Scott Douglass Released The Odds For The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIV
By Monster Jam Media
Mar 21, 2013


Every year since Monster Jam® began crowning its World Champions at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas way back in the year 2000 I have poured over the stats and trends to post my odds on the entire field and that tradition continues in 2013. Reading below you will see each Monster Jam truck and driver entered in the 14th battle for the world titles in Vegas listed along with their odds to win racing and then the odds to win freestyle along with a paragraph that briefly explains my reasoning in determining those numbers.

As I have done each year I consider two factors the most important in considering the morning line post for each: their previous experience and success in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM and their body of work in the current season, most importantly their record at the sport’s stadium and dome events.

Over the years we have seen how difficult it is for any superstar to defend their championship so rarely have I made the defending champion the favorite in the morning line odds. 2013 thus becomes the ultimate rarity as both the defending World Racing Champion as well as the defending World Freestyle Champion are installed as the favorite in each of those genres as we head into the sport’s greatest weekend, and you’ll see my reasoning for each following their odds listing. As I always point out, these odds are “for recreational purposes only”. With that said, here they are, the odds for the entire field competing in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs:

Morning Line odds - RACING

8 - 5 Max-DSM – Tom Meents: Boy have I wrestled with this one. As a matter of fact, I adjust these odds on an ongoing basis throughout the first quarter and just a couple of weeks ago I had Max-D listed as low as the 7th choice on the list in both racing and freestyle. Then I came to my senses. We are after all talking about the 10-time World Champion who has won six of those titles in racing. The reason Meents was falling down the board was that the 2013 season has not been stellar especially in racing. Max-D fans did cheer loudly March 9th when Tom finally won a stadium racing trophy in Syracuse, and while that is worth noting, it’s not why he is the racing favorite. He has to be when you consider not just his all-time racing record there, far and away the best in the business, but more importantly his record at Sam Boyd the past five years. Meents is on the greatest run we’ve ever seen at the Monster Jam World Finals, having earned a berth in the Championship Race in each of the past five years, an unprecedented accomplishment. He won the world racing title in three of those most recent trips to Vegas including the past two. He has 18 wins in his last 19 rounds of racing in this competition, totally unheard of numbers. Max-D enters the 2013 championships as the favorite in racing and a top tier contender in freestyle.

9 - 5 Monster Energy – Damon Bradshaw: Only the Max-D magic in Las Vegas keeps Monster Energy from being the favorite to win the World Racing Championship, and if I was only considering the body of work this season Bradshaw would be the favorite. As it is the odds between the top two are as close as their finish in World Championship Race a year ago when Max-D edged Monster Energy by .022 of a second, Max-D at 8 to 5 and Monster Energy at 9 to 5. Monster Energy has won the most racing trophies at stadium events in 2013 matching Bounty Hunter for the most wins.

2 - 1 Bounty Hunter – Jim Creten: With the third highest racing win total in the history of this event, Bounty Hunter is always a threat in each round, and as it has been for the past several years, the big question is can Creten finally break all the way through to win his first World Racing Championship, He seems positioned to do so, rolling in to Las Vegas with tons of momentum. Bounty Hunter matches Monster Energy’s total of four stadium racing championships in 2013, the best number in the business. Looking at round by round results on the big tracks this year he has the third most wins and the second highest winning percentage among all Monster Jam drivers meaning Bounty Hunter comes back to Sam Boyd Stadium with momentum. Will this be the year Jimmy finally grabs that long sought after racing title, an honor he has been so close to claiming several times in the past, or will he continue to wrestle with the frustration in Vegas of coming close without taking the grand prize? The answer will come soon enough, but in making these odds there is no way to keep Bounty Hunter from being one of the top choices to win the World Racing Championship.

3 – 1 Grave Digger® – Dennis Anderson: 2013 has been an awesome year so Grave Digger but with Dennis, like Meents, the true success of an annual campaign is based on World Championships as much as any other factor. Grave Digger and Dennis Anderson heads back to Sam Boyd Stadium in search of a fifth world title and his first since 2010. Looking at his 2013 track record you can make the case that Grave Digger comes into the 14th World Finals with the most momentum. After a slow start to the year he has been on a roll winning Double Down trophies in Anaheim and Atlanta and Anderson ended the first quarter season tops on the trophy haul list in stadium events. Dennis has claimed 11 pieces of the coveted big venue hardware so far this year, with 6 stadium freestyle victories, 3 stadium racing championships and the previously mentioned pair of Double Down trophies. To no surprise Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger would not return much on your “investment” if you could wager on these odds in a Vegas Sports Book, Dennis is again one of the top four favorites to win in both of the Monster Jam World Finals competitions.

