Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Bobcats Arena

Monster Jam
Charlotte Bobcats Arena
Charlotte, NC
February 16-17, 2007
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Turtle
Saturday - Grave Digger
Friday - Turtle
Saturday - Turtle
Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger, Turtle, Virginia Giant, Screamin Demon, Big Crunch, Clydesdale, Annihilator, and Bad News. Trucks are subject to change without notice



Weekend Race Recap

Friday 7:30PM-
Hello Monster Fans from Bobcat Arena in Charlotte, NC! Turtle Power was the order of the day as the Monsters took to the floor this evening. Up first was the Monster Wheelie Competition and the drivers were more than ready to get started. Big Crunch fired it up with a 20 to start us off followed by a crazy 27 from Clydesdale. Annihilator answered back with a 27 of his own to tie for the lead. Bad News put in a solid 24 point showing of his own as well as Virginia giant also with a 24. Our last but certainly not least competitor in Monster Wheelie was Grave Digger and he buried the competition with a 29 point run to tak the victory! Congratulations Digger!

Wheelie scores:
Big Crunch 20
Clydesdale 27
Annihilator 27
Bad News 21
Turtle 24
Virginia giant 24
Digger 29

Up next was Monster Racing as we had more in store for the hot Charlotte crowd. Digger would take a bye run into the Semi-Final since he won the Monster Wheelie Competition. That meant that Big Crunch would take on Annihilator and it would be Annihilator taking the win. Turtle and Clydesdale would be the next battle. Turtle would storm past to take on Virginia giant who beat Bad News. Semi Final Action was Digger vs Anihilator and Turtle vs Virginia Giant. Ultimately Digger buried Annihilator only to tear out his rear driveline and be unable to continue the event. Turtle sneaked past the Virginia Giant sleeping at the line. Annihilator would pair up with Turtle in the Final round action. Turtle cut a blistering fast light, and would take the Win. A huge victory in his hometown Event.

FMX was chock full of more exciting action with Trevor Vines dominating the competition. With Grave Digger sidelined for the night, the Monster Jam Freestyle was a wide open field. This included cyclones from bad news and Virginia Giant. The ultimate victor would be The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a double down victory. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle now piloted by Whit Carlton, will help propel his team to ultimately to the World Finals in Las Vegas. Saturday night is looking to Sell out. The Digger Team will pull an all nighter back at their shop, to return to tear it up on Saturday night.


Saturday 7:30PM -
Hello again Monster Jam Fans from Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, NC! Let's get right to the action. Monster Wheelie would be our first event tonight and the drivers brought mtheir best game to the floor. out first Big Crunch who posted a respectable 18 to start it off but Clydesdale answered back with a 22 to take the lead. Annihilator and Bad News chimed in with an 18 and a 15 respectively until Turtle stepped it up with a 21. Virginia Giant came in also with a 21 and it looked like the 22 of Clydesdale would hold up but it wasn't meant to be as Grave Digger was in top form a went sky high with a 26 to get the win in Monster Wheelie. Congratulation Gary Porter and Grave Digger!

Next we come in to Monster Jam Racing. Since Digger won Monster Wheelie he would get a Bye run into the Semi Final. Annihilator would take on Bad News in the first round and it went to Bruce Haney and Bad News to advance. Clydesdale takes on Turtle who won last night's racing and Turtle kept the momentum to advance. our last matchup of the first round saw Virgina Giant triumph over a great effort by Big Crunch. Semi-Final action would put Digger against Bad News and Digger delivered, thundering his way to the final to take on the winner of the battle between Turtle and Virginia Giant. It would not be Turtle's night as Virginia Giant gave it all he had to move to the Final. The stage was set for a tough battle. Grave Digger was back to his old self and Virginia Giant looking for the upset. When the dust settled it was Grave Digger taking the Racing victory by less than a wheel. 2 for 2 on the night, Grave Digger!

Last but certainly not least was the UTI Monster Freestyle! It is amazing how many surprise you can have in one weekend at Monster Jam. Big Crunch got us rolling with a solid 15 point run but Clydesdale kicked it up a notch to 20. Bad News had something to prove and took the lead with an awesome 25and like Hot Wheels says, "Beat that". That is exactly what Turtle had in mind and ripped off a high flying 26 to take the lead! Virginia Giant wanted to get in on the fun as well so he cranks it up and rocks out a 26 of his own. Grave Digger would be our final truck of the night and started out as strong as ever. Some huge air and a couple of cyclones later though, Digger seemed to lose some power and just didn't quite have the killer run we know Gary Porter is capable of. The effort was there but the score on reflected a 25. This left us with 2 trucks tied at 26, Turtle and Virginia Giant. We left it to the capacity crowd to sort it out by their applause. It was so close that we had to do it twice and when the cheers died down it would be Whit Tarlton and Turtle taking the win in Freestyle! It should be noted that Turtle notched the first 3 wins of his career for Whit Tarlton this weekend. Charlotte you have just witnessed the birth of a legend. Congratulations Whit Tarlton and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Thank you very much to all of our great fans for spending your Saturday night here with us in the wonderful world of Monster Jam and don't forget to watch all the Monster action only on Speed. Goodnight Charlotte!

"The Pistol" Pete Birnbryer USHRA Announcer