Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Civic Center

Monster Jam
Roanoke Civic Center
Roanoke, VA
February 5-6, 2010
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Saturday Afternoon: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Saturday Night: Spike

Friday Night: Escalade

Saturday Afternoon: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Saturday Night: Escalade

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grinder, Escalade, Avenger, Spike Unleashed, Destroyer, Reptoid, and Dominator. Also featuring Quad Wars and Galactron vs. Reptar. Subject to change without notice.


Friday Night:
By: Joe Lowe

Taco Bell® Presented the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Friday night in the Roanoke Civic Center. The snow that is currently falling along the entire area did not spare Roanoke but that didn’t make a bit of difference to the many fans who came to watch the big trucks and quads compete.

The day began early for Paul Cohen who was filling in for Lupe Soza in the Adavance Auto Parts Grinder truck. Paul took the Grinder out in the parking lot to play while fans and television cameras watched. “I want the fans to know that we are here and ready for them tonight. The parking lot is cleared and there are tickets available so come on down,” said Paul in an interview. Many people did just that. They packed up the kids witnessed one great event.

The trucks came from Michigan , Maine , Florida , Illinois and homestate Virginia to be in Roanoke . Nobody seemed to concerned about the weather just in winning. The competition was tough and nobody could get a clean shot at a double down victory.

Grinder managed to gain a one point edge over Escalade in the Wheelie Contest. The contest sponsored by Taco Bell® brought fans to the edge of their seats with high flying action from the seven competitors.

In racing Grinder beat Spike as the Avenger teammate lost a transmission on the Advance Auto Parts starting line. “I like to win but it is not as sweet when the other truck breaks,” said Cohen. “Still a win is a win we will take it.”

Freestyle action was close with five of the seven trucks making the call. Dan Evans’ Destroyer truck also lost a transmission in racing. Destroyer lost the tranny as he won the first round of  racing but was unable to return for the semifinals. Reptoid came back as the fast loser from the first round only to lose to Spike.

The freestyle part of the night came to a peak right after the Advance Auto Parts Grinder truck earned a score of 28 from the judges. With one truck left Grinder was indeed favored to double down. George aboard Escalade had other thoughts. He drove the big truck so hard the spinners never stopped. George also took the truck over the JDFA Car Crush stack to signify crushing Diabetes in Kids. He scored a perfect 30 as he ended his :60 run with the nights only donut.


Truck                                       Wheelie                   Freestyle

Dominator                                16                                            18

Reptoid                                    16                                            20

Spike                                       21                                            Broke

Destroyer                               20                                            Broke

Avenger                                  18                                            20

Grinder                                    27                                            28

Escalade                                 26                                            30


Race Results

Round One:
Spike bye run per drivers draw
Destroyer over Reptoid
Avenger beat Dominator
Advance Auto Parts Grinder beat Escalade


Spike beat Reptoid (destroyer broke)
Grinder downed Avenger

Race Final:
Grinder beat Spike (Spike broke on the line)  

With the snow at 8 inches and still falling, Advance Auto Parts fans stood in line after the event to get autographs from their favorite drivers. Snow doesn’t stop the fans in Virginia from getting their dose of Monster Jam.

Saturday Afternoon:

The second event in Roanoke began early Saturday with a special Built Ford Tough Party in the Pits at 10am . This was before the general public came in giving friends and family a view of what goes on behind the scenes. Yes it was still snowing with almost a foot of snow on the ground but fans came out in force to witness the big event.

It was late Friday night or early Saturday morning when crews for both Destroyer and Spike finished with repairs to the trucks. Both trucks had transmission problems during the Friday night event forcing them to change transmissions after the event with it still snowing outside. Fans filled the arena early as they came to see the who would win the second round of competitions. The afternoon was a clean sweep for Paul Cohen in Grinder with wins in wheelie, racing and freestyle.

Sprocket kept fans entertained with his antics on and off the track. Glactron vs Reptar gave us a dose of  excitement and Quad Wars brought the battle between Team Tennessee and Virginia to the forefront.

Results alone did not tell the story, crews for Grinder worked hard in between rounds to change out a steering line and the crew for Spike worked almost constantly trying to keep the truck running.

Advance Auto Parts Freestyle was so close that both Escalade and Grinder both got a 30 and the tie was broken with a reserve judges score giving the win to Grinder by one bonus point.


Truck                                      Wheelie                 Freestyle

Dominator                             22                                           19

Reptoid                                  21                                           19

Spike                                      26                                           23

Destroyer                              26                                           25

Avenger                                 25                                           26

Escalade                               30                                           30

Grinder                                  28                                           30

Race Results

Round One:
Grinder a bye run but lost rear steer
Reptoid defeated Dominator
Spike over Destroyer
Escalade downed Avenger

Grinder over Reptoid
Escalade downed Spike  

Advance Auto Parts Race Championship
Grinder edging out Escalade.

With the win in both racing and freestyle Grinder earned a double-down win Saturday afternoon in Ronoake.

Saturday Night:

The third Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam erupted with action from the beginning Saturday night. Escalade driven by George earned a perfect score of 30 in the Taco Bell® Wheelie Contest. Escalade beat out both Spike and Advance Auto Parts Grinder, who each scored 27, to get the win. Everyone knew is was going to be a great day when the snow of earlier in the day turned to sunshine by race time.

The big surprise of the night was from Spike. The truck owned by Jim Kohler and driven by Rich Hilgendorf earned top honors in racing. It was a first for Hilgendorf, a man who usually works ON the truck not driving one. It also was the end of a long weekend of hard work and disappointment for several teams including the Avenger team who could not seem to get a break all weekend.

The breakage of earlier in the weekend was not evident at all for the Saturday night event with all trucks running strong for the final event.

Monster Jam fans seemed to love Sprocket who simply could not and would not stay off the track for the Monster Jam event. Quad Wars competition was also hard fought with a large group of fans cheering on Team Virginia and calling the bluff of Team Tennessee when they threatened to go home because of bad weather.

Neither rain or sleet nor snow nor cold weather could keep Monster Jam fans from making the treck to get their Monster Jam freestyle fix.


Truck                                        Wheelie                               Freestyle

Dominator                               20                                         19

Reptoid                                  20                                           18

Spike                                        27                                         21

Destroyer                                21                                         27

Avenger                                   20                                         25

Escalade                                 30                                         28

Advance Auto Grinder          27                                          27

Race Results

Spike bye run per draw
Avenger beat Dominator
Destroyer over Reptoid
Grinder took out Dominator

Spike beat Teammate Avenger
Grinder downed Destroyer  

Race Final:
Spike beat Grinder in a surprise upset. Rich said if he knew the truck was able but he didn’t know if he could cut a good light and hold his own with the best in the business. The answer to his question was a resounding YES.

As the drivers signed autographs the track crews and the Advance Auto Parts staff began packing up after a long long snowy weekend.