Denver, Co - Denver Coliseum

Monster Jam
Denver Coliseum
Denver, Co
February 22, 2002
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Grave Digger
Saturday - Grave Digger
Saturday Night - Grave Digger
Sunday - Grave Digger
Friday - Grave Digger
Saturday - Team Meents
Saturday Night - Grave Digger and Team Meents
Sunday - Team Meents



Weekend Race Recap
Denver, CO (Feb. 22-24, 2002)
Friday Night
It was the Digger show throughout the performance. Pablo Huffaker scored perfect 30's in the doughnut contest, the wheelie contest, and Freestyle. The only one close was when Team Meents tied Digger with 30's in wheelie and Freestyle competition. The main event in drag racing was a route with Digger winning again. Grave Digger bicycled up on two wheels for what seemed like forever before saving it and kept from hitting the wall.
In Quad Wars Team Las Vegas scored the main event win and then lost the challenge extended by Team Denver.

Saturday Afternoon
Digger was the truck to beat. He scored perfect 30's in doughnuts, wheelies and Freestyle. No one else even came close to Diggers score. The freestyle competition tool it out of Digger. He broke the rear locker differential leaving him with power to the right rear tire only. He lost in the semi-final of drag racing, which put Firemouth up against team Meents, with Eldon Depew and Team Meents scoring the victory.

In Quads, Team Las Vegas won a heat race the main and the grudge.
Saturday Night
It was the Digger show again. The only truck to win an event besides Digger was Firemouth with the only 30 in the Doughnut contest. Digger scored perfect 30's in everything else and won the drag racing as well. Team Meents tied Digger in Freestyle with a 30 of his own. High flyin' Team Meents busted out huge air in both the wheelie contest and freestyle competition. The highest and longest of the night.

Team Denver finally got into victory lane with a grudge match win over Vegas.

Once again the highlight of ther show was Team Meents's high flyin attack on the crush cars. Team Meents won the doughnut contest with a perfect 30. Dragon Slayer tied with Team Meents in the wheelie contest and then won the Freestyle competition hands down with the only perfect 30 of the competition. Digger faced off against Black Smith in the drag race final. Digger won in a photo finish. Team Denver narrowly won the captains challenge after losing the main event. Bobby Cox a.k.a. "Hot Rod" entertained and made the crowd enjoy the Thunder National.