7 - 2 Grave Digger The Legend® – Adam Anderson: The Legend ranks among the top choices in both competitions coming off a fantastic first quarter of the year in both disciplines, Double A’s results sheet posting some impressive numbers this year. Adam ranks 2nd in total stadium round racing wins, has the second highest total of stadium racing championships, and has the second most freestyle stadium championships in 2013. And maybe the biggest indicator that Grave Digger the Legend is as big a threat as ever to capture either championship is that it appears his personal Vegas curse has been broken. After becoming the youngest World Champion in history when he took the freestyle crown here back in 2008 Anderson suffered through miserable results on his next three treks to the World Finals. That bad karma began to turn back around last year as Anderson made it all the way to the semifinal round in the racing bracket, then turned in a top notch freestyle that left him tied for the third best score in last year’s competition, so just a slight improvement on last year’s results will put Adam back on top of the mountain.

4 – 1 Son-uva Digger® – Ryan Anderson: Many fans and industry insiders alike will tell you that they believe that if the name Anderson is to be engraved on a World Championship trophy this year that the first name on that line will more likely be Ryan rather than Dennis or Adam. What a phenomenal year Son-uva Digger is having. Travis Tritt had a country music hit some years ago called “Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof”, which might qualify as Ryan’s new theme song. There are times this year when he has looked to be almost unbeatable in freestyle and he has only lost once in a stadium racing event this year, his 15 and 1 race record being the best stadium mark in the sport percentage wise and his 3 racing championships in the big houses is the second highest total of any. He won 15 rounds of racing in a row before his Dad ended that streak but Ryan clearly has elevated his racing status to that of a legitimate title contender.

9 – 2 Lucas Oil Crusader – Linsey Weenk: It shows how incredible this line-up is and what a great year it has been for several top racers that the Lucas Oil Crusader, while being among the favorites with relatively low odds, is ranked seventh among the racing contenders. Weenk has been great most weeks this year, evidenced by his rating as the winningest driver in stadium racing this season with 21 round wins. That points to Lucas Oil Crusader being likely to put some wins together and Weenk has advanced as far as the final four in this race tournament before. It’s taking the next step, getting into the race for all the marbles, the final round in Vegas, which has eluded him thus far. Weenk has made it as far as the semifinals in the ultimate race bracket three times, but his journey ended at that plateau each time. Certainly this team is capable of taking that next step.

5 – 1 El Toro Loco® – Marc McDonald: McDonald has won the Double Down trophy as the fastest qualifier here before and has been fast every year on this track, yet like the Lucas Oil Crusader, this part of team El Toro Loco has seen its racing success capped in the semifinal round during previous action here. No doubt El Toro Loco is a fast truck and McDonald a great talent and for Marc it is all a matter of finding just a little bit more in this season marked by a series of runner-up finishes.

6 – 1 Blue Thunder® – Pablo Huffaker: One of the drivers who has made an impact on this event often in the past, the versatile Grave Digger driver again sports different colors to compete in the Monster Jam World Finals. After driving Black Smith®, Grave Digger®, Captain’s Curse®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and even Ragin’ Steel® here in past year’s Pablo this time gets the World Finals berth behind the wheel of Blue Thunder.. In racing Huffaker has made it to the final round before, falling to Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger’s first World Championship race back in 2004.

8 – 1 Captain’s Curse® – Alex Blackwell: Blackwell has been within one victory of a world title before, that was in 2009 when Max-D beat Captain’s Curse in the final round. So Blackwell has proven he can get to the World Championship Race, the goal for Alex is to do that again and then take it one step further by winning the whole thing.

