Hagerstown, MD - Hagerstown Speedway

Monster Jam
Hagerstown Speedway
Hagerstown, MD
July 20, 2001
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Racing Winner
Freestyle Winner

Grave Digger (Pauken) - Friday
Grave Digger (Pauken) & Black Stallion - Saturday
Grave Digger (Pauken) - Friday
Grave Digger (Pauken) - Saturday




Weekend Race Recap
Hagerstown, MD -- "The Legend Continues"
(July 20-21, 2001)

Friday Night
If Lebanon Valley is famous for fast racing, then Hagerstown Speedway is famous for being the hardest track. The gremlins came ou Friday night as Dodge presented the Monster Jam brought to you by Budweiser. A capacity crowd witnessed the carnage. Throttle problems for Thrasher, timing problems for Gunslinger, Wrenchead broke getting out of the hauler and parts had to be shipped in. Even the World Champion Goldberg had his share of problems. Driver Tom Meents took a hard hit in the second round of racing and thought he hurt a rib. As it turned out he just had the breath knocked out of him. The pain of the hit along with the heat caused Tom to momentarily black out. Meents tried to get back in the truck and USHRA officials ruled that he was out for the night.
The race winner was Grave Digger driven by Charlie Pauken. He defeated the Hagerstown hometown truck Black Stallion. Black Stallion is the Thunder Nationals Champion for 2001 and driver Michael Vaters has many fans in the area. "It was a close race but Digger got me at the line. I still have tomorrow," Vaters told the crowd.
10 Street Warriors came out to try their hand at the red clay track. The final came down to Jordan Cramer in his '89 Ranger and Frank Morich in his 90 Chevy High Voltage. In the end, Morich was the winner with the best time of the night 49.19.
Monster freestyle featured Goldberg driven by Charlie Pauken. The Grave Digger driver offered to drive for Tom Meents. Meents went to the flagman's stand to watch Pauken in his truck for the first time. Meents was amazed at the great performance and told the crowd,"I hope he doesn't like it too much, I'm driving tomorrow." Goldberg got a 28 from the judges. Thrasher tried to make a great run in freestyle but problems persisted and he got a 6 after having to leave the track. Grave Digger again driven by Charlie Pauken thrilled the crowd with his wild freestyle. The judges gave him a perfect 30. The night was almost over when Black Stallion roared out on the track. Michael Vaters gave the crowd the show of his life turning many fans into Stallion lovers. At first, the judges gave him a 29 then one of the judges said he lost the 10 and held up a 9+1. The total score was a perfect 30; it was a tie between Digger and Stallion.Drivers signed autographs for over an hour after the event, completing the unforgettable evening.
Saturday Night
The second and final night of monster jam at the Hagerstown Speedway was another sell-out. The crowd came in anticipation of great action and that is exactly what they got. Three competitions made up of Monster racing, street warriors, and Monster Freestyle gave the crowd enough action to last until next year's event.
The fans didn't get much of a chance to sit down. Monster racing saw Black Stallion defeat Wrenchead, Gunslinger took out world champion Goldberg, and Gravedigger won over Thrasher in the first round. In the second round. Gravedigger defeated Gunslinger in a controversial decision and Thrasher took out Wrenchead when Stallion could not answer the call.
In the race final it was Gravedigger over Thrasher.
Street Warriors also came to race. Friday's winner was not in the final. The winner was the little high flying Subaru Brat of James Tracey. Tracey took the little car over the track in a record time of 56.25 while second place finisher Doug Hutton has a time of 57.16.
Monster freestyle was as exciting as any event this year. Fans and judges alike were very tough on the trucks. Scoring went this way: Thrasher 16, Wrenchead 12, and Gunslinger 21. Black Stallion thrilled the fans with a stellar performance; the judges awarded him a 29. Next was Goldberg with Tom Meents coming out for 90 seconds of heart stopping action. Score? 30. Finally Gravedigger driven by Charlie Pauken had his turn on the track. Digger had been the crowd's favorite most of the night but the judges awarded him a 30 as well. A crowd cheer-off resulted in Gravedigger winning freestyle but Goldberg was a very close second as was Black Stallion.
Fans stayed for almost 2 hours to get autographs from the USHRA drivers. To put it mildly Hagerstown was rocked by the monsters and left the crowd wanting more. Much more.