Colorado Springs, CO - World Arena

Monster Jam
World Arena
Colorado Springs, CO
January 4, 2002
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Friday - Kaptain Insano
Saturday 2pm - King Krunch
Saturday 8pm - Team Meents
Friday - Team Meents
Saturday 2pm - King Krunch
Saturday 8pm - Team Meents



 Weekend Race Recap

Colorado Springs, CO(January 4-5, 2002)
Friday Night
This was the first event in the World Arena, and the fans loved it! The trucks racing were Team Meents, Bulldozer, Kaptain Insano, Obsession, & King Krunch.
It was head to head drags in the racing competition. In the Semi-finals, Team Meents got in via fast loser. In a repeat of the previous round, King Krunch & Team Meents squared off. Team Meents made an awesome comeback which put him up against Kaptain Insano for the finals. Kaptain Insano took the win.

Team Nebraska won the main in the Quad Wars, and Dare Devil Dan Elder thrilled the audience with his High Fall, he also jumped 2 monster trucks!The definate evening highlight was the Amazing Flaming High Fall!

Saturday Afternoon
The afternoon performance of the U.S. Hot Rod Monster Jam Presented by Ford Trucks started off with a bang as Daredevil Dan Elders performed the Flaming High Fall. Intentionally lighting himself on fire and hurling himself off of the cat-walk 90 feet above the arena floor into a stack of EMPTY cardboard boxes. Perfectly executed and performed, Daredevil Dan walked away with the crowd screaming its approval.

David Smith and the King Krunch Race Team started the Monster Truck racing off with the quickest qualifying time and set himself up with a bye in the first elimination round. As the rest of the field tried to put themselves in the running for the main event, Krunch twisted some wrenches and made final preparations to storm into victory lane. Kaptain Insano piloted by BJ Johnson, Friday nites winner, suared off against Kink Krunch in the final. The 2002 concept "Bone" truck cut a good light, but the 66 inch tires on Insano did not hook up the way the the opposite lane with Krunch would. David Smith rocketed off the line and onto the podium as King Krunch proved to be the man to beat for the rest of the weekend.

Team Colorado tried valiantly to redeem themselves after a Friday nite loss to arch rival Team Nebraska. Unfortunatly for Colorado, the boys from Nebraska were up to speed as they cruised to an easy victory. The two team captains ended up in a skirmish at the checkered flag that prompted a one-on-one shoot out for all of the glory. Team Colorado was barely able to squeak out the win.
Daredevil Dan Elders performed a ramp to ground motorcycle jump right after intermission. Another success for the daredevil from Colorado Springs.

To cap off the afternoon performance, the monster pilots put on an awesome Freestyle display. Kaptain Insano, with a huge launch off the van stack, ( he was in high gear when he hit the van stack, turning about 8000 rpm) went to the lead with a 27, only to be tied by the Team Meents truck. King Krunch again stole the show as David Smith put together a consistent and fast run, using every obstacle, in every direction possible. The crowd approved of Krunch's style giving him a 29 point score and 2 wins on the day.

Saturday Evening
A packed house in the World Arena turne out for the final event of the weekend. This nite started off with a frenzy of activity. The U.S.A.F. drill team performed a sabre routine followed by the AirForce Acadamy "Zoomies" singing our national anthem. Racing got under way with Team Meents finally working out all of the air to fuel mixture problems that they had in the high altitude of the Colorado Rockies. Eldon Depew took Team Meents into round 1 with a bye run after he set himself up by being fastest qualifier.

Daredevil Dan Elders once again performed both of his stunts flawlessly for a capacity crowd.
The afternoon winner in side by side drag racing, King Krunch was once again in the final, up against the 2 time world champ, Team Meents. This time it was the futuristic SUV that rocketed to victory.

Team Nebraska blatantly cheated in the quad war final. Cutting to the inside of the final turn pole gave the away team the victory at the checkers. Team Colorado would not stand for such unsportsman like conduct, so the called the team captains out for a 4 lap shoot out. Team Nebraska had the win, but missed a shift in the last 20 feet, causing him to lose the race and the pro purse.

Monster Truck Freestyle rocked!!! Kaptain Insano skyed over the van stack, forward and BACKWARD!! The backward jump is unequaled in suprise and style. His prowess gave Insano the lead over King Krunch 26 to 24. The final truck of the nite took to the raceway. The winner from side by side drags, Team Meents. Eldon brought the crowd to their feet in the 1st 15 seconds of his run by putting his truck up on the left side wheels in a "bicyle" trying to bump the throttle to keep it on all fours. Unfortunately, he ran out of room and the futuristic SUV became a bug on its back as it rolled over on its lid. With the crowd in a frenzy, the judges gave the only perfect 30 of the weekend.