10 – 1 Superman – Jon Zimmer: Arguably the most popular return of a driver to the Monster Jam World Finals who was not in the field last year is that of Jon Zimmer, who joined the  Grave Digger team to start this season and will power Superman in Las Vegas. Zimmer has had a superb 2013 for the black and green team and there’s no reason to believe moving into the caped truck will bring any different results. Zimmer was fast on this track when he ran here in Shock Therapy previously and at odds of 10 to 1 he made rate as the strongest possibility to see a racing winner coming from a truck carrying double digit odds here.

11 – 1 Iron Man – Lee O’Donnell: Here’s another Monster Jam truck that is expected to make its biggest impact on the racing bracket. O’Donnell’s off-road racing background and expertise on desert tracks at the very least makes him a little more comfortable on this unique dirt. The Iron Man driver has an incredible desire to win and has a slew of high profile racing victories to his credit in a relatively brief Monster Jam career. He’s now a Vegas veteran, but has never made a deep run into this bracket in the past. Maybe this is the year that Iron Man and O’Donnell get on a roll here and make a run at the racing crown. The talent is there for Iron Man to do just that.

12 – 1 Captain America – Chad Fortune: Fortune has seen the greatest success of his career since moving into this Marvel ride and earlier this year grabbed his highest profile win ever when Captain America out raced a fantastic field of superstars at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. As a rule during Chad’s previous Monster Jam World Finals appearances he has fared better in freestyle than in racing and has several Vegas Wow moments in freestyle that he can boast of. This year however, based on both his vast experience on this race course and the impressive results in 2013 Captain America is a much stronger play in racing than in freestyle.

15 – 1 Advance Auto Parts GrinderSM – John Seasock: Advance Auto Parts Grinder will be handled this time by one of only three drivers who have won the World Racing Championship more than once. The “People’s Truck” and its talented driver though fit in the middle of the middle of the pack here partially because we have not seen Seasock hauling in stadium trophies recently. Still you cannot underestimate what is means to have scaled this mountain before and John has done it twice, so the Advance Auto Parts Grinder team not only fields incredible machinery but has a racer with World Championship pedigree, and tons of Vegas experience.

15 – 1 Spider-Man – Bari Musawwir: Musawwir will make history as the first African American to compete in the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals but he is not your typical Vegas rookie. One year ago he powered Spider-Man to the first Young Guns Shootout Championship so he knows how to win on this track. Obviously the competition is in a whole other class for Spider-Man this time, still Bari is capable of grabbing some round wins here depending on how well he qualifies and how the brackets line-up. No matter what the results are this time it is one of the real highlights of the 14th Monster Jam World Finals that Musawwir and Spider-Man have earned an invitation into the sport’s premier event for the first time.

18 – 1 Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Candice Jolly: One of the most popular aspects of the Double Down and the world’s biggest Party in the Pits will be the Monster Mutt Dalmatian fashion show, but after those fun festivities are completed Candice Jolly will get down to the business of trying to win her first world title. The odds are a little better for the spotted Mutt in racing where Candice remains one of the quickest off the line in the sport, and she has been among the top qualifiers here in the past. 

20 – 1 Madusa®  – Madusa: She’s always been one of a kind and in this competition she stands alone as the only female to ever win a World Championship, and her name is on the exclusive line with Tom Meents, Dennis Anderson, John Seasock, and Jim Koehler as the only drivers ever to win more than one Monster Jam World Finals Championship. She has had some great runs this season including making it all the way to the UTI Championship Round Race in Miami where she lost a controversial final to Bounty Hunter.

20 – 1 Metal Mulisha – Todd Leduc: We know that Metal Mulisha is fast as evidenced by LeDuc winning the Double Down trophy here one year ago as the fastest qualifier. Last year that was the Metal Mulisha highlight as LeDuc was unable to follow up the Friday night success, being defeated in the second round of the racing bracket. This is a fast Monster Jam truck and a talented, fearless driver, still the odds are a little longer until Todd gets more experience on the sport’s fastest course.

22 – 1 Monster Mutt® – Charlie Pauken:. While Monster Mutt is a much longer shot in racing than in freestyle Pauken has had some success on this track in the past, and he rolls into this race bracket off of a first quarter of the year that has seen him rack up the wins. Adding together results from stadiums and arenas Pauken has one of the best totals of anyone in the game with a total of 55 racing round wins in 2013 so far.

