Beaumont, TX - Ford Arena

Monster Jam
Ford Arena
Beaumont, TX
March 12-14, 2004
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Grave Digger
Saturday - Grave Digger
Sunday - Samson
Friday - Grave Digger
Saturday - Grave Digger
Sunday - Grave Digger

Trucks: Grave Digger driven by Randy Brown, Samson, King Krunch, Pure Adrenalin, Godzilla, and Full Boar


 Weekend Race Recap

A near capacity crowd witnessed a night of extremely close racing action and a super wild Monster Truck Freestyle.  The action heated up right away with Monster Truck Qualifying.  The fast time went to crowd favorite David Smith in King Krunch.  But in the first round, King Krunch was defeated by Equalizer driven by Mike Hawkins.  King Krunch did however get to come back to the next round as fast looser in the first round.  King Krunch having to go the hard way, made it to the finals to go head-to-head with Grave Digger driven by Randy Brown.  Grave Digger pulled out the photo finish win!
The racing action was just as close when the Quad Wars came to the tacky track.  Heat one went to Team Oklahoma and heat number two went to Team Texas.  The competition heated up in the main event.  On the last corner of the last lap, Team Oklahoma took Team Texas’ team captain completely off the track.  During the post race interview with Team Oklahoma, Team Texas’ captain came out and suggested that if he was man enough he would put it all on the line in a captains challenge.  The 4 lap challenge race was won over the Ford Finish Line by Team Texas. 

The final event of the night was Monster Truck Freestyle.  At the end of it all we had the two trucks from the Racing finals both tipping over during their runs.  The perfect score and the win went to Grave Digger.
Monster Truck Racing:
Round one:
Pure Adrenaline def. Samson
Equalizer def. King Krunch
Grave Digger def. Godzilla
Round two:
King Krunch (fast looser) def. Pure Adrenaline
Grave Digger def. Equalizer
Grave Digger def. King Krunch

Quad Wars:
  Team Texas won the captains challenge
Monster Truck Freestyle:
Godzilla    16
Pure Adrenaline    23
Samson     17
King Krunch     27
Grave Digger    30   WINNER

The Monster Jam came back to Beaumont and to the new Ford Arena.  The packed house got to see an awesome show!  Six of the best trucks were here tonight.  The first thing out of the box was Monster Truck qualifying.  After the brackets were set up we narrowed the field down to 2 trucks.  Local Favorite, Texas native, David Smith driver of King Krunch went up against Samson.  King Krunch came away with the narrow win!
The next part of the show was the Quad Wars.  The main event was won by Team Oklahoma.  Much to the crowd's delight the Team Texas Captain wanted a Captain's Challenge.  The Challenge Race was won by Team Texas!
The last event of the night was Monster Truck Freestyle.  Five trucks tore up the arena floor.  Taking the win with the highest and farthest jump was Grave Digger driven by “Downtown” Randy Brown with the only perfect score of 30.
Monster Racing
Round One:
Pure Adrenalin def. Samson
King Krunch def. Equalizer
Grave Digger had a bye run because Godzilla broke in Qualifying
Round Two:
King Krunch def. Pure Adrenalin
Samson (fast looser) def. Grave Digger
King Krunch def. Samson
Monster Truck Freestyle:
Godzilla    21
Pure Adrenaline    16
Samson     25
Equalizer     25
King Krunch   did not freestyle due to mechanical problems
Grave Digger    30     WINNER

The rainy, nasty weather in Beaumont didn’t stop the USHRA stars from having an awesome day inside!  The fans at the Ford Arena were treated to an action packed Sunday afternoon full of Monster Trucks and Quad Wars.  Monster Truck qualifying was first on tap.  The fast qualifier was Equalizer driven by Mike Hawkins.
Then came the qualifying heat races for Quad Wars.  Team Oklahoma won the first heat and Team Texas took the victory in the second heat.
Next, we went straight into Monster Truck racing.  The fastest truck of the day was Samson driven by Dan Patrick.  Patrick defeated Texas native King Krunch by inches.
The main event for Quad wars was really exciting.  The win went to Ben Cage and Team Oklahoma.  Much to the delight of the crowd, Team Texas came right back out and asked the USHRA officials for a Captains Challenge.  The stage was set: four laps, winner takes all Captains Challenge.  The last lap down the “Vegas Strip” back-straight Team Texas pinched Team Oklahoma into the crush cars.  The big winner was Team Texas.
The final event of the afternoon was Monster Truck Freestyle.  Grave Digger thrilled the crowd. Taking the win with the only perfect score was “Downtown” Randy Brown the driver of Grave Digger!
Monster Truck Racing:
Round One:
Samson def. Pure Adrenaline
King Krunch def. Equalizer
Grave Digger def. Godzilla
Samson def. Equalizer (fast looser)
King Krunch def. Grave Digger
Samson def. King Krunch
Monster Freestyle:
Godzilla   21
Pure Adrenaline   23
Samson   14
Equalizer   26
King Krunch    24
Grave Digger    30    WINNER
Story by: Scott Deubler