Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Fan Favorite Memory
By Monster Jam Media
May 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Dennis Anderson, Congratulations on 30 years! I know your website has been asking for fans to relate their favorite Grave Digger experiences over the years. I felt I had to take the time to write you a letter to describe our favorite experiences over the last 12 years as fans!

 Back in February 2000, we lived in a suburb of Philadelphia. We got tickets to the Monster Jam show in Philadelphia because our seven year old developmentally disabled son was very interested in Monster trucks. A few days before the show, our son, Shayne, had a seizure that did not stop. We called 911 and he was hospitalized in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for a week. Unfortunately, we missed the show. My husband e-mailed you and explained the circumstances. We wanted to know if we could purchase a book from the show. A few days later, Shayne received a box of goodies- a hat, patches, and two autographed souvenir books! We were so touched! Shayne loved it! It took us a whole year of doctor appointments to get Shayne diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay (a form of Autism) and Epilepsy.

At that time, I finally was able to sit down and write you a thank you note. In the note, I explained that Shayne was learning to tell time because he knew when Monster Jam was on TV. Within weeks, a Grave Digger clock came in the mail for Shayne. The clock is still on his wall today! We couldn’t believe how compassionate and generous you have been.

Since then, we have been to the Monster Jam every year! We started vacationing in Kill Devil Hills each year. We always had to make Digger’s Dungeon a priority on vacations! We have enjoyed the addition of the petting zoo and the diner. Once, you and your family were eating breakfast in the diner at the same time as us! Shayne was so excited, he could barely eat! We have been to many events at the Muddy Motorsports Park as well. Shayne still talks about Ryan and Adam driving suburbans through the trailers!

We have been fortunate enough to meet you on several occasions! You have always taken time to talk to Shayne (sometimes, it is very difficult for unfamiliar listeners to understand him) and of course, take a great picture with him, no matter how many people are waiting in line!

Seven years ago, we moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Shayne’s room is decorated with a huge Grave Digger decal and all the autograph pictures throughout the years. We haven’t been to Kill Devil Hills in about three years. We continue to go to the Monster Jam show each year, including the Pit Party! This year, we splurged and bought the VIP all access tickets! Shayne is now 19 years old. When Shayne met you this year, you took the time to sign his truck, his book, the shirt he was wearing and the shirt that he had brought along! You listened to him carefully as he wished you luck. Needless to say, he was super excited that you doubled down that night!

One of these years, we want to surprise him with tickets to the World Finals in Las Vegas! As a mom, there is no greater gift than to watch your child’s face light up with pure joy! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always taking the time with Shayne throughout the years and for bringing him joy! We will continue to be devoted fans! We look forward to seeing a show sometime with all the Andersons!


The Stricklands

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