Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena

Monster Jam
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
February 12-13, 2010
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Racing Winner
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Friday Night: Grave Digger

Saturday Afternoon: Grave Digger

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Friday Night: Grave Digger

Saturday Afternoon: Grave Digger

Saturday Night: Maximum Destructi

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including the Battle of the Champions: Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder, Superman, El Toro Loco, Eradicator, Backdraft, and Gunslinger.



Friday Night:
By: Joe Lowe

Fans in Charlotte N.C. took off work early Friday to attend the Built Ford Tough Party in the Pits at the Time Warner Arena. The event began at 5pm just a couple of hours before the beginning of the weekends three big events.

Big certainly tells the story with an incredible lineup of trucks. Plus Quad Wars between Team Kentucky and Team N.C., the Canon Lady and Radical Rob the Human Dyno the night was going to be full and action packed.

The event was also billed as a showdown of the champions with Grave Digger driven by Dennis Anderson and Maximum Destruction driven by Neil Elliot.

Other trucks in the star studded lineup included Superman with Chad Fortune aboard, Andy Slifco in Eradicator, Jeremy Slifco driving Backdraft, Linsey Weenk aboard Blue Thunder, Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger and Chuck Werner driving El Toro Loco.

The action included a Wendy’s Wheelie Contest, Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Racing and the UTI Freestyle Competition.

The night began with Maximum Destruction winning the Wendys Wheelie Contest. Both Max D and Grave Digger scored 25 and the tie breaking judge gave the win to Maximum Destruction. The Wheelie event also included a side roll by Chad Fortune in Superman. While the truck had to be pulled back on all four wheels only body damage was evident. The crew worked to bring the truck back in racing after insuring it was safe for racing.

Racing featured a showdown between Max D and Grave Digger in the first round. In 28 years of racing Dennis Anderson seems to get better and better. Anderson certainly can be compared to Mark Martin in his ability to not only keep up with the young guys but also beat them. Anderson took out Maximum Destruction, Gunslinger in rounds one and two. He defeated Blue Thunder in the UTI Race Championship. There was some question about the race final with the drivers claiming the light did not work properly. Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam officials decided with both drivers questioning the call they would re-run the race. With both trucks hot and drivers hotter it was a win for Grave Digger by a slim margin.

With racing under his belt Anderson turned his sights on a double down night. Grave Digger sat thru the first seven trucks watching as the track conditions became worse. Scores of the low to mid teens were awarded to the first five trucks. Blue Thunder roared out with a 21, Max Destruction was awarded a 25 from the judges and finally it was time for Grave Digger. Anderson pulled out all his tricks and took the event to a new high. Non-stop action for the full sixty seconds with high jumps, donuts, wheelies kept the fans cheering. As time ended Grave Digger won the event with a score of 27.


Truck                                                       Wheelie                   Freestyle

Eradicator                                                16                                            15

GunSlinger                                              12                                            12

Backdraft                                                21                                            15

El Toro Loco                                            19                                            19

Superman                                                20                                            19

Blue Thunder                                           16                                            21

Maximum Destruction                              25                                            25

Grave Digger                                           25*                                           27


Round One
Gunslinger beat Superman
Grave Digger over Max D
El Toro downed  Eradicator
Blue Thunder over Backdraft

Grave Digger over Gunslinger
Blue Thunder over El Toro Loco

Grave Digger downed Blue Thunder

The nights events featured Quad Wars with Team Kentucky defeating Team N. Carolina, Jennifer the Canon Lady and Radical Rob the Dynomaniac.

Saturday Afternoon:

By: Joe Lowe

Saturday morning began with several thousand Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans making their way to the Time Warner Cable Arena for the Party in the Pits. The lineup for the weekends event was impressive and fans came out early to meet their favorite SuperStars.

After the pit party it was time to get down. Monsters, Quads, The Cannon Lady and Dynomaniac Rob rocked the house with a great Saturday afternoon event. With the exception of Dennis Anderson blowing everyone out of the water with his Freestyle run the afternoon was almost even in scoring by the Advance Auto Parts judges.

The day featured no breakage, no rollovers and very little drama. It was just two solid hours of action by the best in the business. Fans loved every moment of the action.


Truck                                                       Wheelie                   Freestyle

Eradicator                                                17                                            19

Gunslinger                                               15                                            17

Backdraft                                                16                                            19

El Toro Loco                                            19                                            21

Superman                                                23                                            21

Blue Thunder                                           23                                            22

Max D                                                      26                                            23

Grave Digger                                           27                                            28

Racing Results:

Round One:

Grave Digger beat Superman

El Toro Loco over Backdraft

Blue Thunder downed Max D

Gunslinger defeated Eradicator


Grave Digger over El Toro Loco

Blue Thunder beat Gunslinger

UTI Race Finals:

Grave Digger won over Blue Thunder

Drivers went to sign autographs and crews began working on the trucks as the clock began ticking, counting down to the next event in less than 2 hours.

Saturday Night:
By: Joe Lowe

The crews worked hard to get the track and trucks ready for the Saturday Night event in Charlotte . With only two hours for the turnaround it was all hand on deck. Things looked great at the start of the event but as the night moved on the stress of the weekend events began to take it’s toll.

The third and final Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam of the weekend was not kind to Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger. The legendary driver and truck had dominated the weekend with double down’s on Friday and early Saturday. Luck seemed to run out as Digger’s only win Saturday night was in racing.

Andy Slifco’s Eradicator truck, sporting a new look for 2010 was the first to experience problems. During the Wendy’s Wheelie Contest the truck seemed a bit sluggish. Things went from bad to worse. Front end problems ultimately kept Slifco out of the Freestyle Competition.

El Toro Loco and Blue Thunder both lost an axle, as did Grave Digger. A throttle cable forced Gunslinger to end his freestyle early only Backdraft, Superman and Max D filled the full sixty seconds without problems in the Advance Auto Parts Freestyle.

Dennis Anderson scored high in Freestyle driving with limited mechanical support but a ton of experience and determination Grave Digger scored a 26. He was beaten by Maximum Destruction driven by Neil Elliot. Elliot drove Max D to the biggest air of the night, nonstop for a full sixty seconds and then for another 30 just for the fans. His score of 27 was top for the night earning him the Freestyle win.


Truck                                       Wheelie                   Freestyle

Eradicator                                15                                            broke

Gunslinger                               18                                            20

Backdraft                                 21                                            22

El Toro Loco                            24                                            23

Superman                                23                                            23

Blue Thunder                           20                                            17

Max D.                                     28                                            27

Grave Digger                           25                                            26


Round One:
Grave Digger beat Backdraft
Blue Thunder over Superman
Gunslinger defeated Eradicator
Maximum Destruction downed El Toro Loco

Grave Digger over Blue Thunder
Maximum Destruction beat Gunslinger

Race Championship
Grave Digger defeated Maximum Destruction

As the weekends events came to a close fans stood in line waiting for a photo or autograph from their favorite drivers. It was a great weekend with several more trucks working their way to the Advance Auto Parts NGK Spark Plugs Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas March 26 and 27.

Charlotte, NC