Gothenburg, SE - Ullevi Stadium

Monster Jam
Ullevi Stadium
Gothenburg, SE
June 9, 2007
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Saturday 2PM - EL TORO LOCO
Saturday 7:30PM - JETIX
Trucks: Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Batman, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Taz, Escalade, Jetix, Slingshot, and Thor


 Weekend Race Recap


Saturday 2PM - Frank Krmel powered El Toro Loco to the racing win while Chad Tingler and Grave Digger took freestyle in front of a Monster Jam Europe record crowd in excess of 30,000 Saturday afternoon at sold out Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

On a head to head racing course constructed on the huge stadium floor in the home of the Swedish National Soccer Team Tingler opened the event by laying down the fastest qualifying time. It appeared Tingler's Grave Digger was the truck to beat in the race bracket until the truck lost oil pressure at the end of a semifinal win over John Seasock and Batman. With Digger out of the final for mechanical reasons Seasock and Batman were inserted into the final race against Frank Krmel and El Toro Loco. Krmel was fast on the course every round and grabbed the victory over the reigning World Racing Champion.

The freestyle was phenomenal start to finish with the biggest obstacles ever used in a Monster Jam Europe event, leading to big move after big move. George Balhan in An Escalade grabbed the lead by using a series of amazing, length of the stadium wheelies and a huge leap over a triple stack of cars buried into the facing of the freestyle motocross landing ramp. Adam Anderson's high energy run in Taz ended with the truck on its roof and the judges scoring a 28 to tie Balhan for the lead. That lasted until Tingler cut Grave Digger loose, bringing the crowd to its feet again and ending with a violent crash. Tingler climbed out of the truck unhurt and scoring a perfect 30 from the Swedish judges. Tom Meents closed the event out with a vintage Maximum Destruction freestyle that included a complete 360 roll over, the truck landing on all four wheels, continuing briefly before a broken battery ended the run with time still on the clock. The judges scored Max-D with a 29, one point short of Grave Digger who grabbed the win.

Fastest qualifier - Grave Digger
1st Round - Grave Digger def Slingshot; Taz def Maximum Destruction; Escalade def Thor; Batman def Jetix; El Toro Loco def Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Thor advanced to 2nd round as fastest loser
2nd round - Grave Digger def Thor; Taz def Escalade; El Toro Loco def Batman (Batman advanced to semifinals as fastest loser)
Semifinals - Grave Digger def Batman; El Toro Loco def Taz (Batman advanced to championship race due to Grave Digger's mechanical problems)

Maximum Destruction 29
Escalade 28
Taz 28
Batman 27
Jetix 24
El Toro Loco 23
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20
Slingshot 15
Thor 13

Saturday 7:30PM - Tom Meents pulled off an amazing Monster Jam first, completely backflipping his Maximum Destruction truck, landing on his wheels and continuing his performance that earned him a tie with Chad Tingler and Grave Digger for the freestyle win after Dan Evans in Jetix won the racing by defeating the impressive Swedish machine Thor, driven by Anders Flogaard, to cap off an historic day of Monster Jam Europe action at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

With the racing bracket reduced to eight trucks while El Toro Loco and Maximum Destruction's crews thrashed desperately to repair damage from the afternoon event it was Dan Evans, sporting the colors of his new European children's television network sponsor Jetix who set the fastest qualifying time and then backed it up with wins over Karl Swallow and Slingshot and then Adam Anderson and Taz to put Jetix in the final. From the bottom of the bracket the Swede pulled a pair of upsets that had the crowd roaring its support, Thor first shocking Grave Digger and then knocking off Candice Jolly in the Monster Mutt Dalmatian to earn a berth in the championship race. Thor was strong again in the finale but Evans had just a little bit more and Jetix came home the event winner.

As it was in the afternoon event the huge obstacles on the big floor led to an array of freestyle moments the fans there won't soon forget. First the crowd came to its feet when Frank Krmel drove El Toro Loco into the stadium after his crew's hard work paid off. Clearly the Toro team had Frank's ride back to 100%, evidenced by Krmel hitting some of the night's biggest air. It was John Seasock and Batman who had the lead with a score of 27 when Tingler roared onto the track in Grave Digger, tearing up the track and ripping off the body in the process. The Digger run ended with a wild rollover and all three judges held up scores of 10 to put Grave Digger in the lead.

Even though the best he could hope for was a tie Meents went after his own 30 with a vengenance, and got the job done bigtime. Smashing through a fresh motorhome and even nailing the Grave Digger chassis, which had now become an obstacle, Meents climaxed the run with his unprecedented Monster Jam backflip and continued on to finish out the clock with one of the best freestyles of his amazing career.

Fastest qualifier - Jetix
1st Round - Jetix def Slingshot; Taz def Escalade; Thor def Grave Digger; Monster Mutt Dalmatian def Batman
Semifinals - Jetix def Taz; Thor def Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Batman 27
Escalade 26
Taz 26
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 25
El Toro Loco 24
Thor 22
Jetix 22
Slingshot 18