Basl), Equalizer (Mike Hawkins), Hot Tamale (Isaiah Morales)

David Smith led the way early but Gary Porter regrouped to dominate the second half of the opening night of a three event weekend at Hagerstown, MD. Speedway with Porter driving Grave Digger to the racing and freestyle victories after Smith won the wheelie contest in King Krunch and actually beat Grave Digger in the first round of racing before falling to Porter's truck in the Championship Race Friday night.

With a huge crowd packing the popular dirt track despite near 100 degree heat, Smith opened the event with King Krunch taking the weekend's first triumph with the wheelie win.

Then on to the racing bracket where the highlight match-up of round one pitted veterans Smith and Porter against each other on the long straight line course with multiple obstacles. In the first round battle King Krunch roared off the line while Porter started softer on the slick starting line, and the advantage Grave Digger conceded off the starting line was too much to overcome, King Krunch taking the win. Digger was not out though, advancing to the semifinals as the fast loser of the round. Porter took advantage powering Grave Digger to the final four win over Daron Basl and El Matador while Smith would win his semi, King Krunch eliminating Mike Hawkins and Equalizer. So the Championship Race was a rematch between King Krunch and Grave Digger, but this time Porter was just as strong as Smith off of the starting line. With the trucks even over the first jump King Krunch got totally sideways on the first landing. Even though Smith stayed in the throttle and straightened King Krunch up the bobble was enough for the veteran Porter to pull away for a Grave Digger win in Porter's first appearance at the tradition rich Hagerstown Speedway event since his days driving Carolina Crusher.

Porter carried that momentum into freestyle where again he had to beat Smith. After King Krunch hit some big air and an exciting set of donuts to push Equalizer out of the lead Porter responded to the challenge, with a ragged edge freestyle that brought the large crowd to its feet. Grave Digger edging King Krunch in the judges scoring for the freestyle triumph.

Annapolis native Erick Foor outlasted a field of more than 20 street warriors to win the final in that competition.


1st round - El Matador defeated Hot Tamale; Equalizer defeated Spiderman; King Krunch defeated Grave Digger (Grave Digger advanced to semifinals as fastest 1st round loser)

Semifinals - Grave Digger defeated El Matador; King Krunch defeated Equalizer



King Krunch 24
Equalizer 21
Spiderman 20
Hot Tamale 18
El Matador 9


Equalizer 21
Grave Digger 19
Spiderman 13
Hot Tamale 10
El Matador 7

Saturday 8:00 p.m.

A capacity crowd filled Hagerstown Speedway on another blistering day of 100 degree heat. The lively fans were treated to an action packed night of Advance Auto Parts Action that ended with David Smith and King Krunch avenging a Championship Race loss to Gary Porter and Grave Digger by taking the freestyle win and Mike Hawkins grabbing the wheelie contest victory in Equalizer Saturday night.

Hawkins opened the festivities in front of the rockin' crowd with a huge sky wheelie that secured Equalizer the night's first win, but on the landing the truck broke a four-link bar, sending the Virginia based team's crew into a hurry-up mode thrash to try to make it through the first round of racing.

The Equalizer team was up to the challenge and the truck made it just in time for the opening round race, but Equalizer was eliminated in a photo finish loss to King Krunch. King Krunch would fall in another tight battle when Daron Basl drove El Matador to the semifinals triumph over Smith, but King Krunch would still advance into the Championship Race when mechanical problems sidelined El Matador from the finale. King Krunch again squared off with Grave Digger, and after some mind games where Porter, who had lane choice, forced Smith to switch lanes at the last minute it was Grave Digger recording the popular victory.

Smith got even with his rival in freestyle with a high energy King Krunch performance that included the night's best donuts and some of the biggest air. When Grave Digger's run was shut down with still a little time left on the clock King Krunch's score held up and Smith grabbed the freestyle event win with one more battle to be contested at the historic track for this weekend. One that's sure to be another scorcher, both in terms of weather and on the track Sunday afternoon.


1st round - Hot Tamale defeated El Matador; Grave Digger defeated Spiderman; King Krunch defeated Equalizer (El Matador advanced to semifinals as the fastest 1st round loser)

Semifinals - Grave Digger defeated Hot Tamale; El Matador defeated King Krunch (King Krunch advanced to Championship Race due to El Matador mechanical problems)



Equalizer 24
Grave Digger 23
El Matador 22
Spiderman 21
Hot Tamale 17


Spiderman 22
Hot Tamale 21
King Krunch 20
Grave Digger 19
El Matador 17

Sunday 2:00 p.m.

The stars of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and the great fans at Hagerstown Speedway survived both sides of mother nature's summer extremes in Maryland. It was David Smith in King Krunch who adapted best especially after steady rain started half way through the event, King Krunch winning both racing and freestyle Sunday afternoon.

The fans began filling the seats under sweltering heat and Whit Tarlton claimed the first win of the day as he powered his Spiderman truck to the wheelie contest win. Then as the racing bracket started welcome cloud cover moved over the speedway, but that soon gave way to steady rains that would continue throughout the remainder of the event. Smith's powerful machine was up to the racing challenge as the track got slick, King Krunch out running Gary Porter and Grave Digger in the Championship Race.

Smith then carried that momentum forward to the freestyle competition, and as the hardy fans cheered through the raindrops and enjoyed a great King Krunch freestyle that seemed unaffected by the rain, King Krunch holding off Grave Digger for the final victory of another awesome weekend at the tradition rich dirt track.


1st round - King Krunch defeated El Matador; Grave Digger defeated Hot Tamale; Spiderman defeated Equalizer (Equalizer advanced to semifinals as fastest 1st round loser)

Semifinals - King Krunch defeated Equalizer; Grave Digger defeated Spiderman



Grave Digger 21
Equalizer 19
Spiderman 18
El Matador 15
Hot Tamale 13


King Krunch 16
Grave Digger 15
Hot Tamale 14
Equalizer 10
El Matador 9