North Little Rock, AR - Verizon Arena

Monster Jam
Verizon Arena
North Little Rock, AR
January 29-30, 2010
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Virginia Giant
Friday - Bad News
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Reptoid, The Felon, Virginia Giant, Storm Damage, Bad News, and Full Boar.


Weekend Race Recap

Hello Little Rock………

WOW you guys had nice surprise for us when we got to town.  Ice, freezing rain and snow!!  WHOA!!  Even though it was cold and treacherous outside the true die hard Monster Jam fans came streaming into Verizon Arena for The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Little Rock Style!!

6 of the best Monsters in the world stopped in Little Rock for an awesome show Friday night!! 

Reptoid                       Jim Jack
Storm Damage            Tim Mente
The Felon                    Mark Schroeder
Bad News                   Brude Hayne
Virginia Giant             Diehl Wilson
Full Boar                     Ed Eckert

With the full line up in place the Monsters were ready for Wheelies, Racing, Donuts and Freestyle. Man were they ready!  What a great show inside the warmish confines of Verizon Arena!!

Wheelies got the night rolling and The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam was off to a good start.  Wheelies were fabulous with all 6 trucks hitting the stacks hard.

You wheelie winner was:       

Full Boar                     21
Bad News                   16
Virginia Giant             15
The Felon                    14
Reptoid                       12
Storm Damage            DNF due to a radio issue

Quads invaded Verizon Arena with Team Texas and Team Arkansas in the house.  Both teams were jacked to be in Little Rock but it would turn out to be a tough night for Team Arkansas!!  Heat one Team Texas, Heat 2 Team Texas and after a little trash talk from Team Texas Captain Jim Siler. Team Arkansas took the Main. But, Siler with team Texas was whining a bit about how a Tech official didn’t handle the flags properly. So Siler from Team Texas threw down a captain’s challenge to Matt Probst team captain for Arkansas.   A captain’s challenge ensued and Team Texas would win all the marbles Friday in Little Rock. No worries though Team Arkansas says they have a special plan for Team Texas on Saturday night in a rematch that could get interesting!!  

Up next was Racing inside Verizon:
Round one matchups looked like this:

Bad News VS Reptoid
Bad news advances

Virginia Giant VS Storm Damage (who got the radio issue resolved)
VA Giant advances

The Felon VS Full Boar
Full Boar Advances

On to round two:

Storm Damage was the fast loser from round one and would take on Bad news. Bad news for Storm Damage as Bad news crushed Storm Damage in round two

Virginia Giant and Full boar would be a whisker close second round relying on some great camera work and an instant replay to make the call. It would be Virginia Giant that advances to the UTI racing Final!

In the Finals:
Bad News and Virginia Giant were brought to the line and man did it turn out to be an incredible racing final, again relying on instant replay to make the call. Ultimately Virginia Giant would take racing for the night!

A couple of special treats for our Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans in Little Rock:

Mike West and his Crazy boy Jet recliner were in the house, that’s right I said a Jet recliner.  This is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the show.  This Crazy boy and his Crazy boy lit up Verizon with a great full afterburner pass inside Verizon.  WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!

Megasaurus was in the house too. This three story tall car hungry animal devoured a car leaving only a few scraps on the arena floor. Incredible fire breathing car eating fun for the Little Rock fans!!

Then Tee’d off,,,,,,a jet powered golf cart roared into Verizon. This 800 pound 1,500 horse powered golf cart was loud and fast.  Even with full brakes applied the turbine engine was able to push the cart along with all 4 wheels locked.  If you sat this thing back and lit it up it would literally take off like a rocket!!  Outrageous fun and a cool display of pure horsepower!!

Who’s ready for Donuts?  You were as our awesome Little Rock fans got quite a show with wheelies…….

And your winner is Full Boar with a perfect 30. I’m not sure how many revolutions he made but I got dizzy just watching as Ed Eckert took off his steering wheel and held it out the window as he made at least 20 or 25 revolutions. INCREDIBLE!!

Full Boar                     30
Bad News                   27
Virginia Giant             21
Reptoid                       14
The Felon                    10
Storm Damage            6 in a brand new truck he is still tweaking!

 How about some freestyle for Little Rock……….

The Monsters were ready to get after it and they did with everything in Verizon completely destroyed by the end, every car, .the van stack and anything else in sight got totally demolished in a great free-style!

Your winner:

Bad news        Bruce Hanie                20
Reptoid           Jim Jack                       15
Storm Damage            Tim Mente       10
Full Boar         Ed Eckert                    DNF Mechanical issue
The Felon        Mark Schroeder          3          with an ignition problem
Virginia Giant Diehl Wilson               DNF popped a huge monster tire on his first pass.

What a great night in Little Rock, I can’t wait to get back and party tonight with our AWESOME Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans in Arkansas!!  Thanks for coming out on a REALLY tough travel night.  See you Saturday night for more monster action!!