An Unbelievable Day That Was a Dream Come True
By Monster Jam Media
Apr 30, 2012

  Check out this story from a lucky Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam® fan when Maximum Destruction driver Tom Meents showed up at his doorstep for an unforgettable experience. 

  To start off from the beginning, it was two weeks before Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam was to come to the I Wireless Center, and I was almost sure we weren't going to be able to go. We had just gotten back from Las Vegas for the World Finals and two weeks later had to purchase the double down tickets for our 7th year in a row going to it. My son Austin just turned 9 April 13th, and I was hoping to surprise him in some way since I wasn't sure if we could afford it.  

 I took a shot at writing to Tom Meents one morning to ask him if there was any way he could find time to stop by and visit. I sent it away just to see what would happen. Twenty minutes later, my phone rang with an odd number I didn't recognize. I usually don't answer numbers I don't recognize, but for some reason I did. I answered it, and a guys voice said, "Dan, this is Tom Meents", needless to say my reaction was "NO WAY". He said I got your message and we proceeded to talk a little about him not knowing his schedule yet, but wanted to definitely try and work something out for this to happen. Do you know how hard it is to keep quiet about Tom Meents calling you??  

 The only other person who knew this might happen was my wife, Christie. He told me to get a hold of him the Monday the week of the show so we could see what his schedule was. I called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and figured he was busy, so I was about to give up bothering him. Something told me on Thursday, to try one last time, I'm glad I did. Tom answered and knew right away who I was and got my number so he could get a hold of me when he got in town and figured out a time he could stop by. I was able to get three tickets for us to go, so another surprise for Austin.  

 Saturday morning came and Tom called to get our address and realized he was only a few miles away. He came to our front door and knocked, I told Austin to answer the door, as he did, I could see his expression was priceless as he said "Hey Tom!!" We talked for a while about past shows we've been to and showed some of the pictures we have on display. Austin took Tom up to his room to show all the Monster Jam Hot Wheels, pictures, and other memorabilia. We took a picture that Austin will never forget, and that is with Tom Meents in his Monster Jam room!! Tom had to get going and that was understandable considering the show that was going on tonight.  

 I had to go back to work, and a couple hours later I got another call, and it was Tom again. He asked me if my family and I would like to come down to the pit party. Obviously, I said "YES". He gave me the number of Blake Hardy and told me to contact him and he would get us in.  

 We met Blake in the front of the I Wireless center; we all introduced ourselves and proceeded to go into the pit party. Blake stayed with us as we talked about all sorts of things Monster Jam related. We felt as though we were having the VIP treatment walking with Blake as we went over to Tom's autograph line. Little did I know that they were planning an interview with Tom and Scott Douglass, and that they wanted Austin and our family to come in during it to tell everyone what Tom had done that day. I don't think I have ever been at a loss for words being so nervous to talk on the Speed cameras and to the people at the I Wireless center.  

 We then continued to talk about how awesome it is to see Monster Jam in a big stadium and to see the grand daddy of them all, the World finals in Las Vegas. Blake continued to stay with us till the end of the pit party and showed us some the best hospitality I have ever experienced. I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate we were to have an experience that we will never ever forget.  

 This is a true testament as to why we were hooked on to Monster Jam years ago. There is no other professional sport in the world that gives you complete access to the drivers and the trucks like Monster Jam does. This has always been about our son and what he's interested in. Needless to say, his interest continues to grow and after this special experience, I don't see it ever fading away. Las Vegas is our family vacation that we take every year.  

 Again, I would like to show my appreciation for everything that Tom Meents did for my son, Austin. To take the time out of his busy schedule and come to our home, shows what a first class man he really is. My gratitude cannot be showed enough as to what this means to all of us.  

 Also, we cannot leave out what topped the night off. It was Blake Hardy that gave us an experience that was nothing short of amazing. He was very down to earth, and seemed as excited as we were from what Tom did. Thanks for doing what we never thought was possible. We started out as fans, and now have gained new friends for life. I have attached the picture we took with Tom and Austin. 

 Thanks again for a time we will never forget!! 

 Dan, Christie, and Austin Dahlgren