Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Fan Favorite Memory
By Monster Jam Media
Jul 17, 2012

My family and I recently went to Worcester Massachusetts to see Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® as a family get away. With the daily grind of work and keeping the family going with day to day activities it was a nice chance to get away. My four year old son Ethan loves Grave Digger®. With all the excitement, smells and sounds of horsepower I found my favorite memory was the build up before Grave Diggers entrance. As the Bells rang, and the music played bad to the bone, with lights dimming, I watched my son with his Grave Digger cotton candy hat. As Grave Digger roared into the stadium, Ethan was awe struck as he said "It's Grave Digger”. For a brief moment, his joy, his expression brought back memories of childhood when things seemed so much larger than life. Thank You Dennis Anderson and the entire behind the scenes staff for all the crews and Monster Jam. It was a nice night to be away, and simply enjoy the show!

Dennis from Concord, VT