25 – 1 Mohawk Warrior® – George Balhan: Mohawk Warrior has shocked some better known racers and taken home some trophies in major events before so any of the favorites always have to keep a wary eye on Mohawk if they draw George and his popular truck in the bracket. Still, like some others in this field, while Mohawk Warrior is capable of pulling some upsets and winning some rounds this is a team that figures to be a real contender in freestyle but is a long shot to win the racing championship.

30 – 1 Stone Crusher – Steve Sims: Sims has not had much racing success here in the past but his freestyles have always made him a contender to keep an eye on. In the racing bracket Sims week to week is a driver with a top level truck who grabs his share of round wins, but the level of competition here makes Stone Crusher a longer shot in racing.

35 – 1 Northern NightmareSM – Cam McQueen: I’ll keep this simple. See where McQueen and Northern Nightmare rank in freestyle. That’s what they are here for.

40 – 1 Avenger – Jim Koehler: Getting right to the point, Jim Koehler brings Avenger to Las Vegas looking for a third World Freestyle Championship, so while he’s not in the racing conversation there are lots of good things to say when we get to the freestyle odds where Avenger’s numbers look lots better. Setting the odds for Koehler is one of the easier lines to figure. Avenger is a real long shot in racing, but is one of the favorites to again win the World Freestyle Championship.

50 – 1 Batman – Norm Miller: Another popular addition to the field, Miller has competed here before, so he does bring some experience to the event and he sports the eye catching Batman body style that has won a pair of World Racing Championships. Being in law enforcement when he’s not behind the wheel of Batman, Miller is a perfect fit to drive the crime fighting themed truck. Batman may have long odds to win the championships but it will not be a shock if Norm can win a round or two in the bracket and throw down a memorable freestyle this year in Las Vegas.

75 – 1 Team Hot WheelsSM Firestorm – Scott Buetow: Welcome to Las Vegas Scott Buetow! It is a great reward to this team to be invited to Saturday night’s show and it is well deserved. Buetow is arguably the most improved superstar in the sport this year and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm is an awesome looking, fast machine. As always I have to make Vegas rookies the longest shots in the field although Beutow does have the Young Guns experience from a year ago, steeping up to the biggest Monster Jam World Finals ever is a whole different ball game.

75 – 1 Scooby Doo – Nicole Johnson: Another awesome addition to this field is Johnson, the runner-up in last year’s Young Guns Shootout, in her new truck that has to be one of the most popular new pieces we’ve seen join the sport in many a year. Nicole has one advantage over every other Monster Jam World Finals participant: she gets to sleep in her own bed throughout the entire experience, Johnson and her family being Las Vegas area residents. Again she gets the Monster Jam World Finals rookie long shot odds, but make no mistake about it, Johnson deserves to be in this line-up and she and Scooby Doo can be expected to be participants here for years to come, so 2013 is only the beginning.

75 – 1 ZombieSM – Sean Duhon: The fast growing Zombie Nation heads to Las Vegas and Sean Duhon is another rookie to this competition who is an incredibly popular addition to the roster. This truck, created by fans voting on-line, has been a huge hit with fans since day one and Duhon has been fantastic during the team’s first year. Like the other Vegas rookies in the line-up this is a great honor, will be a great learning experience, and will be popular with fans and the pit parties but the research and the odds say that being a contender for a World Championship for any first time participant in this event is something that may happen in the future, but is not likely this time.

Morning Line odds - FREESTYLE

6 – 5 Northern NightmareSM – Cam McQueen: To some these number may rate as the biggest surprise based on the fact that only once in the history of this event has the defending freestyle champ made it two in a row, that was when Meents won freestyle in 2001 and 2002 and that feat came against 16 Monster Jam trucks, not the 28 that will compete this year. However we have never before seen one superstar on a run like McQueen has been on over the past two years at this freestyle throw down. Two years ago Cam was the first on to the track, put up his score, and no one could beat it – only Avenger matched that total and Jim Koehler won the tie-breaker for his second World Freestyle Championship. Last year Northern Nightmare hit the track 7th in the appearance order and again McQueen posted a score that would not be topped. That means over the past two years 40 of the world’s greatest Monster Jam superstars have tried, but been unable to top the score put up by Cam McQueen. 40 consecutive performances, many amazing in their own rite, have come up short to what he has done in Las Vegas. There has never been a run like it in the history of the Monster Jam World Finals, so until another driver finds a way to outscore Cam McQueen, Northern Nightmare is the favorite to win a second straight World Freestyle Championship.

