Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena

Monster Jam
Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO
January 30-February 1, 2004
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Vette King
Saturday 2PM - Grave Digger
Saturday 8PM -War Wizard
Sunday - Vette King
Friday - Grave Digger
Saturday 2PM - Grave Digger
Saturday 8PM - Grave Digger
Sunday - Samson/GraveDigger

Trucks: Grave Digger driven by Gary Porter, Vette King, Samson, Cyborg, Tuff E Nuff, Predator driven by Allen Pezo, Prowler, and Backdraft


 Weekend Race Recap

The usual suspects for the monster racing were put out early tonight.  Digger went out to War Wizard, and Samson succumbed to a mechanical failure.  It was Alan Pezo in Predator and Brandon Harrington in Vette King that advanced to the main.  Pezo lost a rear end off the line and Vette King stomped him for the victory.

Rory Cambell won in the pro arena truck competition.
Team KC won the quad racing.

War Wizard rolled over in freestyle to set the bar at 22.  Digger came out and flogged the race track to get a 28 point score and won freestyle.
Saturday 2PM
It was Digger time in the Kemper Arena!! Digger trounced the field in the elimination rounds. He met up against last nights winner Brandon Harrington and Vette King. It was another photo finish at the Built Ford Tough finish line. Both trucks came off the Advance Auto Parts Start Line with a flurry, but the replay clearly showed that it was Digger going to the Built Ford Tough victory lane.
Roger Cardot set the fastest time in qualifying during the Advance Auto Parts Pro Arena Truck Competition. He then came out in the subsequent rounds and continued setting the top time and dominated thru to the main event, leaving the rest of the field wondering how they can compete with the ultra fast Bubba truck.
In the main Bubba and Roger Cardot flat footed it to the winners circle.
Team KC won the Shrouts Powersports Quad War main event.
Grave Digger was a double winner on the day taking the freestyle win as well as the racing title. Cyborg sat on top of the leader board with a 24 point score. He was there for most of the night until Digger's 28 spoiled Jack Koburna's chance at the win.
Saturday 8PM
The extreme cold started to take its toll on the monster trucks in KC.  Lots of frozen parts and broken pieceds littered the floor at the end of the night.  Digger went out with an exploded rearend, next out was Predator and his tranny.  Making it to the final was Vette King and War Wizard.  The Wizard came out with the win in side by side drag racing.
Pro Arena truck racing saw a killer final as Roger Cardot and Rory Cambell went at it at a furious pace.  In the end it was Cardot and the Bubba truck in the Built Ford Tough victory lane.
Teamn KC again prevailed in the quad war main.
War Wizard nearly did the first front flip in a monster truck!  He got tripped up on the van stack, then po goed off the front tires and flipped like a tumbler.  He made it 3/4's of the way before he smacked down on the Hot Rod Raceway.  28 was his scorfe and the leader until Digger came out and saved 2 near roll overs before finally putting the black and green wrecking machine UPSIDE DOWN!!!  30 points and the win for Digger.

Alan Pezo came to win on Sunday.  He put Digger out in the semi, while Samson red lighted to give the Vette King his return to the final.  Predator was the favorite going into the final.  As the light went green, the King nailed the start while Pezo sat at the line.  Vette King wins!!!
 Herb Wyman finally came through.  He was one of the finalists or in the semi final all weekend long, before he finally put it together and won the final race of the weekend.
Team KC won the main again in Quad War Racing.  They made it a clean sweep, beating Oakland all weekend long.
Digger freaked in freestyle.  Gary Porter wallowed Digger around the hot rod race way to the delight of the crowd.  He had to flog Digger just to tie the perfect 30 point score posted by Dan Patrick and Samson.  Samson's doughnut was a real crowd pleaser, and the first guy all weekend that was able to hit a gnarly burnout.  Digger matched the run to sit atop the leader board in freestyle.