History Of The Monster Jam World Finals VI
By Monster Jam Media
Mar 13, 2013

World Finals VI, March 19, 2005 –“I Think You’ve Got My Championship and I’ve Got Yours”

Racing Champion – Madusa, Madusa
Freestyle Champion – Jimmy Creten, Bounty Hunter

Racing Semifinalists: Madusa (Madusa), Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson), King Krunch (David Smith), Bounty Hunter (Creten)

Top 5 Freestyle Scores: Bounty Hunter (Creten) 31, Blue Thunder (Tony Farrell) 31, King Krunch (David Smith) 27, Black Stallion (Mike Vaters) 27, Destroyer (Dan Evans) 26

The above quote came from Jimmy Creten, after one of the most unpredictable finals in history ended with Creten, known as one of the world’s best racers, winning freestyle in Bounty Hunter and Madusa, who had been making her name in freestyle, taking the racing title.

The racing victory was truly a team effort for Madusa. Crew Chief R. L. Arace and Madusa were just in total sync that night. The truck was to her liking and she put to use the advice from her experienced mentor for the greatest racing night of her career. Anderson was the clear favorite when he earned a spot in the Championship Race against Madusa, but Dennis came up just short as Madusa took home the World Racing Championship.

In freestyle Jimmy Creten used his textbook style of showing the judges some things no one else does, using the clock, and hitting every huge obstacle on the track to grab the lead a little past half-way through the line-up. Tony Farrell would equal Creten’s score in Blue Thunder, both getting a 31 from the judges. The new tie-breaker was the deciding factor. With six judges scoring each run, the high and the low scores were thrown out and the other 4 made up the final score. The first tie-breaker was adding back in the lowest score: a 7 for Bounty Hunter, a 6 for Blue Thunder, and Jimmy Creten, a driver who has almost been expected to win the racing title, instead walked on that coveted stage for the first time as the World Freestyle Champion.