Springfield, MA - MassMutual Center

Thunder Nationals
MassMutual Center
Springfield, MA
January 13-14, 2006
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - 8:00PM-Tow Rex
Saturday - 2:00PM-Broker
Saturday - 8:00PM-Virginia Giant
Friday - 8:00PM-Virginia Giant
Saturday - 2:00PM-Virginia Giant
Saturday - 8:00PM-Virginia Giant

Trucks: US Hot Rod Monster Trucks and more! Trucks include Virginia Giant, Aftershock, The Broker, Tow Rex, and Thrasher. Subject to change without notice.



Thunder Nationals returns to Springfield, MA!

Trucks: Tow Rex, Aftershock, The Broker, Thrasher, Virginia Giant.

Friday the 13 th is usually considered an unlucky day but for the fans in Springfield it was anything but. After 3 long years the Thunder Nationals make its triumphant return. Let’s get right to the action.

To start of the night we went right into the Monster Wheelie contest. Tow Rex established his presence early with a 16 point run and set the bar high. Aftershock came in with a strong effort but was only able to muster a 14. Not to be outdone, Lou Antonozzi and The Broker ripped off a 20 point run for the Win!

Quad Wars action heated up with Team New York and Team Boston going head to head with both teams notching Heat Race wins.

Up next was the Monster Doughnut contest with Thrasher taking on the reigning Thunder Nationals Champion Virginia Giant. Thrasher throws down the gauntlet with a solid 23 point performance. But the Diehl Wilson has been here before. He knows what it takes to win and he stand on it to score a smoking 27 to take the victory.

In Monster Racing we saw Tow Rex take on Aftershock. In what would be the order of the day, Tow Rex pulls the holeshot and advances to the Final. Then it was up to Broker and Thrasher. In one of the closest races of the evening, Broker edges Thrasher at the line to advance.

The Quad Wars final had 12 machines and some close calls and near misses as the competitors let it all hang out with Team Boston leading most of the way until an aggressive last lap pass put Team New York in front for the Win.

The Monster Racing Final was a drivers battle as Tow Rex, who had suffered a tough loss in the Wheelie Contest. In what was considered by many to be an incredible upset, Tow Rex took on Broker, and slapped a holeshot on him that would make Don Garlits proud. Your winner Jeff Bursey and Tow Rex!

It all came down to Monster Freestyle and the Springfield crowd was going crazy. Tow Rex and The Broker both fired off 15 point runs but were just edged out by Bob Robbins and Aftershock with a 16. Pat Summa and Thrasher then scorched the course with an awesome 19 point run to take the lead. It all came down to our final competitor, Virginia Giant. The reigning Thunder Nationals champ showed why he can never be counted out. Diehl Wilson took the Virginia Giant to new heights with the only perfect 30 point run of the night to capture the Gold. Your winner and Freestyle champion, Virginia Giant!

All in all an incredible evening of competition in front of a very appreciative Springfield crowd. Goodnight everybody and drive safe.

Pete Mitchell

USHRA Announcer




Saturday - 2:00PM

Super Saturday in Springfield, MA.

Hello Monster Fans, Pete Mitchell here to give you the latest and greatest from the Monster world with the report on our afternoon show on Saturday January 14 th.

First up we had the Monster Wheelie contest with 3 trucks going sky high much to the delight of the fans. Last nights Racing winner Tow Rex tried to continue his momentum and fired of a 21 point first shot. Up next was Broker with a solid 16 point effort. It came down to Bob Robbins and Aftershock. Bob went for it and was rewarded with a 23 point run and the victory in Monster Wheelie.

Quad Wars squared off next with one heat race win apiece this was shaping up to be an awesome bar-banging battle between Team New York and Team Boston.

In the Monster Doughnut competition we saw Thrasher and Virginia Giant continue their excellent rivalry. Thrasher put up the number to beat with a 26 point run but not to be outdone Diehl Wilson and Virginia Giant turned and burned his way to an almost perfect 29 point run and the victory!

As a special treat for the Springfield crowd we had a rookie Motocross Freestyler by the name of Brody Wilson to wow the fans with his high flying repertoire of amazing tricks including the first ever Backflip in the Mass Mutual Center!

Monster Racing started off with a bang as Aftershock took on Broker in the 1 st rd and Broker advancing to the Final. Thrasher and last night racing winner Tow Rex squared off next in a nail biter finish it was Thrasher moving on to the Final.

The Quad War Final competitors slipped and slided their way to an awesome win by Team Boston. To top it off we had a one on one Captains challenge with Team Boston taking the victory.

Monster Racing Final was a battle between Thrasher and Broker. When the smoke cleared it was Broker getting the win and the points. Congratulations Broker!

Everyone’s favorite Monster Freestyle was up next. All 5 trucks were ready to rock and roar for the excited Springfield crowd. Out first was Tow Rex who set the track on fire with a 24 point pass. Aftershock came in with an excellent 21 point effort but was just a little off the pace. Monster Racing winner Broker was up next and clicked off a 25 for the new number to beat. One-upping Broker was Thrasher who busted out a 28 to move into the lead with only one truck to go. It was go time for Virginia Giant and he didn’t disappoint when he uncorked a 29 to take the win in Monster Freestyle.

A great afternoon in front of great fans, Thank you Springfield! Signing off for now from the Thunder Nationals.

Pistol Pete Mitchell

USHRA Announcer

Saturday - 8:00PM

Virginia Giant goes 3 for 3 in Springfield!

It was an incredible night of Monster action as the Mass Mutual Center braced itself for its third show in two days. The supercharged crowd was ready for the spectacle that is Thunder Nationals!

First out were the Monster Wheelie competitors who wowed the crowd with great runs all around. Tow Rex struck first with an 18 followed by Aftershock with a good effort and a solid 17. In the end it was the driver with the least experience but the most desire with The Broker and Lou Antonozzi edging out the competition with a 19 and the victory.

Quad Wars thrilled the crowd with their own special brand of warfare and when all was said and done it was Team Boston upholding the home town pride and winning the hearts of the fans.

Monster Doughnut saw a head to head battle between Pat Summa’s Thrasher and Diehl Wilson’s Virginia Giant. With what would be the tone of the evening it was a 27 for Giant and a 24 for Thrasher. Virginia Giant is your winner!

Up next was Monster Racing and with Tow Rex out with transmission problems we saw Broker take on Thrasher with Broker advancing to the Final. Our other match up had Aftershock taking on Virginia Giant and in a very tight finish it was Virginia Giant heading to the Final.

Our Final Round showdown consisted of the previous 2 event winners. Virginia Giant took the win on Friday night and Broker got the nod in the Saturday afternoon show. Score tied 1 to 1. With it all on the line Diehl Wilson showed why he is the reigning Thunder Nationals champion as the Virginia Giant captures the Win!

Rounding out an incredible day was everyone’s favorite, Monster Freestyle. The drivers let it all hang out as this was the final show of the weekend. Even with a busted transmission, Tow Rex put in a great effort and recorded a 16 point score. Not to be outdone, Aftershock and Broker turned in scores of 19 and 24 respectively. Thrasher came out with something to prove and he went to the top with a 27! It wasn’t over yet as Virginia Giant romped and stomped its way around the arena to go out in fine style with a perfect 30 to cap of his perfect day going 3 for 3! Congratulations to Virginia Giant!

Huge thanks go out to the fans for showing such great support and enthusiasm for our efforts. We can’t wait to do it again for the great people of Springfield Massachusetts. From all of us to all of you fans thanks for making our event an overwhelming success.

- Pete Mitchell USHRA Announcer