3 – 2 Son-uva Digger® – Ryan Anderson: In freestyle Son-uva Digger in the second choice in these odds because Ryan clearly has the talent, the truck, and that earlier referenced Ten Foot Tall attitude that could see a third Anderson join the exclusive fraternity of Monster Jam World Finals Champions. Frankly since he debuted Son-uva Digger at the encore here two years ago Ryan has competed in several stadium events against some of the best line-ups in the sport and he has won more than half of those competitions, a stunning fact considering how relatively new he is to the sport as a competitor. With 28 Monster Jam trucks we know this will be a spectacular, wide open competition but Son-uva Digger as long as he fills the clock figures to be tough to beat.

9 – 5 Grave Digger® – Dennis Anderson: As noted in my comments about Grave Digger’s chances to win racing, Dennis has won more stadium freestyles than any other driver this year, an impressive total of six of them to be exact. For Dennis this competition is about filling the clock, something that is tough to do on the most treacherous course ever created. If Grave Digger fills the time, a second World Freestyle Championship and a fifth overall is definitely a possibility. By the way Anderson still holds the all-time scoring record here, the 40 points he scored at Monster Jam World Finals I back in 2000 has never been topped here.

2 - 1 Grave Digger The Legend® – Adam Anderson: That’s right all three Anderson’s are listed back to back to back in the freestyle odds because frankly they all have a great opportunity to win this championship. The previously noted curse seems to be gone and Adam was back on his game here a year ago here. When Adam first won the freestyle crown in 2008 the question immediately was how long would take him to win another? He did not want it to take this long, so for Adam 2013 would be a perfect answer to that question.

3 – 1 Monster Mutt®  – Charlie Pauken: Once again the long time Grave Digger driver is in Monster Mutt for the sport’s grandest event looking to duplicate the title he claimed in freestyle just three years ago. Pauken is certainly capable of doing that again which is why he is a 3 to 1 pick in freestyle, the fifth overall pick in that part of the competition. Charlie is in the middle of a great 2013 season and that freestyle performance in 2010 remains one of the greatest ever turned in at Sam Boyd Stadium. If he does that again, he can win this title again.

7 – 2 Max-DSM – Tom Meents: The ten-time World Champion won four of those titles in freestyle so he is always a player here. As it is for so many here, filling the clock is critical and Max-D’s spectacular moments are sometimes hard to continue after the crowd is Wowed. One other note that might not be what other competitors here want to hear, but I think the huge changes coming to Monster Jam World Finals XV, with the competitions on separate nights, may benefit Tom as much as anyone. We know how focused he will be on winning another racing title in 2014, then he’ll get 24 hours to think and plan about nothing but winning another world freestyle crown, so the new expanded format may suit Max-D as well as any team.

4 – 1 Avenger – Jim Koehler: Mr. Excitement is a Monster Jam World Finals fixture, as he and Meents will extend their appearance record here, both World Champions having competed in all 13 previous World Finals. As always one of the first things fans at the Double Down will be doing is looking for Avenger to see what design Team Scream will be sporting, Koehler always has something new and special ready for his fans that come to Las Vegas in droves. Vegas has seemed to often be a roller coaster ride for Avenger, great one year, out early the next in freestyle so this could be one of those years when Koehler is in the hunt for what would be World Championship number three.

9 - 2 Monster Energy – Damon Bradshaw: In freestyle Monster Energy rates as a top contender as well. Bradshaw is a legitimate threat to win either or both titles. No one has turned the trick of taking the racing and freestyle titles on the same night here since Meents did it in 2002, and it may never happen again. Arguably the ultimate Double Down, winning both championships on one amazing night in Las Vegas, is now the most difficult feat in the sport to accomplish. If it is to happen again the numbers say that Damon Bradshaw and Monster Energy are on the short list of teams most likely to pull off the feat.

