On The Road With Team Max-D - Week 1
By Mark Cole
Jan 7, 2014

In Tacoma, WA, there were four shows that the Max-D team got to perform at. For the first show, we got the Monster Jam truck ready to go, and ended up losing in the semi finals of racing when there were problems with front steer locking up.  We managed to put on an awesome freestyle that Neil ended the run with a cross thread in the middle of the track that was a little too short. He landed the rear tires on another jump, causing the truck to get out of control and Neil, being the great driver he is, pulled out a crazy save. Even though it was an awesome save, it caused severe damage to the front of the chassis; breaking it almost in half.  Crew member Mason Knorr put his welding skills to work to get the truck back in business and to make sure it was safe for Neil to run in. Dustin Davis, Chuck Werner and myself worked on repairing the other damage, including some body work. We broke a bead on the left rear tire, which was a major problem since we didn't have another one. Team Max-D was up till 4:30 am fixing the frame and repairing the truck for three more shows that weekend. A big thanks goes out to Donald Epidendio from Team Titan for giving us his spare tire. All the hard work led us to win racing during the next show. We ended up leaving Tacoma with a win and two double downs accumulated throughout the weekend. With minor damage to the Max-D body, the trailer is packed and we are off to Atlanta, GA where we'll try to bring home more hardware!



 Down in Houston, TX, Tom Meents rolled the Monster Jam truck in racing, but managed to get it back on all fours to win his heat! The race was sweet for his fans to see, but it broke the outer axle and put him out of the rest of racing. Tom’s crew- Brandon Lambert, Wes Cotsamire and rookie Jared Eichelberger, thrashed to get the truck back for racing, but the 24-truck lineup just didn't leave them enough time.  Meents made up for the disappointment in racing by winning freestyle with some of his signature crazy-big air and cross threading. This was the first show for this crew of guys to be together and they did the Max-D name justice.  They are heading off to Anaheim, CA for some sunshine and destruction!



 Morgan Kane debuted in his very own Max-D in Des Moines, IA by rolling over Friday night in racing, ripping off all the spikes and damaging the hood. Crew chief, Josh Dyche, along with rookie crew member, Jorge Palpatine and Mohawk Warrior driver, BJ Johnson, got the truck fixed. Morgan dominated the rest of the weekend by winning all three freestyle events. During the weekend, the Bounty Hunter team had problems with a ring and pinion.  Dyche stepped up to help his Monster Jam family and worked to have the truck ready for the show. This team is in route to Detroit, MI to show the motor city just what Maximum Destruction looks like!

 There's no time to rest in Monster Jam.  These teams are all planning to go bigger and better next weekend- after all, this is as big as it gets!