Greenville, SC - BI-LO Center

Monster Jam
BI-LO Center
Greenville, SC
January 29-30, 2010
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Predator

Saturday Afternoon: Madusa

Saturday Night: Madusa

Friday Night: Madusa

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Saturday Night: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger (Driven by Chad Tingler), Madusa, Predator, Prowler, War Wagon, and Thrasher. Also featuring Galactron vs. Reptar, Quad Wars, and Quad Flip. Subject to change without notice.


Weekend Race Recap

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Greeville S. C. Friday Night

By: Joe Lowe


The Bi-lo Center is the hub of downtown Greenville . The beautiful building with its gleaming outside was a fitting home for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam but with bad weather in the forecast nobody was sure if the fans would come out for the first night of action. The simple answer was, yes they would and did. Thousands braved the change to cold wintery weather and the threat of snow and ice to see their favorite trucks.


The truck lineup was a mix of today’s rising stars, former world champions and a couple of the sports longtime veterans. The night was full of suprises and incredible action.


Madusa drover her Ford truck hard from beginning to end giving the “boys” something to worry about. “I came in second in the Wheelie Contest, lost to Predator in the first round of racing and had to do something to pull of a win in the Freestyle Competition so I just went out and kept my foot in the throttle and drove nonstop for the full 60 plus second”, said the first lady of Monster Jam. Madusa beat Grave Digger driven by Chad Tingler with a score of 21 to 20.Big air, high jumps over the Wendys Double Stack and a quick donut brought fans to their feet to cheer on the former world champion.


The nights competitions were split with three different winners in each of the three events. Wheelie went to Grave Digger, Racing to Predator and Freestyle to Madusa.


Robert Parker back in the saddle of Predator drove the truck hard in racing after scoring low in the wheelie contest. Parker, a former Grave Digger driver, said he simply wanted to beat the black and green machine in racing. He raced hard in the finals getting the win but destroying the front end of the truck. Predator broke a sway bar on the front end. The bar broke with such force that it went into the drivers side front tire causing a flat rendering the truck helpless even as his racing win was announced. “I love getting the win but we wont be back tonight I hope we can get things repaired for tomorrows 2pm event”, said Parker.


Big air by Andy Hoffman in War Wagon and Lenny Kuilder in Prowler kept fans cheering and Pat Summa’s Thrasher truck appeared to have some additional power. Fans were divided about which truck was their favorite but they all agreed it was an action packed night nobody would soon forget.



Truck                                                       Wheelie                                   Freestyle

Prowler                                                    8                                                              10

War Wagon                                             13                                                            12

Thrasher                                                  12                                                            11

Predator                                                   12                                                            broke

Madusa                                                     18                                                            21

Grave Digger                                            19                                                            20


Race Results:

Round One:

Predator beat Madusa

War Wagon over Prowler

Grave Digger downed Thrasher



Predator beat round one fast loser Thrasher

Grave Digger defeated War Wagon



Predator over Grave Digger but Predator broke leaving him with a win but out of competition for the night.


The night of  action continued with Glactron vs Reptar and Sprocket the Clown giving fans something new and different in addition to the Big Truck action. Showtimes are at 2 and 7:30 Saturday before the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam trucks pack up and leave the BiLo Center for another year.

Greenville S.C. Monster Jam Saturday Afternoon

By: Joe Lowe


Icy roads and the promise of more snow didn’t stop diehard fans from making the trip to the BiLo Center Saturday afternoon for the second Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Fans arrived promptly at 11:30 for the Built Ford Tough Party in the Pits and loved every minute of the action. Drivers and officials were amazed by the fans who came out to see the hero’s of Monster Jam.


The 2pm event was wild to say with least with Chad Tingler driving Grave Digger to a win in the Wolverine Wheelie Competition and a win in freestyle. The double down did not happen as Madusa drove her big Ford to a win in racing.


We often hear about close racing in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam series but rarely do we hear about close Freestyle and Wheelie scores. Often one truck dominates in the judged competitions, but not today. The afternoon’s action featured very close scores in both events proving again that the level of trucks and drivers is such that anyone can win on any given day.


As usual the real winners were the fans. Andy Hoffman did an incredible job driving his vintage Chevy War Wagon hard and winning cheers from the fans. Another crowd pleaser was Thrasher driven by owner/driver Pat Summa. Fans loved the big air from both trucks as well as the non-stop action on the floor.


The Grave Digger vs Madusa race final was something you would see at the NGK Sparkplugs World Finals in Las Vegas . Fans were on their feet over and over again as the action heated up.



Truck                                                       Wheelie                                   Freestyle

Prowler                                                    14                                                            15

War Wagon                                             19                                                            21

Thrasher                                                  18                                                            17

Predator                                                   21                                                            23

Madusa                                                     23                                                            24

Grave Digger                                            26                                                            28


Race Results:

Round One:

Predator beat Prowler

Madusa over Thrasher

War Wagon downed Grave Digger



Round one fast loser Grave Digger beat Predator

Madusa defeated War Wagon

Race Finals:

Madusa downed Grave Digger


Robert Parker kept the other drivers on their toes as the big Predator truck demonstrated am amazing amount of power in all competitions for the afternoon. Teammate Lenny Kuilder driving Prowler gave the team the one two punch needed for the other trucks to take notice that they had better step up their game or risk losing. The real winners when trucks run hard and push to the limits are the fans.

Greenville S.C. Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Sat. Night

By: Joe Lowe


Neither rain, nor snow, nor ice, nor cold weather could keep Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans away from the BiLo Center Saturday night. Despite all the above they came out to party and see their favorite trucks tear things up in Dixie .


While the drivers and crews may have been tired after working on the trucks in cold wet conditions most of the weekend, every came alive when the fans began to cheer from the events opening. It was magical the way things happened. Loud fans translated to BIG AIR.  From beginning to end fans stayed in their seats cheering, waving flags and generally enjoying the entire event.


Racing, Wheelie, Freestyle, Galactron va Reptar and Sprocket the Clown all added to the very exciting show.


The nights competition was spirited. Not one truck earned a score of less than 19 from the judges and the top score for winner Grave Digger was 26. The scoring for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Freestyle also was close ranging from 17 to 27. Donuts, Big Air and hairpin turns were the rule of the day rather than the exception.


The night featured Chad Tingler driving Grave Digger, Madusa, Thrasher driven by Pat Summa, Robert Parker in Predator, Lenny Kuilder aboard Prowler and Andy Hoffman aboard his War Wagon truck.


With so many of the sports veterans present there was a time or two when we went down memory lane. Hoffman talked about his old truck pulling days, Tingler remembered his first event as a driver in Bangor Maine and Robert Parker recalled his days as a Grave Digger driver for Dennis Anderson.


When all was said and done, the fans and drivers wanted action, and that is what the night was all about. It featured the weekends best and closest racing and freestyle competition and one heck of a Wheelie Contest.



Truck                                       Wheelie                   Freestyle

Prowler                                    19                                            19

War Wagon                             19                                            21

Thrasher                                  21                                            17

Predator                                   22                                            24

Madusa                                     24                                            23

Grave Digger                            26                                            27



Round One:

Thrasher beat Prowler

Madusa over Predator

Grave Digger defeated War Wagon



Round One Fast Loser Predator over Thrasher

Madusa beat Grave Digger



Madusa over Predator.


The weekend featured NO clean sweeps, nobody was able to double down and some very interesting results all lead to a wild weekend in this sleep southern city turned winter wonderland.


Greenville, SC