5 – 1 Mohawk Warrior® – George Balhan: Balhan has finished as high as second in the battle for the World Freestyle Championship before and Mohawk Warrior’s consecutive back flips in this competition a year ago were unprecedented. The Mohawk Nation will invade Las Vegas in full force and George feeds off all of that support, so while Mohawk rates as a racing long shot this team is a legitimate contender to take the biggest freestyle trophy of the year. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be a special fan going home with the shirt off Balhan’s back!

8 – 1 Bounty Hunter – Jim Creten: Ditto my earlier comments about Max-D. the expansion to the two-day format at Monster Jam World Finals XV seems fitted to the intense Bounty Hunter driver as well, a new system that will let him really focus and set up for each separate competition better than ever. Before that though we have Bounty Hunter again a contender for both championships in 2013. We all know how focused he will be on trying to win that first world racing title, but let’s not forget that Creten won the World Freestyle Championship back in 2005.

10 – 1 Blue Thunder® – Pablo Huffaker: Huffaker rates as a nice dark horse pick, a winner who has had success here in the past but on the odds line would still return a nice payoff with another championship and remember that he powered Captain’s Curse to the World Freestyle Championship in 2007.

12 – 1 Metal Mulisha – Todd Leduc: Actually the numbers are better for Metal Mulisha in freestyle than in racing because of LeDuc’s fearless big air style which may produce one of the event’s longest lasting memories. He has to pick the right time to pull off his biggest moves, they are sure to be spectacular and he needs to do them when he can maximize the impact on the judges, and make sure the clock is filled.

15 – 1 Advance Auto Parts GrinderSM – Lupe Soza: The Peoples Truck is ready to do what it does best, provide thrill after thrill in freestyle with 2004 World Freestyle Champion Soza ready to try to bring home another title. It has been a strong freestyle season for Advance Auto Parts Grinder with Soza turning in several spectacular runs, including an emotional winning performance that took the freestyle trophy earlier this year in Houston.

15 – 1 Lucas Oil Crusader – Linsey Weenk: On the freestyle side due to the strength of this amazing line-up Lucas Oil Crusader is a dark horse pick but at 15 to 1 would be a popular choice among those looking for a potential payoff from a freestyle contender who can be spectacular. This is an underrated freestyle team capable of putting up a huge score in Las Vegas.

18 – 1 Madusa®  – Madusa: In freestyle the flamboyant “Queen of Carnage” is another spectacular performer capable of providing some of the night’s biggest thrills. Never count her out of a competition like this. While she brings it every night to every competition, make no mistake about, she commands the big stage, loves the biggest spotlight, and has been known to rise to occasions other hadn’t expected. Those two World Championships make that point better than any words I can write here.

20 – 1 Stone Crusher – Steve Sims: Sims return to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals for the sixth time and in his previous five appearances here has turned in some incredible Stone Crusher freestyles, and has finished among the leaders in this competition. The Virginia Beach based team is busier than ever on this trip west, with Sims’ son Steven getting his first ever shot to race this track in the Young Guns Shootout driving Hooked.

22 – 1 Superman – Jon Zimmer: Zimmer has in the past been viewed as a big time racer but not as effective in freestyle, but that has changed big time since he joined the Grave Digger team and as a matter of fact when you look at the 2013 freestyle stats Zimmer brings in one of the best freestyle scoring averages among the 28 drivers who will take a shot at the biggest freestyle prize on the planet.

25 – 1 Captain’s Curse® – Alex Blackwell: The new black body style looks awesome on Captain’s Curse and Blackwell is a high flier who has recorded victories at some major stadium freestyle events in the past. Looking at these odds you see that Captain’s Curse is rated as a better shot to win racing than in freestyle but Blackwell is certainly capable of some big Wow moments there and this has always proven to be the most unpredictable, anything can happen freestyle event of each year.

25 – 1 El Toro Loco® – Marc McDonald: On the freestyle side you can say that McDonald is another who is consistent with a knack for that Wow moment that can score big on the most challenging freestyle course of the year. Maybe a new look will help spur McDonald to the championship level: the awesome looking new black El Toro Loco hits the Sam Boyd Stadium track for the first time here in 2013.

30 – 1 Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Candice Jolly: The Floridian has always been a popular contender here and is certainly capable of some spectacular moments, the tough part here is this course has so many ways to trip up any competitor that things happen here that you wouldn’t see elsewhere. So Monster Mutt Dalmatian, like so many here, has to be able to build momentum through the entire time period and build on biggest moments as the run goes on, and of course fill the time, to score big in this battle.

35 – 1 Iron Man – Lee O’Donnell: Iron Man has turned in excellent freestyle performances on this course in the past, but as a tribute to the sheer level of freestyle talent in this 28 truck line-up Iron Man has to rate as more of a long shot in freestyle. The truck looks fantastic in freestyle and O’Donnell is another willing to go for the high flying big moves. Big risk, big reward, because you can’t end your run early and have a chance to score big in this competition.

40 – 1 Spider-Man – Bari Musawwir: This historic run will be one to watch, and I’m sure that Musawwir, who has continued to rise to the occasion since entering the sport, will be ready to capture the moment. Still the odds have to be long because Bari has never freestyled here before and as noted in some of the other capsules here, there is absolutely no other freestyle course that can prepare you for this course. Spider-Man looks great in action and Bari has continued to gain tons of stadium experience both on this continent and overseas which will help as he rolls Spidey onto the Sam Boyd course.

50 – 1 Captain America – Chad Fortune: Fortune has had his share of Wow moments here in the past and it will be no surprise if he has another this time around. If Fortune can find the right balance when looking back at his runs in the past he can really score well here. When Chad has filled the clock at Monster Jam World Finals freestyles in the past his runs haven’t had the Wow moments. Those amazing moves have come at times when the run ended early. If he can combine those two, getting those big moments and staying around the whole time then Captain America will shoot up this list.

50 – 1 Batman – Norm Miller: These notes will sound much like Captain America above, a popular awesome looking machine that looks great on the track with a driver willing to hit the hammer to go for the big moves. Still Miller is a relative newcomer to Sam Boyd Stadium and more than any other track in the sport this one takes experience, guts, and a whole lotta luck to make it near the top of this list.

50 – 1 Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm – Scott Buetow: One thing to look for is what will happen after team Hot Wheels freestyles since Scott has been making youngsters happy at every venue he has competed in this year by taking lots of cool Hot Wheels Monster Jam toys into the stands to give to his biggest fans. Like noted in racing Buetow is maybe the most improved driver in the sport and that may apply in freestyle even more that racing.

50 – 1 Scooby Doo – Nicole Johnson: The crowd in Sam Boyd Stadium figures to be on fire when this popular new truck hits the track to freestyle and Nicole will be fired up and looking to leave the Scooby fans with plenty of memories. However like Team Hot Wheels and Zombie the odds are always longest on Vegas rookies taking their first shot at all of the huge obstacles waiting for them in Sam Boyd Stadium/

50 – 1 Zombie - Sean Duhon: The rise of Zombie nation has been amazing in 2013. Sure the truck was in essence created by the fans, still to see how popular Duhon and Zombie have become so quickly is still noteworthy. Duhon has been as impressive this year in Zombie as he has even been, it seems that he has taken to this truck like no other, and Sean has wheeled plenty of different Monster Jam trucks in his career. This will be a popular freestyle performance I’m sure but when it is a Vegas rookie and a new truck the odds have to be long.

So there you have it, the complete odds for Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIV presented by NGK Spark Plugs. As a recap, here is an easy to reference list of the top contenders and their odds for each championship in 2013:

Max-D 8 – 5 Northern Nightmare 6 – 5
Monster Energy 9 – 5 Son-uva Digger 3 – 2
Bounty Hunter 2 – 1 Grave Digger 9 – 5
Grave Digger 3 – 1 Grave Digger the Legend 2 – 1
Grave Digger the Legend 7 – 2 Monster Mutt 3 – 1
Son-uva Digger 4 – 1 Max-D 7 – 2
Lucas Oil Crusader 9 – 2 Avenger 4 – 1
El Toro Loco 5 – 1 Monster Energy 9 – 2
Blue Thunder 6 – 1 Mohawk Warrior 5 – 1
Captain’s Curse 8 – 1 Bounty Hunter 8 - 1